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  • Syracuse 2017 By maxdman

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    Made slight changes to my previous stadium model I made back in 2015, and used the same old textures but they're still up to date. Credits: Me Klayton Hotshoe Malibu monsterjam16' If I forgot anyone let me know and I'll add you to the credits.  If anyone has an issue with the track let me know below or PM me and I'll do my best to fix it. This track is .3 and .4 compatible
  • Monster Jam World Finals 18 Racing By Chris B

    DISCLAIMER (If you can really call it that) This is a big file. You might experience some lag or not be able to run the track at all if you have your settings to the max. However, for your convenience, this upload includes an FPS version, which undoubtedly does not look as nice, but will get the job done for competitions as it aligns perfectly with the full version of the track. If you are running the FPS version, and for some reason you still are getting lower than about 40 frames, then I highly encourage you to upgrade to .4.6 or higher. When being tested, I found that your frame rate drastically improves on this version (even when running at the high quality). For example, when spawning two high quality trucks in, I was still getting 80 frames on .4. With that scenario on .38, the game would literally crash and I wouldn't be able to spawn in. This is why I highly recommend just using .4 to avoid all lag altogether.  Finally, last thing I wanted to state was that I know there's a lot of "unnecessary" verts in the track. I would develop a new version of the track to try and get rid of some of these, but I have simply lost interest after working on this over the time of seven months (took two off for personal reasons). For this reason, I am open to sending any track makers or anyone at all the full .blend of the track. Then, if the lag-issue really is that great, it can be fixed by someone a bit more eager and willing. However, I'm 99% percent sure this won't be an issue, just wanted to clarify as other tracks of mine have been reported for immense lag that no one I talked to or tested with experienced. Thanks for reading this and enjoy the track! - Chris Bialek __________________________________________________________ It's finally here! Monster Jam World Finals 18 Racing is out and looking good! Tons of time went into this track to assure that you guys get the most realistic Monster Jam experience possible. Tons of details never before seen on Sim Monsters are included as well. Have fun driving and exploring! Credits: Chris B- All the modeling of jumps and a good majority of the detailing/texturing Klayton- Original Sam Boyd Model and cars Maxdman- Bulldozers, announcer stands, trophy, various props Chazzymp- Exterior posters, frame rate testing Nathan Smith, Levi Schones, Tom Deents- Frame rate testing   Note: Freestyle will come out in a few months    
  • Fall Madness V By Mark Colineri

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    Figured it was finally time to get around and officially release this. Here is the full Fall Madness V track. This is compatible with versions of RoR that use both terrn and terrn2 file types. Credits: Myself - Track Model/Paint, Turning Poles Klayton - Van/Bus/Flat Trailer/Stands/Lights Casey - Cars David Stewart - Logo Banners
  • WRA World Finals 3 By Mark Colineri

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    I've put this off for long enough. This was the track for Julian Baumann's WRA World Finals 3. This is compatible with versions of RoR that use both terrn and terrn2 file types. Credits: Myself - Track Model/Paint, Banners Klayton - Bus, Sam Boyd Stadium Casey - Cars Will Meyer - WRA Logo Andrew Sheets - SIR Tire MaxDMan - Orange Tires/Logs