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    Nice trucks everyone! But where's them tracks? Oh wait... Stay tuned for full reveals and even more tracks, cuz they're coming.
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    So first actual attempt at painting a truck, still have to do hood and roof. also made new silverado body.
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    More junk: New ICE CREAM MAN body! (Yeah paint's done too, good ol' @Chazzymp did it but idk if he wants it shown yet) Hey it's FLUFFY! Oh yeah here's the full reveals of this shiz: Also... All the tracks I post from here on out will be apart of a huge pack at the end of summer. The pack will include 6-8 Monster Jam 2017 tracks. I am also currently in a partnership with @GDFAN14 , @StarksDoesMonsterJam and @Josh Gajewski for a replica livestream series for summer, so you might see these tracks early on the RORSeries youtube channel. There will be no other early releases to anyone else unless I decide. However, the Fluffy and Ice Cream Man trucks will be released at a different time. Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-at's all folks!
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    Been working on the ol' Independent suspension NB @John Dough don't be mad plz Also thingggy
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    Mods are asleep, post BigFoots
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    Hi everybody, i'm Edy. Today, as we speak, i've been involved in a nuclear war beetwen Hawaii (The country) and Alaska (The State) SADLY, my cardboard home (A refrigerator box [Samgung]) has been kind of destroyed by a water bottle, me and my cardboard dog are struggling to have some food on our mouths, and sadly i live in Ohio, Detroit. This means, a big change for this community and me. I'm running United States presidency (#BurritosForHarambe), and since my only monetary source (My friend Pepe the dealer) has been killed in miltary stike that we many call "The Death Harambe". Sadly, this means, i'll start charging for you to download my tracks and trucks (I don't want to make tracks anymore) So here's a price list for you to see: -World Finals 17 - 1,000,000$ -PPRL Shell Shotout - 500,000$ -El Diablo - 7,000,000$ (Half of the of El Diablo will be given to Andrew Sheets to fund his new EP "Please give me upvotes for mah bodies EP" -MTM2 track will valued on 10,000,000$ (Half of winning of these will be donated to the charity "Kids that love Edy Beltran because he is Mexican, it's now) -Props & stuff - 5$ bucks each -Official photo taken by Kozak, singed by Kozak - 50 cents -Photo taken by Kozak, signed be me - 300$ -Edy's family recipe to mexican food - 1,000,000 Thanks for reading, as we speak, i'm on the phone with my good friend Donald Trump, and my good other friend, Osama Bin Laden, and best best friend, who i always loved, Harambe the gorilla. I love you. (Kozak, Mark, whoever, if you delete this, i'll start a nuclear war, between Detroit, and Sydney, Astralia.) 20 UPVOTES AND I'LL RELASE MY NEXT SUPER POST
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    Excaliber is now available...
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    Been practicing my painting
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    Want to see something I'm not sure if I'm supposed to show anyone? @Outlawed
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    So Hotline Miami V2 is slowly coming together, we have had to change our original shock plans due to coils not wanting to work, so our compromise I think you will find, doesn't look half bad, the truck still has a good amount of work to be done before its ready for release but we are almost there! Huge shoutout to @carkiller458 he's the one who made this truck, and I'm more than happy with his work!!!!
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    Did somebody said edited photos?! Orignial Edited Screenshot Original Screenshot This two links are just to show people the process of edits i did, and not to enter the conest.
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    (I had no idea which section to put this in and nor did I really know what to call it) Dear Community, As a member who joined this site around the time of its birth and has managed to stay active on it up until this day, I just wanted to tell you all how amazing it is to see this site still alive today. I don't mean that in a mean way whatsoever, but just being able to witness all of its ups, (V4 release, the first ever 'breakable' trucks, etc.) and downs, (the V5 incident, well known members and friends leaving the site, etc.) makes me so proud of you all to still be able to see such a community alive today. I know I've posted something like this forever ago but things have changed drastically and I feel like this community as a whole needs to understand how far they have come. Although I have never ever done a league or made any projects of any detail or significance or have had any long time friends or friends at all on this site, I've always remained active and its amazing to see how this site went from just having just a V1 truck pack and a interpretation of World Finals 9 in the downloads section, and a forum littered with 10 year olds begging for tracks and trucks, all the way to a site that has made some of the most realistic trucks and tracks I've seen, a community that has evolved, matured, and bonded(Along with making multiple organized leagues with custom tracks and trucks). I know everyone feels like this site is dying (and I seen its had that mentality since 2015), moderators and admins alike should be proud of how far they've come and that they have managed to (with the help of others in the community) keep this site alive. I feel like we as a community are slowly coming back out of the "this site is dying" mentality and I feel that we will eventually break through. This site has gone through several evolutions and I feel like we will go through another very soon. I'm sorry for those who think that this is just some spam or something, this has been in my head a lot recently after reading old topics and browsing the site. Now I know this is a long thing for me to say but seriously the fact that this site is still alive and active even after some of its roughest times goes to show how strong all of your passion for 3D design and game modding really is. It's so awesome to see people still interact and enjoy this game that's been YEARS in the works and how everyone loves (and loved) making content for us all. Now I just want to individually recognize groups for their contribution because they damn well deserve it. To all the past and present moderators and admins: Thank you so much for making this site what it is. although your position/duty on this website isn't the most fun at times, you are the main reason why the site is still living. Thank you To all the league organizers, fun runners, etc.: Although I've never been in a league or proper fun run, thank you for making people enjoy the competitiveness of the game and enjoy the game and put more people into the interest of this game. To all the active members, long timers, legends of the site, etc.: Thank you for making the site fun to talk on, thank you for keeping it active and alive along with the moderators and admins. To the content creators: Thank you for sharing your talent and passion and making the content what it is today. We as a community have come a long way. It may have not been the smoothest sailing at all times, but its been so much fun to ride the waves that we've gotten onto. Thank you all, Warwizard/Ryan
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    Now, for you guys to tear up, thanks to @erhminer, i've been searching in my external hardrive, and found some old project i: -Never finished -gave up on making -Didn't feel like completing them -Had a massive failure in game So yeah. These will never be relased (They migth be, but i doubt it since i want to work on new stuff). Still, i just wanted to show you guys some of my ideas & desgins i got to make, enjoy! If you want to hear the reasons or the background history just ask about it or send me a DM, you can also message me on discord (#3598) Ah, yeah, this last one is corrupted sadly
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    You ni🅱🅱as thougth i was not posting?
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    sorry for double post Last update for today
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    Felt my old mutants weren't very well done, so I started from scratch. More updates later on!
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    Version 1.1


    This is a replica of the original Excaliber monster truck, as driven by Mike Nickell, Dave Marquart, and Charlie Pauken in the 1980s & early 1990s. This pack contains 9 versions of the truck: -1985 -1986 (version 1, grey rims) -1986 (version 2, red rims) -1987 (version 1, GMC grille & black/red planetary hubs) -1987 (version 2, Chevy grille & gold planetary hubs) -1988 -1989 -1990 (CAMEL Mud & Monster Series display version) -1990 Notes: -This is a standalone add-on. It does not need to be extracted into the V4 pack to work. -This vehicle has been tested to work with Rigs of Rods versions 0.4+, as well as 0.39 (& earlier). -This vehicle has several additional features, as listed below Features: Hazard Lights - Press "CTRL+1" to turn the lights on or off. Headlights - Press "N" to turn the lights on or off. Pulling Hitch - Use the mouse to drag the pulling sled chain to the hitch. Press "L" to lock the chain to the hitch. Press "L" again to unlock the hitch. Credits: Body - DiggerFan Frame - DiggerFan Tires - RockCrwlr, modified by DiggerFan Rims - DiggerFan Axles - DiggerFan Engine - DiggerFan Carburetors/Air Filters - DiggerFan Transfer Case/Transmission - DiggerFan Shocks - DiggerFan Rollbar - DiggerFan Bumpers - DiggerFan Driveshafts - DiggerFan Gas/Brake Pedals - DiggerFan Steering Wheel - DiggerFan Gauges - RKM Seats - DiggerFan Fuel Tank - DiggerFan Steering Knuckles - DiggerFan Leaf Springs - DiggerFan Engine Sounds - Beau4x4 Node-beam - DiggerFan Also, thanks to Mark Iron, Blizzard, Josh Rhodes, and CIDRA Racer for testing this truck. If I forgot anyone, please notify me as soon as possible.
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    so after seeing a pic a while back, and then watching foxboro. i noticed 32 was on nitrogen now. yes i know another digger but i was bored and it turned out better than i thought. i even made the front part of the chassis the different green like his. still some things to do. but is this something you guys would want released?
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    Hi! At this point i expect that a very small part of you don't know me! When i joined the site i didn't even made a introduction post as many new guys do now. Thinking about it many of you may know me for the alias i used to use "Coconutmen" and think i really joined on 2012. Well that's not the case. I joined Sim Monsters on May 27 with the alias of @wolo (Don't even ask where that came from), i was about 10-11 years old, and i got to know about the site in a way almost all of us did, i was watching a video on Youtube i see this fantastic monster truck game, it's not MTM2, see the comments, it's called "Rigs of Rods", and then i started going deeper and deeper until i found Sim Monsters! As expected i got banned as @wolo a month or so after i joined Sim Monsters, for various reasons, the ones we don't know anything about because everyone forgot 乁( ⁰͡ Ĺ̯ ⁰͡ ) ㄏ Then i created another account (As the smart kid i was) called @korno (In reference to my wold name "Wolo" and the name of the band "Korn") [Future movie director writing], i was quickly banned. From that moment on, i knew i wasn't getting un banned, so yeah, started making my stuff by myself and relasing on this "free websites" we used to make. Then what you say, i get a new computer, and well, i made a new account by the name of "Coconutmen", many used to call me "Coco", and well eventually every lie gets out and reveals into the world, everyone started knowing i was "Wolo", and well, i guess saying my name was "Edy Beltran" worked, lol. Sadly, i wasn't banned. But thanks to that i've been able to bring content and also make tons of friendships! But yeah! That's me! -Thanks from the bottom of my hearth, to everyone, Edson.
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    screw praying to mecca 5 times a day, this is waay better. ALSO(thanks to rorseries for le good screenshot)
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    Dennis showing us what 30 can do!!
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    I tried to make the modern day hood flames for Grave Digger. I might edit them more later, but I think they turned out fine.
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    amidoingitright? http://i.imgur.com/WHemKeh.gifv
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    so i know i recently made firestarter on the rage chassis, but i needed to see what this looks like. theres some few things i have to fix but this is a great start what do yall think?
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    To think that 2 days ago I joined exactly 1 year ago. Time flies when you do nothing but poopost.
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    Plz no, everything beside... wurld finals 18
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    "....on Facebook, the Monster Jam page and TwittER OH MY"
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    no its going to be released with just motor mounts and planeteriesOF COURSE THE BODY WILL BE RELEASED WITH THE TRUCK imnotactuallyajerkbutyourecommenttickledmybrain.
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    OH YEAH! (Probably should've screenshotted this on .37 where all parts were visible, lol. Not bad at all for my second repaint, lol)
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    I've decided to also work on stuff in BeamNG Drive... Since the Revamped CRD Monster Truck was released I've been working on a custom Monster Energy Trophy Truck Style Body. Anything to improve/add or change? May ask the creator of the CRD Pack to include this skin if I can
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    Heres a thing...? The pads themselves are duplicates of each other with slight variations. the most obvious being the bus stack on the top pad. Still a major WIP
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    hey if anyone has Glendales Stadium HMU please!
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    Thanks to @Swegliner849 and a friend for helping figure out how to make bodies chrome. Almost forgot these.(Still need to re-position the MJ logo on the pick up body)
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    I don't even know bro
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    sorry for kinda double posting but made some progress and wanted to show it since the last one wasnt that great just update the lines and props i know one of the trailers are inside of another if somebody can help me make a plane uncollidable for the freestyle version please pm me
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    In game testing; found issues; revisions coming!