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  2. whats the IMTRS? does it do like actual tours like 2020?
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  4. Kamanu Lane Killer.Kamanu#2673 Axe
  5. Steele

    Black Widow 2020

    Version 1.0.0


    THIS IS NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM Will - Paint, mini template Harlow - Body Kozak - Chassis Andrew - Tires, Engine, Fuel Cell Fern - Engine, Fuel Cell, Radiator Klayton - Batteries, Transmission, Axles, Knuckles Me - Chassis edits, FTI Transfer Case, Butler Seat, RII Lights Anyone I forgot please let me know and I will credit you.
  6. IMTRS is still open for sign ups, as well as Ground Zero Tour
  7. Last night we had a great event in Tacoma with reigning racing champion Seth Holloway taking the racing win in a close final race between him and David Trevino. In Freestyle the drivers judged each other and we saw some interesting scores for sure but in the end it would be David Trevino coming back and taking the Freestyle win after easily laying down the best run of the night. Overall it was a decent event if you take away a few smaller event Next week we head to Anaheim where the drivers once again will take on a tricky modified So-Cal style course. REMINDER FOR NEXT WEEK Please be sure to read the rules before competing If you have no sent me or Seth your truck OR talked to seth about your truck before SUNDAY NIGHT you will not be aloud to compete this next event. This is how its going to be the rest of the season if your truck is not yet approved
    TaurusRacer13 did an amazing job of turning my vision into a reality. New sounds are beefy compared to previous releases. This is my daily driver.
  8. Hey gang, I pray everyone staying safe during this crazy time, with this virus. Just wanted to see how everyone is doing. I know my music career came to dead stop Feb. 23rd when they announce it. Praying hopefully the gigs start up again in May. (God willing)…
  9. Just one little problem in my game... In 2020 version, it loads truck under the map. Other than that everything looks great from underneath. LOL
  10. I would maybe start using the real Team Scream trailer, looks sick either way!
  11. first of all this is in the wrong section, should go in help and support but idrk for sure. i'd doubt there's any sign-ups open still with any leagues.
    Loving Everything about it bro. Drives really nice it won't lag up the game
  12. I tried adding the small things
  13. how do i join a league? Im really bored do to this Covid-19 And i wanna try something different
  14. Andrew Butindaro DrewDaro18#5319 https://www.mediafire.com/file/q2mraazpcajeiyt/InfernoCustom_gen2.zip/file Inferno
  15. the link is broken for me
  16. So I'm revisiting an oooollldddddddd track idea I had in like 2015/16. It's not finished yet but... Old idea, new look, new name: SPINMASTER SHOWDOWN! A 2 level track where you start above (wf20 inspiration) drop down the track and hit a hard hair-pin. Next challenge is a stoppie, to the line, moonwalk back onto the jump and take off to the next hair-pin. From there you go nice long straight away, then, over a small hill into a j-hook (vegas inspiration) down an insane drop right into a ramp. With enough speed, you hope to either land on or clear the bus stacks. Then top speed into another j-hook in a heated last stand to the finish line over the double! And this is just racing!! (Yes I put a moonwalk challenge in a race, I wanted another, more....challenging....aspect to add to the racing)
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  18. at the start/finish line which is behind the 2 racing lanes facing the toys r us trailer
  19. Chuckie Pauken ChuckieP3#3958 Black Pearl http://www.mediafire.com/file/juqt804b8zdfmcf/TheBlackPearlMT2019Q1.zip/file
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This is Papa Shango . It started off as a Spin Master 1:64 Custom but after Charles Wright/ Godfather/Papa Shango/Soul Taker in WWE love it so much and shared it on his personal Facebook page we decided to make it a Sim Monsters truck to go with the Soul Taker truck and Now for the Godfather Simin ain't easy Concept - Taurus Racer 13 Construction -Taurus Racer 13 Paint - Taurus Racer 13 Every thing else - The Sim Monsters community Papa Shango Spin Master truck - Designed by Taurus Racer 13 and Repainted by Jake Brown of https://www.facebook.com/Killer-Kustoms-Creations-2205712822830447/
    Love the Details the stance of the truck is on point
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Not an open custom Credits: Me: Modifying the body, paint, and repainting various things, Blender/.truck work Harlow: Original Body Andrew/Fern: Motor and Fuel Cell Fern: Radiator Steele: ISP Seat Clayton: Original Body Will: Mini Crazy: Cheetah Shifter Nathan H: Shock Models, Chassis modifications Outlawed: Original Chassis SM Community: All other props
    Awesome Concept From a leagendary movie
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