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  3. The coolest part about MJ 25th Anniversary is how it's coincided with so many other anniversaries
  4. A W.I.P replica of the War Machine truck that is debuting in Vegas right now.
  5. I bet the bus will either be at end of track sideways or behind the front flip jump
  6. Marc McDonald's
  7. @rockgod88 You stole my fcking meme and made it horrible. Kill yourself.
  8. Bernard Light Tristan England Linsey Wink
  9. The official date has been confirmed for World Finals XIX; March 22-24, 2018
  10. Cyclops is also in Vegas.
  12. Marvel, totally different ballpark
  13. That's what I've been thinking hopefully Spider-Man comes back
  14. i dont see it
  15. I guess FELD got the DC rights back with Superman and Wonder Woman. Maybe Batman?
  16. we still need RVs back, i miss them so much
  17. So did they only include the fountain because it's Jim's anniversary? Haha, still stoked to see it back, favorite World Finals obstacle ever, even if it's built into the plateau.
  18. 3D jems on Jester. Also there is a single, not-at-all backed up claim that Alex Blackwell will be driving Megalodon, not Justin Sipes And I'll leave you with this.
  19. I'm so excited to see what can happen this year! The paint jobs are great, Wonder Woman's a pretty cool truck, and the racing ramps might foreshadow some less steep dirt mounds for freestyle. The fountain is cool too.
  20. My God! That looks like Batman!
  21. rip
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