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World Finals XVII Military Encore Pack 1.1

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About This File

This is a pack of the Military Encore trucks from World Finals XVII. HUGE thanks to Blaise (rockgod88) as he did most of the work on this project. Thanks to all the troops, past and present, for their service to our country. 


Alex Steinhaus - Body Paint & Truck Thumbnail Minis

Blaise Zantige - Exporting, Prop Placement, Truck File Work

Klayton Halogg - BKT Tires & Rims

Nick Kozak - Chassis

Steve Harlow - Body

Sim Monsters Community - Other Props

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Changes to Army Truck File including Rear Sway Bars
  • Added Shock meshes for Navy

User Feedback

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39 minutes ago, Garrett Hanson said:

there are problems with the pack

1: crashes the game on 37
2: missing DDShocks.mesh on Navy Truck

3: tires don't appear on Army truck when spawned (0.38)


You can fix the DDShocks.mesh by getting it from Soldier Fortune Black Ops. Just copy it and paste it into the file.


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Ok so, this is the next set of trucks built by Rockgod, there seems to be a common and extremely irritating theme with "shaky truck" syndrome, which stems from (at least what I've heard) messing with N/B set ups, but that kind of thing is extremely common among your trucks as we have come to find out lately. The paints look fantastic Alex, but the rest of the trucks themselves have a strange handling characteristic (also common among your trucks) making them very strange feeling in game. I want to like these trucks, the paint is good, and all of the props seem mostly well placed, besides the sway bars and some small stuff. But the handling characteristics and the absolutely awful shaking these trucks have makes them something I want to keep away from. Sorry Rockgod. :( Also a small note on shock placement. They like to float and the shaft placement is pretty bad, at least on the Coast Guard truck. Also before I forget and have to edit this again, some of the Specs seem a bit excessive to me, but that's a personal opinion.

Edited by iZonarYT

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The game  crashes






EDIT v2.0: now its crashing again xD

Edited by edbones

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i want to say this is perfect, and it is so close to that. The trucks had no tires and a couple of missing parts. Once I got that sorted out, they were great! A little shaky but good job!!

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2 hours ago, rockgod88 said:

Shaking? I don't have that on my trucks.... I use .39. What trucks are shaking? Plus the handling seems just fine to me.


idk about these truck bc i havent downloaded them, but speaking from your Meents pack, it shook the whole truck from body tire. It was really un-appealing.

Also, you are editing n/b which is cool that you do to align the props, but it seems that you are doing it incorrectly bc of past trucks tipping over easily and also this shaking.

Your trucks are cute, but damn do they got an ugly personality.

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