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World Finals 16

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So I took up the extreme challenge of recreating World Finals 16.

A few things to note so that we don't fill up the reviews with complaints.

Yes, I know that the track isn't 100% accurate. I made some mistakes, but it's correct for the most part.

Yes, I know that racing has a bunch of shading errors. I've spent over 4 hours between yesterday and today redoing the racing track and there are still errors.

But hey, the track functions and we can finally have a new World Finals to play on that isn't World Finals 13.

Copy paste is fun.

Anyway, since this track is alpha splatted, same rules apply for an fps version as they did for Arlington.

So, if you experience low FPS on this track, go into the WF16Racing.material and WF16Freestyle.material file, search for WF16Racing.png and WF16Freestyle.png and in that section of the material file:


receive_shadows on



// base pass



lighting off



// we use the metal plates texture as the base, other textures are blended over it

texture 2014MinnyDirt.png

scale 0.03 0.09



// leaks pass



lighting off

// blend with former pass

scene_blend alpha_blend

// only overwrite fragments with the same depth

depth_func equal

// alpha map for the leaks



texture Arlington2015Floor.png

// use alpha from this texture

alpha_op_ex source1 src_texture src_texture

// and colour from last pass

colour_op_ex source2 src_texture src_texture


// detail texture



texture leak.png

// the scale is set to 1:1 because we don't want this texture to be tiled

scale 1 1

// alpha blend colour with colour from last pass

colour_op_ex blend_diffuse_alpha src_texture src_current



// lighting pass



ambient 1 1 1

diffuse 1.05 1.05 1.05

depth_func equal

scene_blend zero src_colour




Raise only the red bolded numbers but be sure to always keep the ratio the same (A 6 number gap between the numbers)

This will work for anywhere in the material file that you see WF16Racing.png or WF16Freestyle.png.

Because there are so many parts to this track, I'm going to name off some people who contributed any part to the track.

Klayton Haylog

Tharindu Don

Danny Mackey

Aaron Lurie

Devin Doss

Julio Vellon Jr

Mason Watts


and many other track makers on this site.

Sorry if I forgot anyone. Let me know if I forgot you and I'll add you in the reviews.

Well, there you go. World Finals 16 is the first released World Finals in almost 3 years.

So enjoy it!

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OK I'm having an issue with getting this on rigs of rods for my son I have no clue what I need to do I asked and two people told me and I'm like yup have no clue help pleaseĀ 

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