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Sim Monsters

Converted Track Pack #2 1.0.0

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About This File

I hope that I'm not posting files too rapidly...

Here is another folder of tracks requested by users as well as some that I wanted to make myself. :)


  • 4th of July Special 2 by monster jam fan
  • Allmonster's Eve 3 Racing/Freestyle by DannyMackey
  • Arnhem 2011 by monsterjam0000
  • Chico 2014 by Nascarfan98
  • Custom World Finals 1 AND 2 by monster jam fan
  • Christmas Village Mayhem 2015 by Wambo
  • Del Mar 2012 by obsessionracing
  • JG Stadium by Jose Garcia
  • Manassas 2014 by maxdfandan555
  • Maryland Motor Speedway by maxdman
  • Mesa 2000 by Edy
  • New Orleans 2005 by maxdman
  • Orlando 2010 by Mark Colineri
  • Orlando Custom by RockCrwlr
  • Pensacola 2008 by monster jam fan
  • TR Stadium 2015 by DannyMackey
  • WF13 (2048) Racing/Freestyle by RockCrwlr (DroppedSilver0 converted it before, but the link was taken down)

Enjoy! Again!

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Thank you for updating the link! I'm not sure why the original has been taken down but I do believe that the one on my original post has been updated as well. However it's in the comment section. But this is a much easier route to get to it! So thank you very much for updating it and thank you for converting all of these wonderful tracks! 

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also for the next pack it would be much easier to upload them in a big zip with the other zips in it. that way u only have to upload once and we only have to download one thing. other than that thanks for converting tracks 

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17 hours ago, Troy Lee said:

its making me pay $12 monthly to download why??? huh

Could it be an ad-blocker? Maybe turning it off in MediaFire will fix it.

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