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  2. Name: Iron Man Replica or custom: Repli-custom Chassis: CRD or PEI
  3. Alright so I tried running ROR not in full screen mode and it crashed.
  4. I'm not sure if this will make a difference or not, but there are 2 things that I make sure of when I record with Bandicam. First off, I make sure I don't record in full screen mode, and I make sure I'm using the Direct3D rendering system (you can change these settings in the ROR configuration file, or if you're using 4.8, then it's in the game settings when you launch the game). Here are the settings I use: Secondly, in Bandicam's settings, I record using the game recording mode option (just click the icon that looks like a controller). If that doesn't work, then I'm out of ideas
  5. Okay so I know this is a long shot, but I REALLY need help. Today I was going to record a surprise episode of ROR Throwdown. When I recorded my test run, I realized that despite Bandicam recording the entire time, it didn’t pick up on what was onscreen. At first I thought it was my window setting, but then I recorded a second time, and the ONLY thing it refuses to capture is ROR. It records everything else just fine. Has anyone else had this issue and if so can you PLEASE help me fix it? If not, my series is dead halfway through. And please don’t recommend OBS or any other recording software. OBS kills my laptop and I don’t have the money nor the patience to buy and relearn other systems
  6. Woah that’s not Gaithersburg 2019 😂 love the colors on that one though
  7. looks like hagerstown to me. don't know the year.
  8. Use this guide to properly suggest tracks
  9. Show Your *Finished* Projects Chapter 65
  10. Last week
  11. Hi can someone make a map of monster showdown monterrey? i can help by giving images
  12. With that one, there has to be a trailer hitch node on it. Not sure if Taurus’s packs have them, but I think all of Diggerfan’s leafers have them. Anyway, you have to click and drag the tow rope from the sled up to the chassis of the truck, and click either “L” or “O” for it to secure to the chassis. Welcome to this site!
  13. Are you talking about this car navigation map? I mostly use this navigation in my towing truck which i use for Nyc Blocked Driveway Towing Service, it helps to reach at the point where we get an call for towing.
  14. Not sure you've heard of it around your neck of the woods lol. Definitely the oldest.
  15. And most detailed please 😎. Long overdue for this one
  16. don't extract any files on .4, just keep them in your zip file, if you need to take them out of the zip file, then drag them into either the new zip file directly from the old one. Or if you can't do that, then you can drag the tire files to the desktop then into the new zip file. If all files are extracted, then it'll cause texture problems such as the black tire issue you just stated
  17. So, to begin with. Hello everyone! 😀 I may be new to this site and Rigs of Rods in general, but certainly not to the world of monster trucks or Monster Truck Madness and it's sequel Monster Truck Madness 2! I was amazed at how awesome Rigs of Rods is in comparison to those officially Monster Jam-licensed games are. Utter trash in my opinion. But Rigs of Rods, now we're talking realism! Compared to something like Monster Jam Maximum Destruction. Vehicular combat? what were they thinking… Anyway, my first question to anyone who is able to answer is, how can I attach a pull sled to, say, Bigfoot III? That's the truck I've spawned in the 1985 Blizzard arena/stadium, but I cannot see a hitch to hook up the sled's chain to? I fear I might be needing to get a truck specifically designed with a hitch? Best regards, Skull Kid
  18. okay cause every time I extract a truck file to change something on it the bkt tires become all black in game
  19. is that for 0.4? Cause I know how to do it on 0.39.
  20. I have a tutorial on how to switch tires on your trucks:
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