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  2. fml
  3. So, Dennis its in his FireSuit,,, He may be driving for the digger encore
  4. After visiting, I observed that you can put scores with 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75. I can only assume that's how the scores will be.
  5. Prepared for these predictions to get killed after the third run like every other year. Pretty sure the judging system will be whole numbers up to 40. Monster Energy (Todd)- 39 Son-Uva Digger- 38 Grave Digger (Adam)- 37 Grave Digger (Tyler)- 37 Max-D (Colton)- 36 Team Hot Wheels Firestorm- 35 Lucas Oil Crusader- 35 Monster Energy (Coty)- 35 Mad Scientist- 33 Monster Mutt- 33 Grave Digger (Morgan)- 32 Max-D (Neil)- 31 Scooby-Doo!- 30 Grave Digger (Randy)- 29 Zombie- 29 El Toro Loco (Becky)- 28 Megalodon- 28 Overkill Evolution- 27 Northern Nightmare- 27 (and the annual explosion) El Toro Loco (Marc) -27 Gas Monkey Garage- 26 Monster Mutt Dalmatian- 25 Metal Mulisha- 25 Soldier Fortune- 24 Bounty Hunter- 24 Fox Sports 1 Cleatus- 22 Wild Flower- 22 Razin Kane'- 21 Avenger- 20 points for 20 years Mohawk Warrior- 15 Dragon- 12 Earth Shaker- 8
  6. this makes me happy
  7. Did you just hear what one of those crazies is the stands said -- she was asked, "What are you most excited about?". Her response? Getting drunk. BJ Johnson was getting all emotional in his interview when he said that his family came out today to support him.
  8. "What are you excited for?" "Getting drunk!" I like how fast they ended the interview after that. Also I'm predicting Bounty Hunter
  9. Ryan and Tyler
  10. LESS THAN ONE HOUR TILL SHOWTIME BOYS! Predictions? I pick Scott.
  11. It's official Jim Koehler will not win tonight. Beware of the dab.. don't believe me? Go asked the golden state warriors. 3-1 people don't forget lmao
  12. Jim Koehler dabbed....I love this guy
  13. My bad >_< wasn't able to keep up often towards the end of 2016.
  14. Dude, this was confirmed in December at the Minneapolis show.
  15. CONFIRMED IN STREAM: Doom's Day was driven by Colt Stephens.
  16. Does anyone know if there will be a livestream?
  17. So, does anyone know what the hell happened with Cole Venard, or is that still unknown? Edit: Fun fact, Cole's profile is gone from the MJ website now.
  18. The guy's pronouncing "Migues" like "Meegs" i wanna kill myself
  19. Jim Jack retired a few years ago. Someone else bought the truck but I doubt it is him with it right now. There's times when it sounds like the announcers don't know what they're talking about.
  20. A lot of trucks not competing are having their own parade in Sam Boyd Stadium and I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE JIM JACK IN REPTOID
  21. Today
  22. tonight:
  23. You know there's this thing called the internet where you can search the weather all over the world
  25. Does anyone know if they've increased police/security at the World Finals? There's SWAT teams and snipers in Las Vegas after the shooting today. I doubt they'd leave a highly populated event without more security after a shooting on the same day, but if they found the shooter then I guess they can have less. But still, the threat is there if they haven't found him yet. EDIT: Apparently the suspect surrendered earlier.
  26. gonna be honest here, I like the track better then the last 2 years, more spaced out and a bus stack. I wonder if anybody will have the guts to floor that jump at the start of the left lane?
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