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Traviss McCarthy Center – 1980’s RedMan/TNT Monster Truck Challenge Traviss McCarthy Center is yet another track I created in MTM2. Nearing completion, it fell by the way side, never completely finished, or released. Now in RoR/Sim-monsters, this track has been reborn and fully realized! Huge attention to detail was paid in the re-creation of this track in an attempt to make a venue that looked, felt, and screamed 1980’s TNT Motorsports. Hours of watching TNT event footage. Careful scrutinization of the sponsors and logos. All of this was taken into consideration in the attempt to make a custom TNT style event that not only replicated the look and feel of a TNT Motorsports event, but to attempt to take you back in time to such an event. Important notes: This track features a working pulling sled. Unfortunately you can’t control movement of the weight bar from the vehicle pulling the sled. This sled, however can be driven, repositioned, and more importantly, reset to its spawn point. The only vehicle I have found that can be attached to this sled is the 1st Gen Dodge Cummins by Box5diesel. You can get this vehicle here: http://www.rigsofrods.com/repository/view/1275 The sled used on this track is also originally done by Box5diesel, redone by jerom. It is The Black Fury sled. You must download this and install it to see/use it on this track: http://www.rigsofrods.com/repository/view/3891 To use the sled, you must back the vehicle up to where the chain is on the ground. Mouse drag the chain over the hitching ball, and press the L key on your keyboard. If you see the indicator light up saying “Load Locked”, then the sled has been successfully attached the hitch point. All the on track props (hay bales, pennant flags, Christmas tree, etc.) have been set with no-collide properties. For fun, the Truck Shop is in place for you to swap between your favorite trucks anytime you like. Credits: Original venue concept/creation: Me. Cars: Mark Colineri and Slickster edited by Me. Crowd textures: Rock Crwler edited by Me. Dirt textures: Me. Concrete/cement textures: Google edited by Me. Exterior dome texture: Casey Graves. Interior dome texture: Mark Colineri edited by Me. TNT Motosports Logo: Supplied by Michael DesRoches edited by Me. Renegades/Renegades The Taste a Pouch Can’t Tame/Redman/Redman/TNT All American Pulling Series/Redman Pulling Signs/ESPN/Restore logos, banners, and signs: Me. McDonalds’/Bud/PlanoTools/Trail Master/Bobcat/Carquest/Chevrolet/The Heartbeat of America logos: Google edited by Me. Brian Carson Ramp and Action Events logo/banner: Me. Christmas Tree: Me. Light bulb textures are from Google and edited by me. Flags: Me. Beta testers/track input: Damian Bowers Nick Kozak Andrew Wamsley Mark Iron Mark Colineri Dan Agosh Eric Myers and anyone else who had a hand in making this track possible. Thank you! I’m very proud and happy with this venue. I hope you enjoy the track(s)!