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  2. Tracks Underground

    If you have the toolkit you can use the arrows to move the terrain up, but if not, open the .terrn file and change these numbers in red. Syracuse 2017 Racing Syracuse2017Racing.cfg 0.93, 0.86, 0.76 2228.36938477, 0.10000000149, 1320.8145752, 2476.74023438, 0.10000000149, 2334.97094727, 2229.86938477, 0.10000000149, 1317.8145752 // 5000 = official terrains //fileinfo -1, 129, 1 //MonsterTruckTrack // 2450.922119, -19.8, 1451.993774, 90, 0, 0, Daytona 2277.507568, 0.406770, 1246.517212, 90.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, Syracuse2017Racing 2278.307568, 0.406770, 1246.267212, 90.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, Syracuse2017NoCo end If you increase the number it will raise the mesh in-game, if you lower it it should lower the mesh
  3. Yesterday
  4. Big Finish

    Cool truck!
  5. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    My bad I thought I posted them in the screenshot thread.
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Didn't you just post these on the last page?
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    @ChaoticMayhem you reposted this I believe a page back. anywho coming soon......................
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Credits go to me for teaching "Jimmy Jong" how to actually make a flexbody work. (No offense) Here's a new thing for my breakable pack... Sorry for the replay box. I'm too lazy to crop the picture.
  9. [truck] GRONK

    when do you think you would post it?
  10. [truck] GRONK

    i thank the dude wants it on the site you might have a private one
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    i recommend spec maps to the body and chassis
  12. Tracks Underground

    Ok. So I made a few tracks for a friend and they go into game just fine however... This happens. Any help would be greatly appreciated this is a new issue that's been happening and I cant seem to fix it. Where you spawn ^ Whats underground ^ And yes I've tried raising the track up in blender its doesn't do anything.
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    I'm not knowledgeable for most stuff on this site with what people can make, but from what I know it looks like you're missing a header texture there, unless they're supposed to be white. Other than that great looking truck.
  14. [truck] GRONK

    there is already one
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    BKT and Indie versions are now complete. Now time to get to work on Be Aware.
  16. [truck] GRONK

    Was working on truck, but restarted on the paint because I thought It looked bad(I did rush to finish it). I'll come back to finishing it some time soon.
  17. Xbox 360 controller problem

    witch one are you usieng
  18. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    @RORMADNESS there standalone @Wizeguy Maybe, also plz delete pics when quoting. sneak peek coming soon.
  19. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Cool. Will we need the original titans?
  20. Xbox 360 controller problem

    it is still not working
  21. Xbox 360 controller maping

    i cant use rear steer for the xbox 360 controller when i use x for rear stear i go in reverse while stearing
  22. 2016 Titan (Breakable Pack)

    @Jimmy Jong No Prob M8 Just a question. Is it gonna be usable for .4 useres or not?
  23. 2016 Titan (Breakable Pack)

    @K2TV Gaming @Flaming Phoenix currently being fixed for 0.39 users. thanks for the support guys.
  24. 2016 Titan (Breakable Pack)

    Yeah cause Garrett didn't give proper credits and it's not the best work ever. It's way better than all of his old stuff though IMO.
  25. 2016 Titan (Breakable Pack)

    K the media Fire link doesn't even work and yeh i can't download it either
  26. V4 CustomRetro Rocker - Re-worked (2017)

    missing one material file material SOLID/TEX/RageChassis.png/VertCol
  27. 2016 Titan (Breakable Pack)

    wont let me download it GG
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