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  2. if you have a Nvidia GPU i would use the Geforce Experience softwares capture.
  3. So many different opinions or options lol
  4. Action is another solid choice.
  5. how tf can we tell if it's just a stadium? anyway, doing some beacon testing, practicing on Blaise's old GD3, should be ready to get thrown on you-know-who when she's done yes this means nitro will have working lightbars you're welcome his point is that you sure do have a big mouth to be talking about stopping content creating and sht when you literally have nothing to show for.
  6. If you can set it up right, Open Broadcaster Software beats them all.
  7. Found Mikey's winning run. The first half is meh, but the second half........DEAR GOD.
  8. well dave radzierez did in wrecking crew at new orleans last year now kelvin
  9. probably not.... unless every driver irl starts doing it
  10. Soooooooo Can We Hack Save in Leagues now?
  12. ROR'ed the crap out of that!
  13. Well, okay then.
  14. ray does name that truck! how about a little name that track! hint: its a 2017 track
  15. ok, ill just use red maxd if thats ok
  16. sorry man no breakables aloud. it gives the other drivers an edge over you
  17. and your point is?
  18. I prefer Bandicam because it seems to have better FPS results, but the Windows 10 Recorder, if paired with the right editing software, can be set to be better than any other recorder. With no watermark.
  19. id personally use fraps (what i use) see if you can find a free download link to it which is what i did
  20. Forgot to mention im going more off of visual rather than sounds.
  21. Which should i record with Screencast-O-Matic or Bandicam ^ ScreenCast ^ Bandicam So which do you guys think?
  22. .3
  23. As much as I do not like Linsey Weenk for some reason I have to admit he's good at what he does and I respect him for that.
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