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    WUTSH UT ES BOGFUUT KENG UF MUNSTAR TREKS Bigfoot 2017 Winter Classic Repli-Custom Bigfoot Power Wheels 2015 Repli-Custom
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    Coty Saucier's Monster Energy is getting close! Still need to re-position somethings (Esp. the damn shocks). (IK the paint is not finished, we're getting to that! Now stop message me! for it!) Enjoy!
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    A custom that was done a few weeks ago
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    I lika da Motor Madnezz, chu? Imma make another replica custom version with vans n shtuff. Then releasee!
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    while you plebians were busy watching the modern day world finals I was wasting time doing nothing yee boi EDIT: added the outlaw guy and put some shading on his hat, face, and bandana
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    OK, that would be nice! Also: Right color green on rims; Check! Positioning the shocks (Blaise did it); Check! 4-links are perfectly positioned (Blaise did it); Check! New shock set up (Blake Thompson did it); Check! We got word that the paint is almost done! Also, should I make a 2016 version of it? Enjoy!
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    The start of something I've been wanting to do for a while. The finished pack will include Hanc0ck's,Farrell's, and Weenk's trucks
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    So Jim pulled the greatest heist in WF history not only did he unveil his world finals body, but the new chassis as well. The snot nosed instagram tards have had their world shocked and appaled by this recent trickery. I love the body personally, and Eric's new body is lookin mighty slick as well. (sorry if it sounds like I'm repeating everything people have said, just like rubbing in the facts to the instagram kids who are on the site)
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    God I love the instagram kids, so gullible they think he would actually show off his world finals body (if he has one, which he probably does) after the spoiling of last years design by the same mouth breathing chodes who are no doubt there again this year (because mommy and daddy cant say no to giving their babies everything they want). The plite of the instagram kid, reason and planning! 10/10 Jim.
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    Thanks, I'll work on it. Everything else is done as of now. Really appreciate it! EDIT: Added a body before this critique, so yeah. Pretty nice update. Went pretty simple for my first paint, but will add roof text and logos for SMRA. Fixed shocks but I have to fix the FR shock because it goes through the chassis.
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    Todays work! (No its not a replica but on a positive note I've gotten my other models in Beaming just not collidable yet but I'm getting closer and closer to In game RoR ever project!
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    Currently untitled Pontiac Silverdome project. It's my new configure-8-tion hahahahahastfuokay
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    Perpetual Destruction II:
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    Custom RORFS world finals Big Kahuna SDTV33 painted up for me, I think it came out really nice
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    So Julian asked for a special world finals paint for GMG, I couldnt resist, my original plan was to just white out everything, but seeing as that would just be way too painful and not look good, I took it upon my self to do a new spin on the GMG machine. Enjoy the teaser image EDIT: OK guys need help, would you rather have the Red Tail lights? Or Blacked out? Pick ONE! Option 1: Or Option 2:
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    HAVE YOU EVEN BOTHERED?! HAVE YOU EVER?!?! My will to live is -10
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    Racing is completed for Hafen Hamburg. On to freestyle.
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    A W.I.P replica of the War Machine truck that is debuting in Vegas right now.
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    i might... and i also might just..... but everything is a might until, MAYBE after Vegas
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    Well atlanta is coming along nicely. Also got another track to a .mesh bc theres a ogre export for blender 2.7x i just dont know what to do from there.
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    Ignore project title its a custom... still can get this stuff in game...
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    @Chris B I told you I'd do it...
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    Sadly my findings is that even the most trustworthy people are prone to lapse in judgement. This either makes the person who originally created the content more restrictive or stop making stuff altogether. Oddly enough people do not seem to care about trying to obtain any of the chassis/parts that I make but then again my stuff gets released publicly before I hand out privately (unless I get asked to make something specific for someone). I dunno I guess all of the monster jam nerds find body models and skins more valuable
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    We're gonna have a new racing champ. And there's a chance it might be f***ing Jim Koehler. And people said 2016 was weird.
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    That moment when you dont realize Feld has nothing to do with the Exhaust setup...City Noise Regulations do
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    Or ya know, he clinched with the most points and with the remaining events there aren't enough points for anyone to catch up.
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    Do you just enjoy talking out of your ass all the time?
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    Wait, people on here still actually use aim? seriously
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    Rampage update? Say whaaaat???? I will make sure to get permission if I do release. Idk if I will though.
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    I only ever gave out those paints to those who were making the trucks or had asked me to make them (people like @Jackattack29). It somehow got leaked without my knowing of it and everyone got upset because of it. I can assure you, though, that I only ever gave those paints to people like Jack who had asked me to do it for him so he could make the trucks.
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    And just to clarify for everyone here, I was the one who did the paints for Big Kahuna and the Cult Psycho. The way his screenshots are, the paint appear brighter, but I can assure you the actual paint does not appear like that, and is in fact the correct shade and identical to the real truck. I also am the legitimate person who did the two paints for Monster Energy 2017. I would like to personally apologize for some of the issues going on with the paints (Example: People getting their hands on the paint, doing videos of the paint and claiming ownership of it, etc), and would like to again clarify that I was the one who has original ownership of the paints. (And for legitimate proof, I actually streamed the making of the paints on my own YouTube channel {The link to the video of me legitimately making the Monster Energy paint is below})
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    track #2 gonna be lit I'm not as good as @Edy tho
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    You have 2 posts.... who even are you?
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    Dennis and Tom are both in Vegas, did media stuff, pit parties, and the Make A Wish event. That's not the frontflip setup. Forward momentum backflip maybe? EDIT: Shoutout to the Instagram kids who used my post to figure this out Also: FOUNTAIN!
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    Nice! Tyler Menninga is dating Krysten Anderson right now! Pretty cool!
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    I'll also say it now, freestyle will once again be super controversial with arguments the whole year on who deserved to win versus who did. Seems to be the name of the game recently
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    They better invite Gary Porter and Carolina Crusher. Great driver, he totally deserves the invite and he has been quite good since the past years.
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    He made one jump... How can you say anything about driving ability, skill, or how the run would progress if he only made one jump...?
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    How about when we get close to the end, we don't have 100 posts saying it's almost over so someone random can start the next thread. How about we keep posting normally and let the thread run it's course.
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    When you f#@k up the spawn point in your .terrn2 file.
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    I know the center ramp is massive its only temporary and its not a replica track just sheer boredom...