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  2. When will it be realesed?! It looks done!
  3. hmmmm over bored?
  4. Bigfoot #1!
  5. krysten's digger?
  6. Welcome to everyone's favorite game name that truck!
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  9. not entirely sure about what im seeing on this page...................but i guess as long as you guys are having fun and growing your skills, more power to ya!
  10. He is not requesting a truck... Looking gud And btw ill be trying to clone breakables ecks dee, if that works this 2 and sum other diggers and maxds will be released in a pack yay "insert sexy face here" lmao
  11. shaft and rims are now green, the truck is 100% done. soon my friends, soon.
  12. *wipes drool off mouth*
  13. is this .4 and if so Truck: Pirates curse Name: Trevor Discord: Monsterj9876 Truck link: cant find it???...
  14. its not you, its probly the beams
  15. honestly that"s not how to request something you need to put in in the request forum with the right format also when you quote you need to remove the pics from the quote helps keep things cleaner on the page
  16. u should make me a turk bb
  17. good. and are you going to make it for 0.39, 0.38, and 0.37
  18. Made this for @cp2013. Even though it's just a repainted Avenger (cp painted body, I did the rest), turned out good enough to be shown off \
  19. 2xtreme Body
  20. Looking for bakes of these bodies- Jailbird 1 and 2 Full boar 2.0 Bounty Hunter / Iron Outlaw / Scarlet Bandit -------------------------------------------------------- Bakes I am almost positive people don't have Tough Guy Old School Hope someone can help me out, thank you
  21. Grave Digger at World Finals 3. It was probably the biggest, wildest, most complicated fluke of it's time in Monster Jam. "HE DID A FLIP! THAT WAS A FLIP!" "C'mon, you gotta let him go! He's beggin' for them to let him refire!"
  22. HECK YEAH! When you posted the pick a week or so ago I have been so excited for this track! We don't get enough arenas on here imo. Excited to play around with it. It looks gorgeous
  23. Northern nightmare at anaheim 2014
  24. Eradicator in Atlanta that one year was the most nail-biting one. Even though it was mostly luck.
  25. a lot of them are my favourites so here are my top 5 (not in order lol) 5. Grave Digger in world finals 3 (2002) 4. Son Uva Digger in St Louis 2014 3. Grave Digger in Worcenter 2017 2. Max-D in orlando 2013 1. Max-D in Salinas 2015
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