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    WUTSH UT ES BOGFUUT KENG UF MUNSTAR TREKS Bigfoot 2017 Winter Classic Repli-Custom Bigfoot Power Wheels 2015 Repli-Custom
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    Here is the track that's gonna be used for the RORFT World Finals II, ran by @carkiller458 on Youtube. Message him for more details about competing. There will be an entirely different track for freestyle (2-day event format).
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    Freeeeeeeeeestyyyyllllllllle's done! @carkiller458 Are you even ready bruhhhhhhhhhhh?
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    More info and full reveal to come... @carkiller458
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    Coty Saucier's Monster Energy is getting close! Still need to re-position somethings (Esp. the damn shocks). (IK the paint is not finished, we're getting to that! Now stop message me! for it!) Enjoy!
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    Some more progress on the old school projects...
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    Talking about avenger... still in w.i.p
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    From left to right, the evolving appearance of Duraliner Giant through the 1987 season....
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    So this is *almost* the complete product, there is still some work to be done, and Im always look for more stuff I could add to the truck, but for now this is the final product. Anyone want to actually build a truck for the paint? PM me if interested! Thanks Hagan for making a truck with the body so I can at least see how things look in game!!!!
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    Well I thought I'd throw this .png image up of my old dirt texture I used to use for the world finals tracks ( I have a newer one now).
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    Want to see something I'm not sure if I'm supposed to show anyone? @Outlawed
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    This is my custom Son Uva Krunch
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    Not enough Silverados out there so I made a Valvoline Paint scheme on a silverado body
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    I'm slowly but surely making progress on the truck, what do y'all think? Also recording the process for a youtube speed paint type dealio.
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    (I had no idea which section to put this in and nor did I really know what to call it) Dear Community, As a member who joined this site around the time of its birth and has managed to stay active on it up until this day, I just wanted to tell you all how amazing it is to see this site still alive today. I don't mean that in a mean way whatsoever, but just being able to witness all of its ups, (V4 release, the first ever 'breakable' trucks, etc.) and downs, (the V5 incident, well known members and friends leaving the site, etc.) makes me so proud of you all to still be able to see such a community alive today. I know I've posted something like this forever ago but things have changed drastically and I feel like this community as a whole needs to understand how far they have come. Although I have never ever done a league or made any projects of any detail or significance or have had any long time friends or friends at all on this site, I've always remained active and its amazing to see how this site went from just having just a V1 truck pack and a interpretation of World Finals 9 in the downloads section, and a forum littered with 10 year olds begging for tracks and trucks, all the way to a site that has made some of the most realistic trucks and tracks I've seen, a community that has evolved, matured, and bonded(Along with making multiple organized leagues with custom tracks and trucks). I know everyone feels like this site is dying (and I seen its had that mentality since 2015), moderators and admins alike should be proud of how far they've come and that they have managed to (with the help of others in the community) keep this site alive. I feel like we as a community are slowly coming back out of the "this site is dying" mentality and I feel that we will eventually break through. This site has gone through several evolutions and I feel like we will go through another very soon. I'm sorry for those who think that this is just some spam or something, this has been in my head a lot recently after reading old topics and browsing the site. Now I know this is a long thing for me to say but seriously the fact that this site is still alive and active even after some of its roughest times goes to show how strong all of your passion for 3D design and game modding really is. It's so awesome to see people still interact and enjoy this game that's been YEARS in the works and how everyone loves (and loved) making content for us all. Now I just want to individually recognize groups for their contribution because they damn well deserve it. To all the past and present moderators and admins: Thank you so much for making this site what it is. although your position/duty on this website isn't the most fun at times, you are the main reason why the site is still living. Thank you To all the league organizers, fun runners, etc.: Although I've never been in a league or proper fun run, thank you for making people enjoy the competitiveness of the game and enjoy the game and put more people into the interest of this game. To all the active members, long timers, legends of the site, etc.: Thank you for making the site fun to talk on, thank you for keeping it active and alive along with the moderators and admins. To the content creators: Thank you for sharing your talent and passion and making the content what it is today. We as a community have come a long way. It may have not been the smoothest sailing at all times, but its been so much fun to ride the waves that we've gotten onto. Thank you all, Warwizard/Ryan
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    Thx, It is .39.3 maxed out i think, lol
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    " Wahhh my niche hobby is getting more exposure by appearing in the mainstream and is building a bigger fanbase by having more exciting moments and a legitimate points championships on TV wahh."
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    If you were paying attention to my WF 18 video you may have seen this.
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    Sum moar progrezz in diz thinggg Oh and dis thing ik the background is not black, its for now only
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    So, i wasnt satisfied with painting trucks so i got myself in Blender finally (never thought i would do that but i did it anyways) This is a custom Monster Patrol that i started last night. Working in the paint rn Thoughts?
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    "He just attacks everything"
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    i recreated the Classic Early 90's Ivan "Ironman" stewart Paint scheme for RIgs of Rods
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    With the ever growing desire for tutorials for content creation now, I figured I'd finally start putting together some videos for track making. I will be doing more with time, covering specific topics of track making and the steps within it. Hopefully people can learn from this as well as share other ideas and tricks they've learned over time. You should take note that everything I am showing are (mostly) methods I follow and use all the time. There are other methods to track making and I hope everyone can take the time to experiment with Blender and find a way that is best suited for you. Part 1: Introduction: Check back for future updates and videos!
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    Sneaky Peaky of the new Hotline Miami v2, dont mind the steering wheel.
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    Avenger going for the fountain!
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    You just ruined my favorite monster truck.
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    And on that day, @carkiller458 said "Let there be Hotline." Hotline v2 is far from completion, a completely new bottom end is being built including new shocks, rims, driveshaft cages, tierods, and more! Stay tuned!
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    Back in Monster Patrol Added a few things in the body (in the roof) and changed the paint (im not sure what i want to do in the paint yet)
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    been sitting on these for a while but ya here they are
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    After problems in the turns for Tom Meents in Team Meents he finds himself going into the mud as Dennis Anderson keeps it straight to win the racing here in Tampa!
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    The monsters in the pits at the Hoosier Dome... ...Also, if you look closely, there's a sneak preview of another old school truck project I'm working on.
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    Red Solo Truck goin huge
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    Version 1.0.0


    Very fun project that's gonna be used for Carkiller458's RORFT World Finals II on YouTube. Track uses the 2-day format, has a boat, 6 backflip ramps, a perfect front flip opportunity, and more. One of the most fun tracks I've ever made. Important Stuff: This track will work on any version (tested on .38 and .4.7) This track uses a cool night time setting. Set "Sky type" in graphic settings to "sandstorm" to use The back of the LED boards for racing have been taken out for better vision in the turns Credits: Me- Boat, banners, updated TV screen stuff, all the RORFT textures, etc RockCrwler Maxdman Hotshoe Aaron Lurie Others (Probably forgot a ton of people, tell me if so)
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    But the chassis is my idea of Cory's idea of Bob Chandler's idea of Jack Willman Sr's idea so really who is playing who here?
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    Hey man, you dropped some of these on the floor. . . . . . ., . . ., ., . . . . ,. .
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    heres my first truck i made it also comes with a chevy version tried to do a backflip, didn't go well this will be released
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    Gettin on the sidewalls!