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  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Okay. I heard someone was gona make it a few months back
  4. Trenton Ray's AwAkEnD

  5. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    for soome versions the swaybars, four link bars, shocks, and knuckles do not show up. I will fix them for you and send the fixed pack to you if you'd like.
  6. SMRA Season 4 Budgets

    Sorry that this was late, missed last weekend and had stuff going on. Week 2: Salinas, CA Starting Budget: $822,743 Booking Pay: $8,000 Event Purse: $3,000 Travel Cost: -$941 Damages: -$6,000 New Budget: $826,802
  7. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    i saw you post this on facebook
  8. SMRA East Tour S4 R3: December 15th, 2017

    Man, what a wild night it was here in Paxton! It was somehow fitting that we saw this much carnage at the home of Maximum Desctruction, and what I mean by carnage is the fact that all but 1 truck rolled in freestyle; and this could quite possibly be the most costly event in the history of SMRA for repairs. After all of the dust settled, we saw @Andrew take home the first double down not only in the east tour, but in the entirety of SMRA this season and we here at SMRA congratulate him on the accomplishment. We are taking next week off to let all of our officials and competitors enjoy some quality time with their family and friends for holidays, so the next time you'll see us is the week after as we make our way up to West Lampeter, PA to the West Lampeter Fairgrounds for what could possibly be the smallest competition area we'll see all season. Until then, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, and/or Happy Holidays! Racing ResultsRacing Winner - Andrew Sheets/Draco: +$2,500Runner Up - Chadwick Deerfoot/Send It: +$1,500Semi Finals Loss - Michael Murray Jr./Alcohol Abuse, Jon Zimmer Jr./Hotline Miami: +$1,0002nd Round Loss - Bradley Shaw/Smash Squad, Seth Holloway/Screamin' Evil, Damian Bowers/Untapped Rage, Dalton Widner/Monster Hack: +$5001st Round Loss - Robbie Milburn/Steel Phantom, Joey Burgy/Mutant, Sean Ryan/Hired Guns: +$300 Freestyle ResultsFreestyle Winner - Andrew Sheets/Draco: +$2,5002nd Place - Robbie Milburn/Steel Phantom: +$1,5003rd Place - Joey Burgy/Mutant: +$1,0004th Place - Sean Ryan/Hired Guns: +$9005th Place - Jon Zimmer Jr./Hotline Miami, Seth Holloway/Screamin' Evil: +$8006th Place - Dalton Widner/Monster Hack: +$7007th Place - Michael Murray Jr./Alcohol Abuse, Chadwick Deerfoot/Send It: +$6008th Place - Bradley Shaw/Smash Squad: +$5009th - Damian Bowers/Untapped Rage: +$400Damage ReportViolent Rolls - Damian Bowers/Untapped Rage: -$4000Hard Rolls - Bradley Shaw/Smash Squad, Michael Murray Jr./Alcohol Abuse, Robbie Milburn/Steel Phantom: -$3000Medium Rolls - Seth Holloway/Screamin' Evil, Sean Ryan/Hired Guns: -$2000Light Rolls - Chadwick Deerfoot/Send It (2), Joey Burgy/Mutant (2), Dalton Widner/Monster Hack, Jon Zimmer Jr./Hotline Miami: -$1000 (Special Note: Johnny Soto will receive booking pay for showing up but being unable to run, but he will not get any points or purse money.)
  9. Grave Digger XX pack

    Awesome work man, I love how you create something or add something with every truck you make. This time being the qualifying lexan. Also thank you so much for the body updates! Great work and I would 10/10 recommend!!
  10. Trenton Ray's AwAkEnD

    H O T
  11. Retina Fairgrounds

    best tags
  12. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    there are parts one trucks that are not chrome . over all is a great pack.
  13. SMRA Season 4 Budgets

    Starting Budget: $10,000 Booking Pay: +$4,000 Event Purse: $1,300 Travel Cost: $488 Damages: -$2,000 New Budget: $12,812
  14. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    Do they not work on .37?
  15. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    I had this in my list but you came up first, still doesnt mean you did a bad job. You did an amazing job, keep it up!
  16. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    Very Nice
  17. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    Had Such A Surprise When I Saw This On The Download Section. Great Pack!
  18. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

  19. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    its the penda snakebite
  20. SMRA East Tour S4 R3: December 15th, 2017

    50 minutes until the driver's meeting.
  21. Yesterday
  22. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack. My first attempt at putting a pack together. Tested in 0.4 and works fine. Trucks arent perfect, but gave it a go. Still very much a newcomer to painting and putting trucks together. Paintwork and Cloning - Me I take NO credit for making the original trucks. All credit for creating them goes to rockgod88 and fernBurn. If I missed anyone out feel free to message me and I will add you in. EDIT: Been told they are not working for 0.3. Not sure how to fix it right now. If someone else is able to help out, great. If not, once figured out the pack will be updated
  23. [TRUCK] Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 2017

    W.I.P. Just need to change the chass
  24. Son-uva Digger #1

    get the tire textures from the pei pack
  25. Name:Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 2017 Body: custom ford f-150 Chassis: crd Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: has 19 teeth on the truck
  26. [TRUCK] Lucas Oil Crusader 2017/2018

    Nothing is too different from the previous ones made except for the glow.
  27. [TRUCK] Lucas Oil Crusader 2017/2018

    lucas oil crusader runs on a crd chassis
  28. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

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