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  1. Today
  2. I think it's hot
  3. Preach.
  4. i have that metal mulisha breakable but it doesnt work with .3 same with mad scientist breakable
  5. nice
  6. Guess who is back at it again making tracks?
  7. Clay Millican, Dalton's father, finally got his first NHRA Top Fuel event win this past weekend.
  8. Max-D with a breakdown
  9. Both axles show up white for me (0.4) What am I missing?
  10. Loving the work man!
  11. Yesterday
  12. looks awesome
  13. Making progress on my breakables. Finally got them working!
  14. Hooked still isn't as great as Mopar Magic was
  15. Max-D starting off with big air off of the racing ramp in Houston!
  16. Chuck Werner going for a corkscrew!
  17. Matt Buyten out there tearing up the track, and the truck!!!
  18. shocks and knuckles don't show up
  19. Well... Guess I'll just have to keep playing Jeopardy music...
  20. Rims should only have the hub black and the rest of that inner circle green. Otherwise looks great!
  21. Wow, that is a stunning photograph!
  22. Fixed the lightning bolts on Todd's body so that they aren't as thick like the old one.
  23. 1. is when Dennis won in 2004. i loved 19 and im so glad it got a championship under its belt before he went to 20 2. has to be. it was one hell of a jump and if he would of landed it he had a shot at leduc. (thats just my opinion) it helped that i seen it live
  24. we need a strict rule so Edy doesn't win every friggin week because of his d@nk edits jk dont hurt me plz
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