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  2. Coming Very Soon! I Know its really easy to grasp but heres the racing setup.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I Hope everybody enjoys the tack! Its a special memorial day upload! Compatible on .3/.4 - - !!NOTED!! Freestyle track turns black if re loaded too much on 4.8, re launch game to fix. If you know what may cause this please let me know! Thanks! Credits: MaxDMan- Stadium, Props, Cars, Other Assets. RockCrwlr- Cars, Misc? erhminer/Sim Monsters- Other T.Ray- Beta Testing/Help
  4. There is an uncloned texture. The Avenger 2018 shocks conflict with the Pickup Predator's shock EDIT: It also messed up Wrenchead 2001's sway bars and driveshaft textures turning them blue
  5. Yesterday
  6. Grave Digger 39,i know the font on the body isn't right i'm still trying to fix that
  7. Crushstation running a new body for "10 years of terribleness"
  8. for the Camaro my friend has the same exact set of rims for his Pontiac Fiero GT once his door is fixed ill post it up on here but i give props on the Camaro becuase you don't see too many late 90s early 2000s Camaros that have a nice clean look
  9. I tried multiple different things and the time never showed up.
  10. Last week
    Not 100% perfect, but still very good overall for your first big replica project.
    Overall trucks are not bad, though there are a few things that seem like they could have easily been better, like the broken rim texture, poor edge split on the chassis, a few inverted faces, and more parts could use a shine to enhance the look,
  11. yeah it works now. I just downloaded .4.6 and it started working
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Well, here she be. I started this project late last year, and I kind of lost stream with it, lost interest in getting the final few touches finished up. But I finally kicked myself in the rear and got it done. Hopefully you guys enjoy! I did not include Prowler and Pouncer in this pack, the paints just didn't get done, I will upload a separate pack for those when they are done. This pack includes 7 Versions: 2001(World Finals 2) 2002(World Finals 3) 2006(World Finals 7) Pickup Body PEI Chassis(Based on the truck ran at Bristol) 2018 Pezo Tires 2018 SIRS 2018 BKTs Credits: Andrew Sheets: Cat clip/Bedsides, 2018 Paint/chassis Mathew White(Xyrose): 2001, 2002, 2006 paints Kozak: Pei Chassis Me: Chassis propping/texturing, major blender work, shock setups, minis. SealedGecko: Pezo tires(sized to fit rims by me) Various creators: Chassis props. This Pack was made for Rigs of Rods version 0.4.6, I will not make this 0.3+ compatible. If I failed to credit anyone for anything in this pack please contact me and I will make sure proper credit is made.
  13. I just ran a pass right now and no time showed on the corner of my screen
  14. how do i start the race and how do i know when im staged, red, green etc...?
  15. So it is there until you reset it by making another pass? And did you mean roll not role?
  16. Yes, the time you receive will be in red in the top right corner of your screen. The lights are not supposed to work
  17. is there a way to see the time you got and the lights don't turn on for me.
  18. the node beam would be a pain in the ass
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