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  2. your getting better, but some of your logos are way to big (I not 100% on certain props I don't exactly know if they are up to date). just a side note though, do you really need to put your name on everything you do? I'm only saying this stuff because monster patrol is my 100% favorite truck and I'd hate to see a decent one just flopped to the finish
  3. @gdfan14 has a el toro armando set up he got from one of his friends and it handels phenominal
  4. @mdemko thanks, and FYI I added that bar on the back to make it hold up the wing, just wanted to make it have a realistic feel. if anyone else reads this what shock setup should it use?
  5. Not now but he did and sold the team to david smith...
  6. I love the custom aspect of it as a whole. Very Tasteful. I would just make the chassis one color though imo.
  7. well sh*t: one of my better paints TBH
  8. You're a joke, I'll give you that.
  9. i know about those but when i had my laptop i know that there was a way to fully turn the camera so its easier to texture small spaces and behind stuff
  10. i was playing a joke card but i forgot it was 2017.
  11. I made these last weekend while I was in Houston. Sorry if these aren't 100% accurate
  12. Anyone want a good laugh? Watch this music video: With this audio running in a different tab: Sync the starts up so they start almost simultaneously. Enjoy.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Considering he spent the entire first quarter working with/for Feld I cant understand why they suddenly disappeared. /endsarcasm
  15. He has run many indoor shows this year for both Monster Jam and other promoters. It is absolutely impractical to run an alcohol engine indoors one week and switch to a diesel engine the next week. It makes much more sense to switch back to a diesel engine after he is done all of his indoor shows, so he can do the outdoor summer shows with a diesel truck. And yes, the truck has an RII while running either engine, it just becomes much more difficult when something goes wrong in a diesel engine.
  16. This XDP thing has me confused, if they don't allow Dave to drive a Diesel indoors then why does he use a regular engine in outdoor stadiums (El paso as an example)? I did see a post about the RII and I think the truck can have an RII in a Diesel. IMO Dave should do what he wants in outdoor stadiums, and if I am correct he is an independent truck, so that helps a bit too. I would prefer not to be judged about the last part I just wanted to state my opinion.
  17. thank you so much I really appreciate it
  18. Y'all should do a section on here for the classic monster trucks and tracks stuff 80s 90s early 2000s Thats my opinion.
  19. Or the middle click of the mouse too
  20. numberpad.
  21. But the chassis is my idea of Cory's idea of Bob Chandler's idea of Jack Willman Sr's idea so really who is playing who here?
  22. nice to see you took my idea of using the rage chassis other than that looks ight
  23. Now there is a Hotline, a Hotline to Miami
  24. And on that day, @carkiller458 said "Let there be Hotline." Hotline v2 is far from completion, a completely new bottom end is being built including new shocks, rims, driveshaft cages, tierods, and more! Stay tuned!
  25. im having problems texturing in blender and dont remember how to rotate the camera to view things better
  26. Sum moar progrezz in diz thinggg Oh and dis thing ik the background is not black, its for now only
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