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  2. does anyone know how i am able to switch between the different variations
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  4. throw back scheme for black stallion at the HOF
  5. Soooooo my sounds dont work but heres a video.. adding music later
  6. They are in a zip open it and has all the track files
  7. mjman do you know why when I download ur packs and put them in my terrains/packs file, it wont show up in game? im running 4.8.5
  8. Bailey Shea is taking over for Aaron Cain in Quad Chaos on the Toughest Monster Truck Tour in 2020
  9. can someone help me on how to use a controller with the game?, i cant use my keyboard to play and have to use a controller and i dont know how to set it up with the game
  10. Elias


    thanks apparently my computer cant run it, i thought it would run it since i can play some decent games with the graphics on high but i guess i have to update my graphics card first
  11. To further Klayton's point, don't even waste time baking. I throw on a stock dirt texture, sometimes a different texture for the ramps versus the ground just so its easier for me to visualize what each jump looks like when I'm testing, then get it in game. Baking and texturing before you're 100% done modeling testing can cause real headaches. Just some more info for you as your stuff is improving.
  12. Hello, all! I'm sure some of you (at least i hope) remember me as bigfoot4x4 but I couldn't remember my log in information so I went ahead and made a new account. Just wanted to say hello and it feels good to be back! Been out of this game for quite awhile but picking it back up now! Any mods I would need to make .4 run smoothly? Or would the .38 V4 pack work the same? Total newb question but never hurts to ask! Again, hello again!
  13. You say that as if your idea is the only way, and have taken no time to consider what other people are saying about your idea and the industry as a whole, and just answer with “well no ones listening to my great ideas because they have to dislike me”. You wanted a discussion and you got it, don’t take it so personally if people don’t agree with you, it’s the whole point of a discussion. Plain and simple, monster trucks will never be a racing based sport again, and if you ask me it’s a good thing because that’s what keeping monster trucks around and popular. But at the same by no means am I telling you not to pursue it, because if you want to anything can be tried out. Lots of different series and ideas have been attempted in this industry and you never know what will actually happen until it happens.
  14. Hey everyone my name is KillSwitch, my real name is Christian. I used to have an account but I logged out and forgot the password, I didn't make an introduction post before because I had already done quite a bit when i thought i should've made one. Im quite inexperienced with making trucks and working blender. If there's anyone willing to help shoot me a pm. I don't know what else to say except its pretty cool here and so far I've enjoyed my time.
  15. Do not ask content creators when they will be releasing content. Content creators will work on projects when they want to and feel like it, and may release content if they feel it is ready. Asking this question and begging for content is frowned upon here because it can wear creators out and discourage them from making content.
  16. Okay, well I’ve tried to get someone to listen. I had some good ideas, and the capital to potentially pursue them. But I guess we can’t grant new ideas any fair consideration. I guess they have to be met up front with resistance and disapproval.
  17. The thing you have to realize is that there is substance in my eyes. For those that want to follow it, there is a real legit points series. And like I said, the majority of Monster Jam stadium shows are independents, 8 indies and 6 Mj trucks. They’re sending indies over seas. There’s a tour of random shows completely made up of indies! So in my eyes their not pushing indies out, and they never will because they simply cannot supply all the trucks, but there’s nothing wrong with supplying some, because there has to be some money made outside of the show profits, so that’s where merch comes in. Also, I really don’t understand the 3D body hate honestly. You can’t convince me that Kraken, Wolfs Head, Dragon, Megalodon and others just aren’t bad ass. I think what I’m getting at is that MJ still has legitimacy, but can also provide for fun family entertainment that is imploding MTs all over the world! And they’re not choking out others either. Toughest MT Tour, Throwdown, etc are huge. They do some huge shows. I really just disagree with anyone who thinks MJ is ruining the business, because they’re helping it. And I don’t think anything like the old penda or TNT days will ever make it on its own again- there’s a reason they moved away from it. Stuff that still has that old school racing like the 4 wheel jamborees just aren’t as popular anymore, so it’s really just a good thing that MTs can survive as entertainment to those who want it to be, and a sport to those who chose to see it that way because it still is a sport.
  18. Monster Jam has announced that it'll be extending it's contract with BKT until 2026 This may or may not be good news depending on your stance i can already hear the ig kids raging
  19. You are certainly stating facts that I agree with, and I’m not “attacking” anyone for disagreeing with me. I’m simply annoyed that people just dismiss what I’ve brought to the table without even contributing to the discussion, or attempting to be charitable and give my ideas some fair consideration. Seems intentionally rude to me. That’s all I’m saying. But like I said, your facts are on the mark, and I agree. Where the two of us differ is in how we unravel and interpret the big picture. With Feld, what I see is that you’ve got a situation where what is essentially a multinational entertainment corporation has ceased the industry, and is doing precisely what multinational corporations do - try to monopolize the industry, acquire ownership and control of all aspects, thus choking out the competition and independent teams. Then they intentionally working to dumb-down the collective IQ of their fanbase by offering only “cheap thrills”, and appealing only to children and the lowest common denominator of people. Hence, why the Monster Truck business today is all about “carnage and destruction”, and has no real substance. Substance is not easy to sell. It’s cheap thrills to dumbed-down normies that is easy to sell. They treat the shows the same way they treat Disney on Ice. It’s just a traveling family show nobody cares about once they leave the arena. They dumb down the fanbase, appeal predominantly to the kids, offer no substance that might attract a serious adult following, fill the venues with casual normie fans, and sell cheap entertainment to unattached simps who know nothing about the industry and don’t care. I get that this may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not far from accurate, and it’s certainly headed in this direction. This is why Feld owns most of the trucks in the series, which are only allowed to compete on their circuit exclusively. This is why they’re slowly moving towards 3D bodies rather than real truck bodies, so they can own all the designs for merchandizing and such. They’re not on the side of the independent. You say you’re okay with them because they do let someone indie teams compete. But why is it not comprised of ALL independent teams? Why do they own ANY of the trucks? Shows you where their heart is at. It’s to create a monopoly that is self-contained, eventually dispensing with indies, and continuing to dumb down the fanbase, sell cheap entertainment to casual fans, and rake in all the money for themselves. This the classic multinational corporation business model, and goal #1. They want stupid fans who know nothing about it. Just bring us your money and we’ll give you cheap entertainment, toys, merch, and other fluff stuff. What I’m proposing is to bring real substance, legitimacy, credibility, and real racing/competition to the sport. I want to be on the side of independent teams, lift them up, and grow a sport that has integrity like other motorsports. Edit: I’ll also just add that if I chose to do this, I would not be in this for personal gain. My goal would be to reinvigorate the sport, and do everything I can to help indie teams make money and thrive. I don’t care if I don’t make a red cent.
  20. Ooo yikes... thank you I never thought of that tbh
  21. Just a tip...always export and test BEFORE you paint the track. Save yourself from the time and frustration from having to do redo it again.
  22. Not to mention, I don't know how much "integrity and legitimacy" monster truck racing really has, honestly, at least in the eyes of the audience. For as long as I can remember, it's been seen as corny and low-brow. Hardcore fans were arguing that back in 2001 because of freestyle taking over racing. I usually say that monster trucks are for people who only like NASCAR for the crashes, and considering most people my age don't like NASCAR, the destructive nature of monster trucks can't be so bad. We've been over this same topic before, too. Of course people enjoy seeing the trucks race each other for the sake of competition, but I'd say the vast majority of the audience wants to see the overall performances a lot more, whether they come in racing or freestyle. It always been a spectator-sport. It was all about racing back in the day because all those trucks really could do was jump onto cars at high speeds, and that was the performance. That was the most entertaining thing you could see, and we've come a long way from then. I yawn at backflips, having seen ten thousand of them, but that's still one of the most entertaining things a monster truck can do. Not that racing and fair competition don't matter to me, of course. They should always be there, but it's not what people care about the most.
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