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    My life consists of 5 Major things:
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  1. Funniest video i have ever seen

    oooold. not gonna lie though, i still laughed. still very funny.
  2. What Instrument Do You Play?

    Marching Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps for the 2013 Season.
  3. Race #8 Qualifying

    Well, my first time playing in 5+ weeks, meh.
  4. Race #1 - 7/1/11 - Daytona Beach, FL

    I'll be there.
  5. Custom Series Sign-ups

    Name: Christopher Williams Truck: El Matador AIM screenname: maxddudemtm2
  6. Post your Rides.

    Actually, my Grandpa loved me. Got it when he passed. I'm a very lucky kid.
  7. Daytona

    Love it.
  8. Race #3 - 7/3/11 - San Antonio, TX

    Gonna try qualifying for this one.
  9. Season 2 Replica Series Sign Ups

    Name: Christopher Williams. Truck: Team Suzuki. AIM: maxddudemtm2
  10. Post your Rides.

    2010 Ford Escape. Nice lil' SUV.
  11. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

  12. World Finals 12

    Is Dawn still racing? I haven't seen her around, but she can lay down a mean freestyle when she wants, same with Candice, but not so much. I want Marc McDonald and Frank Krmel or Rodoni. I kinda want to see the racing layout to be like Orlando, where they take an extra lap, but I don't se that happening. I hope the jumps don't get too large either. If they get any bigger there will be no room to save yourself before slamming into another one, or your gonna break your first jump, or flip trying to climb over it...
  13. Monster Jam Top 10.

    6432 haha.