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  • Grave Digger 3 Revamp v1 By rockgod88

    Once again the Handcuk mobile is back.   Blz-Chassis, nb, axle edits, shock edits, lotta edits Micah- very nic paint, testing t dot ray- testing marcelo- testing mr dough- tires before edit SM community- other shiz i cannot remember at 1 am   Should be standalone, lemme know shiz to fix
  • East Rutherford 2017 By maxdman

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    Easy track to do since the model was already made, all I did was re-texture it and edit some of the foxborough ramps.  Tried something new with the .odef file, there are some fun slippery spots on the track   Credits: Me Klayton Hotshoe Malibu monsterjam16' Whoever made the stadium model.  Let me know and I'll add you if you want. This track is .37 and .4 compatible.  If there are any issues with it let me know below of PM me and I will try and fix them, enjoy!
  • Anaheim FS1 2015 By maxdman

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    Had this track modeled and sitting around for a while so I decided to go ahead add textures and finish it.   Credits: Me Klayton Mark C Tharindu HotShoe monsterjam16' This track should be .3 and .4 compatible.  If you have any issues with it let me know and I'll do my best to fix them.  Enjoy!
  • Dimmsdale Dimmadome By Edy

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    Finally got this dimmaproject dimmafinished. Originally requested by my good dimmafriend @NavySonicShell:  Credits: @Edy @RockCrwlr @Hot Shoe @Mark Colineri http://malibu350.com/   Note: This track is 0.37, 0.38 & 0.4 dimmafriendly