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My predictions on race #5, hagerstown in the custom series

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go ahead and delete if it conflicts with any rules I missed, I'm just having fun reporting my thoughts, nothing official and this has taken me several hours of research and thought, hope I don't get any haters, and i'm up for discussions lol, just trying to bring a little something extra to those who might be interested

first off there has been a real points shake up, Austin Grams and Sudden Impact, having a week without points and a bad week in Philly. Not to mention a huge twist in the story as Dig and Wreckless Intent being away from the series for 2 consecutive weeks. I'm excited to see if either or both make a come back this week on this killer and difficult straight line drag

racing will be a difficult straight line that will probably favor veterans. No one is dominating in wins this season as each event has had a different winner, however Myers seems to have a hold of the racing points

My top 5 to watch for in racing based on summer heat in hagerstown, and the also tricky straight line in daytona

Myers- Godfather. 25 points over second place in racing, and all around one to watch out for
RKM- Punisher. Didn't have the best week racing in Daytona only getting to the second round, but in Summer heats Hagerstown show, he completely dominated
May- Retrofoot. Semi finals in summer heat, and last weeks winner has some momentum I'd say
Dig- Wreckless Intent. second in summer heat, and semi's in Daytona
Grams- Sudden Impact. He had been alot of peoples minds, the one u didn't want to race against in any season early on, and second in Daytona

FS. Tilted and narrow, it will be interesting. A great battle for the FS points between Roach and RKM, only 1 point apart in the points, 1 point apart in in summer heats fs, (although they both lost to dig). And both had over 30 pt scores in Daytona.

My top 5 to watch for in FS based on summer heat, and also overall/recent performance in the custom series

Roach- Road Rebel. Just have a feeling he's going to be the one to watch out for. and hasn't had a real bad FS this series by my standards
RKM- Punisher. my second choice, mr. highlight reel, and imo the one who personifies go big or go home in SM leagues, truck normally comes home in pieces though, expecting big things
Dig- Wreckless Intent. Mr. Rhodes, you can't count him out of anything either, winner of summer heat hagerstown, just hope to see him run this week
Crazy- Keystone Crusher. tied for 3rd in fs points, and had a great run in summer heats hagerstown, based on that I'm looking for another good run for the runner up to season 1's FS championship
Arf- Controlled Chaos. tied for 3rd in fs points with Crazy, and had a real breakout run of the season for him last week, think he's got a bit of momentum
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