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  2. stinger

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    name- stinger discord name- stinger#5506 truck- monster energy truck link http://www.mediafire.com/file/7sibot6lcxylitb/MonsterEnergy2017Pack.zip/file
  3. Today
  4. billothepillow

    Houston 2014 (0.4 Conversion)

    I forgot I had this converted... ouch
  5. monsterjamlit02

    Breakable monster trucks

    please do that would be great
  6. Tylinater

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    I would love to, but unfortunately I gotta work while this is going on. I will say this, if this works well, this should be used for a league sometime.
  7. monsterjamlit02

    tires falling off

    can someone help me because when i was editing nodes and beams to make truck from solid to breakable but when i load in the trucks everything else works but the tires detach from the truck i would just make a truck but i dont know how and i like trucks breakable so it gets more complicated
  8. StarksDoesMonsterJam

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    Ok, I changed it
  9. Yesterday
  10. DannyMackey

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    @StarksDoesMonsterJam Over Bored is already taken.
  11. StarksDoesMonsterJam

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    Joshwa Tavarez Rage-O-Holic Starksm8#4849
  12. Gronk88

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Dennis is making 2 of them the first ones purple and then the second one is gonna be green
  13. maxdman

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Still monster truck industry related, Dennis Anderson is coming back with a brand new King Sling mud bog truck. Also how crazy similar to Ryan's throttle rhythem is his brother Weston's
  14. Andrew

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    Andrew Sheets California Kid sheetan22#2530
  15. ABgamerX

    Montreal SSRS (0.4 Compatible)

    Version 1.0.0


    #BringBackSSRS Credits: Me: Converting to .4 Rest: Edy Klayton Mark Colineri Liquidfire The dude who made the trees Zach Steele MTM2 Google
  16. unsurpassedmasters03

    ,4 converted track pack #7

    samboyd has no ground?
  17. racingrichardYT

    Monster Jam Xtreme Carnage Tour Sign-Ups (Open)

    sry i havent been on. Been rlly busy with school.
  18. monsterjamman12503

    help wanted for textures and materials

    the version of blender i use is blender 2.75 and i need help with some tracks. the modeling is finish for the tracks i just need help with this textures and i follow tutorials and everything i need some one to do it when i could do the paint i will send the files to who could help OK guys and thank you if anyone could.
  19. Wave

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    Bryant Steggall Avenger http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/2984-avenger-2018-pack/ Wave#1872
  20. AwesomeKong13

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    Marcus Santana Northern Nightmare Awesomekong13#2071
  21. Voth

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    Alex Lindgren Whiplash Voth #3046
  22. Last week
  23. GDFAN14

    Season 2 Sign Ups *OPEN*

    Frank Collins RORSeries#7145 Rod Ryan http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3161-over-bored-black-pearl-2019-pack/
  24. DarkAges

    ,4 converted track pack #7

    Any way to fix sam boyed?
  25. DannyMackey

    Season 2 Sign Ups *OPEN*

    Danny Mackey DannyMackey#5142 Wrenchead.com
  26. Irishbulldog422

    S2 Event 2 Brisbane 2015 3/19/19

    After an eventful stop at Miami and a very close night of racing Jack Merkle in Gravedigger would take the racing win from Chadwick Deerfoot in a messy battle for an early points lead. In freestyle Mathew White debuting in Blacksmith would come out third and lay down an explosive run for an early lead held up until the very end of the night. Then coming out last was Chadwick Deerfoot putting it all on the line getting himself a Freestyle win in muddy Miami, This week we go overseas to Brisbane where we should see some new faces emerge onto the scene, Track Link http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/2473-brisbane-2015/ Qualifying Opens at 6:30est and closes 7:30 est Sign Up Link http://sim-monsters.com/topic/12578-season-2-sign-ups-open/ See you all on the track
  27. prettywickedson

    Mutant super soda tour

    discord name - prettywicked #5017 sim monsters name- prettywickedson truck- Earth shaker 2017 truck link- http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/2876-earth-shaker-2017/
  28. Dantesinferno52

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    Blair Lockhart Mohawk Warrior Discord: Your guess is as good as mine
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