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  2. They're probably trying to get back fans that lost interest when they changed everything up around 2015. Reintroduce old track designs, bring back cars, etc.
  3. So when self-driving cars become commercially available and people start buying them, what will happen to cars that must be manually driven and motorcycles? Would they be banned as they now become an unnecessary safety risk or start to fade away because the insurance on a self-driving car would be much cheaper? Personally I'd never want to own a self-driving car, I prefer driving. It would also get rid of trucking and other jobs. Construction and farming would become automated in time with self-driving tractors and cranes. What do you think?
  4. Does anyone else notice that their changing each track so far I mean it's the greatest design but atleast their not the exact same
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  6. its probably sad to say it. but the monster jam world finals 18 will probably be the last greatest world finals for a while. im just glad i got to be there for it in person.
  7. I'm guessing FELD is losing money ever since Warner Bro's Circus got shut down, and tickets didn't sell that well this year. Plus, I'm pretty sure it's expensive as hell for FELD to rent Sam Boyd Stadium for 3 days since they're making enormous cut backs. It's kinda why I'm not going to anymore MJ shows till they actually put some effort into these shows. No more World Finals for me.
  8. except that you realize they will minimize it to two days, have only competing trucks on display and continually strip all of the extra stuff that made the world finals THE world finals. Currently fuming over this announcement to the point where I am contemplating even renewing double down tickets.
  9. What I want to know is when will qualifying happen and does anyone get to see it. Will the double down ticket even be worth it this year? All you get is a few hours of pit party, BBQ, and a track walk. Not worth the extra $100 just for that.
  10. O.O
  11. I got every drivers autograph on the Double Down Thursday this year. That was the best day out of the 3. Sad to see that now EVERYONE will see the Showdown and we only get a few hours alone in the pit party and not a whole day.
  12. Well that makes travel a hell of a lot easier when it comes to taking days off for the trip. That's why I never enjoyed the 3 day concept.
  13. that looks awesome
  14. *post gets deleted* made a thing.
  15. 4th of July is coming... and a new truck along with it!
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  17. That is like 2 years old Anyweyz 'murica f#ck yeah
  18. trying to make a breakable ?
  19. Well there goes the "three day event" concept.
  20. Boooooooooooooo
  21. SPECIAL REPORT: The Double Down Showdown for Monster Jam World Finals XIX will take place along with the Friday activities, including Racing. More information here:
  22. I am trying to make the settings more realistic right now. It'd be helpful in anyone could help me please.
  23. Am I doing this right?
  24. Waiting for you to make it.
  25. View File Custom World Finals 2017 again im really tired lol already has houston2010 in it couldnt figure out how to make obstacle uncolidable credit props-maxdman and rockcrawler stadium - monster jam fan Submitter Elias Submitted 06/27/2017 Category Tracks  
  26. I'm aware, im trying to find a better font for the numbering and I'll lighten up the blue before it releases.
  27. Noice
  28. Will stone crusher come without the open diff too? Or only the one?
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