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Barbarian 2018 Pack. Was made for 0.4 so probably will not work on 0.3.

Blender work, 2018 paint, Rod Ryan paint, zombie paint edits - me

Engine, Fuel Cell, Radiators, 2015 Paint, Pettibone Cover - fernBurn

Silverado Body, Zombie Body, Rod Ryan Body - Andrew Sheets

Original Zombie Paint - Edy

Chassis - Outlawed

Gauges, ISP Seat - Steele

If I have missed you out, message me and I will add you!


Shout out to iZonarYT for the awesome showcase video!


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3 minutes ago, Joey 🅱 said:

All praise the truck maker of 2018

I appreciate it, but I wouldn’t be able to make anything if it wasn’t for the creators who make all the chassis, bodies, props etc. Massive credit to all those guys

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Stimson i i'm Gonna Tell You Right These Have To Be The Best You've Done Ever It Looks So Accurate And Your're Awesome As Well As All The Creators

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