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  1. Ryan Rice-Incinerator
  2. No room for spares. The body suffered bad damage in Houston after the backflip, and at the next show in Jacksonville the body completely ripped apart and is beyond repair.
  3. Not a big fan of seeing Digger after Digger at the WF, but I honestly would like to see Menninga in the main field. I have never seen him drive and would be very interesting to see how he did on a big floor.
  4. Here is the place to post your Main Field Line-up and Double Down Showdown Line-up predictions for this upcoming World Finals! Annnnnnd, Go
  5. Eric Landed another backflip in Houston! (PS I was going to post this on here but I saw your post so I added the video for ya, been waiting to see Eric really throw down with his new chassis. If the parts will hold he can win-Kozak)
  6. Honestly have no idea... I honestly doubt they were his friends though.
  7. Well, It wasn't exactly pretty, but Eric in Obsessed attempted his first ever backflip in Anaheim and landed it! We were fortunate enough to walk away with the freestyle win as well!
  8. Mark, how can the show be good with drivers like that... I mean, Cory DID just backflip last weekend. Devin has only been to the World Finals a couple times in Barbarian, I mean no big deal. Garner only has one of the nicest pieces in the industry... I mean how on Earth can they put on a show?
  9. 0/10, No Obsession Racing Trucks
  10. Only almost? Should have just broke her in, that way you're not scared to in the real show
  11. But I am worried that by doing this, it may change plugins for things such as Blender or the Mapping on the wheel. Should it remain the same if I were to upload it directly to some program such as google docs and redownload it on the new computer? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, over Christmas I just got a new computer. It is a Dell XPS 8900. I was wondering if any of you had an tips to make the transfer easier. I am looking to transfer -RoR itself -Blender and it's Inputs so I can successfully import/export RoR content -The mapping for a steering wheel All of this programming I do currently have and everything is working perfectly, but I am a little nervous about the transition to a new computer as I hope that everything still works properly. Thanks, and have a good day.
  13. Same track layouts doesn't always mean same. It may be similar jumps on every track, but it's not the same angle every track meaning that just because it throws you one way one weekend, doesn't mean it will throw you the same way the next weekend.
  14. Unfortunately it was announced, but luckily not many people saw it. So here is the official announcement! All of us at Obsession Racing are very proud to announce that we will be running the Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 West television tour! We can’t wait to burn it down for all of our fans across the country this year as we have stops in both Florida and Georgia. This is going to be one fun year and we can’t wait to see all of our fans from Coast to Coast!