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Sim Monsters

Pirates Curse 1.0.0

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i almost walked the plank on this project, but im no drunken sailor, and my balls will NOT be shaved with a rusty razor, so that is why it is now on Sim-Monsters.com for everyone to enjoy.



Body & Scar- Andrew Sheets (way to outdo yourself buddy ;) )

Chassis & Headers - Nicholas Kozak

Tires, Rims, Transmission & Battery - Klayton Halog

Paint & Sway Bar Arm- Johan Seminario (R.I.P.)

Shocks, Placement (truck file, blender), K&N Air Filter, Fire Extinguisher & Sponsor Plate - Fernando Martinez a.k.a fernBurn a.k.a Sim-Monsters Heart throb a.k.a Me

Engine - Andrew Wamsely (im guessing that how you spell your last name)

Everything Else - Content Creators of this site.

should be compatible with .4, but if not.......turn off your computer.




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Love this Truck a lot and with this Truck i think a new Era of SM started because i think a lot of People are gonna start making Trucks from 2016 because well 2016 had some sick looking Trucks join this Journey of Truck Tours and yeah really awesome Truck anyway (and it sounds just as sick as it looks) and yeah Peace Out B) (and im sure someone is gonna make these Trucks pretty sure about that already looking forward to seeing these Trucks join SM as well and im also looking forward to finally start working with Blender, maybe someone could leave a link to the current Blender version or the Blender version everyone uses but anyway yeah a bit long i know but im just so excited for all this new stuff) Peace Out B) (for real now LOL bye)

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Is it only me or could it be that for some reason the BKT Tires dont work because i was playing around and then when i changed the camera angle i realized that it doesn't even have BKT Tires so just wanted to point that out dont know if its just me or its just not working how its supossed to because i found three different BKT Tires but none of them show up i really dont know why this is happening or i'm the only one who is having this issue but yeah like the Truck anyway aaaaand Peace Out B) Just wanted to say the BKT's are back why wver that happened in thepast 2-3 Days my RoR started ragin mad and i was really confused but its back to normal so yeah and i found a Xtermigator doesn't seem to be completely finished but its good i already used and its great the only things i think that are missing are the Shocks and the Shockshafts but anyway here's the Link for anyone who loves Xtermigator as much as i do: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ba141043ai304b4/Xtermigator2016Muddy.zip YES


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