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  • Bigfoot Repli-Custom Pack part 2 (90's and early 2000's) By Swegliner849

    A project that started as a simple revamp of Tom P's bigfoot & firestone wilderness pack into a 8 truck pack, took about 2-3 months mostly because i was redoing the bodies over and over again so yeah, enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Credits: Me Leggster Blaise SM community (more trucks might be added to this file in new year or 2018 so keep an eye out),
  • Maximum Destruction Pack By acdcfan56

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    The wait is finally over. The Maximum Destruction pack is now out for all of you to try! Mirror 1 is the HIGH QUALITY Mirror 2 is the LOW QUALITY This was a huge project, took over a year to complete. But in the end it was all worth it. 10 trucks are in the pack for now. Trucks are: Maximum Destruction Original Tom
    Maximum Destruction Original Neil
    Maximum Destruction Original World Finals Racing
    Maximum Destruction Original World Finals Freestyle
    10th Anniversary LED Max D
    10th Anniversary Spiked Max D
    10th Anniversary Chrome Spiked World Finals Racing
    10th Anniversary Chrome Spiked World Finals Freestyle
    2014 Spiked Max D Tom
    2014 Spiked Max D Neil
    Many more Max D's are gonna be later updated in the pack! Trucks to be added later include: Maximum Destruction Original CRD Kreg
    10th Anniversary Spiked CRD Kreg
    2014 Spiked CRD Morgan
    Max D Stunt Truck
    Also gotta give a huge thanks to everyone who helped! Steve Harlow- Body Nicholas Kozak- Chassis, Referance Photos, Node Beam help Matt Wilkinson- Node Beam, Tire Models, Fuel Cell, Settings, Axle Micheal Murray- Crazy Props Klayton Halog- Tire Textures, Shock Models, Referance Shots, Brake Rotor Aaron Lurie- Baking many parts Myself- Paints, 4links, knuckles, Shock Textures, Rims, TieRods, Drive Shafts etc. Also a huge thanks to all the beta testers to make sure everything worked! John Cannon Tom Papaccio Chadwick Deerfoot Micheal DesRoaches Josh Dig Rhodes Ethan Dean Tharindu Don Devin Doss Mason Watts If I forgot anyone, I apologize. but thank you to everyone that helped!
  • Rap Attack v2 By rockgod88

    Rap Attack 2016/17  Creditssssss Me-Chassis, blender, nb, everything Chris Bee-Amazing paint that i forgot to say before Andrew-body Should be standalone but i dunno  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   V0.0002 IS UP RE DOWNLOAD FOR DIFF FIX
  • Mark Colineri's Realistic Settings Update By Mark Colineri

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    Completely Stand-Alone Changes Adjusted Torque CurveTop speed lowered, power curve changed. Adjusted GripFront tires have more grip, rear tires unchanged. Adjusted Tire StiffnessThe tires themselves are stiffer and act less like a second set of shocks for the truck. Adjusted Center Of GravityGenerally lowered CG on all the trucks, not the same between trucks due to shock settings, sway bars, etc. Adjusted Brake StrengthDown from 32000 to 22000. Original Shock SettingsEach truck has custom made shock settings to roughly replicate how the truck acts and handles in real life. Edited Node-BeamEach chassis type has an edited base N/B that fits that chassis.  Trucks Included Titan Heavy Hitter River Rat Blue Thunder Grave Digger The Legend Son Uva Digger Maximum Destruction Grave Digger 20 Grave Digger 28 Grave Digger 30 Each truck is only a body, chassis, axles+components, knuckles, rims and tires for testing purposes.