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  2. This......IS........a review of an event that I went to last night that I'm pretty sure nobody will care about but I like to do cuz I only go to MJ twice a year! Soooo, Newark was an interesting one this year in just about every competition, so here's my review of the 7PM show last night: Racing - Right off the bat we got somethin from this. Preston couldn't get off the line at first when he raced Krysten, and they had to restart the race. Krysten ended up winning it. Other than that, just about every other race was pretty tight, with a lot of close finishes. Finals went down to Mark and Colton, in which Mark would get the crazy bull the Racing win. ATV Racing - Well, both of the first two heats saw an easy winner, them being Sipes and Colton. Krysten cut a corner in her heat, and I think she got penalized for it. In the final heat, however, that's when things got real. When the black flags began, Krysten and Preston got into a tussle on the final turn, and both were black-flagged. Final race was between the winners of the first two heats, in which Colton would come out on top. Two Wheel Skills - Just about everyone was able to pull off somethin here. Krysten went first and over-rotated a sky wheelie, landing hard on the rear end and going right wheels up. Once again this competition would be very close between Colton and Sipes, but this time around it would be Sipes who took the win.....Colton should've won tbh Donuts - Oooooh boy, this one. I found myself covering my eyes with my arm with each competitior that did their donut in front of me after Krysten caused a tiny piece of dirt to hit my right leg (I was in the front row). SIpes was unfortunately out due to mechanical problems following his TWS run. Colton wasn't able to get a cyclone in, which didn't do him any good in terms of scoring. After a lackluster first half, however, Krysten would make the comeback she needed, as she would be the winner. Speedster Racing - This was my dad's favorite, mainly because of one thing that happened. On top of each race being very tight, there was one in which a crash landing almost occurred. Mark almost landed his speedster right on top of Colton's in an attempt to make a comeback. Ultimately, he clipped it, and got karma for it by rolling in the third turn. Since that was the final round, Colton would take his second win of the night in this competition. Freestyle - As to be expected, this was easily the most interesting competition of the night. Hicks got things started with an okay run, but then came Sipes, who pulled off the only backflip of the night, as well as some huge air. Mark ended his run with a very interesting move; going reverse between the miniflip ramp and the ramp next to it, resulting in him getting massive air. Brittany got some attention from the crowd after she knocked the hood off her truck, leaving the bottom half of the mouth of Zombie sitting by itself. Krysten had a pretty good save in her run, and almost crashed into Blue Thunder, but she prevented that with a nice stoppie. Lastly, Colton would have a decent run, and knocked his hood off as well. Ultimately, the shark would take another bite out of the competition, as Sipes would take his second and last win of the night. Overall Event Champion - Colton - 41 points Final Rating - 8.863 - Definitely one of the better MJ shows I've attended, and easily the best Newark show I've attended. Now, I wait for MetLife, which will be on........idk
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    Amazing Track! The only thing that bugs me is the sky is daytime but in the picture its night. Do I have to do anything to make it night?
  4. Name: Mark M Truck: Fullboar Link: Discord: mark $#1000
  5. Name: Josh Tavarez Truck: Rod Ryan Link: Discord: Starksm8#4849
  6. Name: Drew Daro (Dare-o it's pretty much like Steve-o) Truck: Avenger Custom Blue Link: Discord: Drewdaro18 #5319
  7. My problem is downloading it to my Mac and transferring it to my other computer via usb the .exe for 4.8 wouldn’t work as my computer doesn’t have internet connection. I was able to get 4.6 to work and have no issues with it now.
  8. So I have been trying to get 12-14 trucks in a stadium. I can actually get all 14 without any FPS drop. But when I freestyle I start out around 60 FPS but then drop to 20 or less like mid way through the run. This also happens when I even have 8 trucks in a track. Is there a way to fix FPS drops. I understand I have a lot of trucks on the track at once but I have a VERY great pc. GPU - 2070 CPU - AMD Ryxen 9 Ram - 48 GB So in conclusion is there say solution to this? On my old pc I was able to do all 14 without really any problem. With that said it was like a year ago I did this. So I may have forgotten any tips that I had learned. I hope this all makes sense.
  9. Name : Jacob Cervantes Truck: Monster Energy Can 2020 Link:
  10. Name: Steven Gibson Truck: Grave Digger (8) Link: Discord: Stevenator11#1095
  11. https://forum.rigsofrods.org/resources/windows-input-mapping-tool.13/
  12. Robbins family have a second truck again New Saigon Shaker is finished Nothing But Trouble has a new scheme/name
  13. Last week
  14. Name:Cincinnati OH 2010 Venue: Paul Brown Stadium Racing Style: Chicago Style Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: July 10th 2010 Images/Graphics: Other details: None
  15. Well, I would first suggest downloading the most recent version of the game (2020.01). https://www.rigsofrods.org/download The newest version of the game adds a path in "Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods". You would then add terrains and vehicles into the subfolder "Mods" inside the "Rigs of Rods" folder. If you have any issues, I would post the RoR.log file that is located in the "logs" folder in your "Rigs of Rods" folder. The log file is a plain text file you can open with Notepad.
  16. I got 4.7 today since I need to download the files on my mac and then transfer them to my PC as it doesnt have a wifi card. The game will launch and load the sample blank map and the 2 busses and 1 truck the game comes with fine. Ive added the vehicles and terrains folders and cannot get them to show up in game. Ive done this with them zipped and unzipped, Ive also tried a plain mods or packs folder with no luck. I've clear and regen the cache numerous times also with no luck. Im running out of ideas to try and wondering if anyone has any pointers?
  17. So iv'e made a bunch of "new" or updated chassis for some trucks for personal use (nothing crazy and worth publishing), and this has worked for many if not all the chassis/props ive made, as far as showing up in game properly. I recently worked on a new SUD chassis but am having trouble with it showing up; I followed the standard procedures: create all chassis in blender - texture - set smooth - edge split (all that fun stuff) - join - Ctrl + A -export with ogre mesh - convert with ogre - change file name in .truck file - replace .truck file. no matter what I try it doesn't want to show up so as of now my newest (and best) work is a floating steering wheel and flag, so help would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind i used the ogre mesh tool and a mesh appeared in the program. I would add pictures but Im not sure what use they would be. Thanks, Matt
  18. Gonna bring back an old dead project of mine
  19. @maxdman really helped me get my textures better on my last two tracks and then i disappeared
  20. Also double post but I’m not sure how to double reply, you can retire once some more assets are on the site 😂 jk but on a side note my blender doesn’t let me import tracks... or stadiums or models and I love detail but I simply don’t have any of the newer models... only what’s been released to download
  21. Thanks, conveniently enough I learned how to better texture my tracks from you, so this should be one of my best, the new cars I would use but I got no idea how to do those special collisions he mentioned in the post...
  22. Looks really good so far. I echo what Chris said. Export with a basic texture on the entire track and just drive around for a bit hitting all jumps at different speeds and angles and take note of what ramps need adjusting, then make the adjustment in Blender and re-export and repeat until you're 100% happy. Glad to see some really good stuff on here still. Does that mean I can retire form content creation?
  23. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That looks really good! Makes me happy when others are putting so much detail into their tracks. Literally zero critiques from me. Just be sure to adjust as required after the initial export, because trust me, some ramps might seem fine in blender, but in game they're wonky af. That always happens to me lol Now you just gotta get the texturing right and you're golden. Think the best way for that would be to first do it yourself, then show it off once more and get some feedback. Biggest advice I can give is to be yourself. Sure you can take inspiration from other creators, but it's so much more interesting and rewarding when a creator really implements their own style. Hell, use some of the new cars, find some new textures off google, what ever you think would look best. (insert thumbs up emoji)
  24. Thank you! I was able to open San Antonio, like the Alamodome but none of the logos loaded on the walls. But I did get it to open. How I did it was open the mesh. Went into San Antonio 2015 and opened it. So I somewhat got it to work. If I am able to open any stadiums then I would be able to see if I can copy tracks and put them in other stadiums. also, how can I edit a track that is already made? thanks for all the help!! :)
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