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  2. Thats Cory's truck just saying
  3. Today
  4. I am torn seeing the car body on the new chassis, I love it
  5. Rednecks like talking to you if you have a camera. Especially if they are drunk, wearing skin-tight, booty short length overalls, standing on top of a RZR. This is only one of the things I learned from this day. Album or whatever
  6. Id love an update one the team Suzuki truck. I loved the paint on it too. You never saw such a nice yellow paint during the time that truck competed.
  7. Jim Koehler seeing nothing but sky!
  8. Yesterday
  9. I have the weirdest boner right now.
  10. Same thing happens to me as well. I think it's something to do with the set beam defaults. Change the last two values to a higgher number and it should fix.
  11. i could possibly do the paint
  12. I'm glad we have you Chris.
  13. Kelvin Ramer getting a little wild in freestyle!
  14. sorry to bump this old thread but it says it for me it will work on others but theres a certain thing im trying to import, would i be better off finding another version?
  15. Rap Attack sticking the nose in the air!
  16. name: team suzuki body: chevy silverado chassis: crd? paint: other details: replacement for sobe
  17. i see, i got it to look better after i repainted on
  18. I use Photoshop and I just make a paint layer, overlay it to the dirt, and then just use a soft eraser at a mild opacity to make the wear marks.
  19. its beautiful good job chris, do you use to paint and if so how do you erase i know theres the stamp but even when i put the hardness of it all thew way to 0% it shows up to much or erases to much
  20. Yep, the camper is non collidable
  21. Amazing work! Did you decide to make the camper look new but you drive through it? Love the track design
  22. Freeeeeeeeeestyyyyllllllllle's done! @carkiller458 Are you even ready bruhhhhhhhhhhh?
  23. started this during the week because i ran into a problem with orlando and dont know how to fix it this one is coming out really good for my 1st attempt at a mainstream track but i wanted to add some creativity in it please tell me if the backflip ramp is to small or steep its my 2nd attempt at one and im also going to redo the paint on the tabletop the one im using was to learn to bake so thats why its crappy
  24. im offended
  25. no i know that there was an easier way of turning the camera at a full 360 degrees without it circling around your whole project but its fine though i found a way to texture the thing i was struggling with
  26. Last week
  27. @nks1996 got a link? @cp2013 if you haven't seen FELD's new rule on trucks, that's why I added it and no not every truck I make I have to add my name on it.
  28. Perspective mode? Press 5 on NumPad if so.
  29. your getting better, but some of your logos are way to big (I not 100% on certain props I don't exactly know if they are up to date). just a side note though, do you really need to put your name on everything you do? I'm only saying this stuff because monster patrol is my 100% favorite truck and I'd hate to see a decent one just flopped to the finish
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