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  1. The only way you can satisfy them is building a time machine to 1989 when they weren't balding
  2. According to the video the date is May 30th so still two weeks to speculate. And now I remember why I never go on Then and Now, it's full of people in midlife crises with poor grammar
  3. Link to the post?
  4. Not big on the Jeep body tbh, I know Hummers aren't around anymore but surely Brandon Budd has the mold for spare bodies for Buckshot
  5. So Coty is indeed still driving (hell yes!) and so there will be one Cadillac Mutant and two Ford Mutants. Also they inadvertently revealed some new shows: Mutant (Todd LeDuc – SUV body) Dec. 2 – U.S. Bank Stadium (Minneapolis, MN) Mutant (Steven Sims – Pickup body) Oct. 7-8 – American Bank Center (Corpus Christi, TX) Oct. 20-21 – Peoria Civic Center (Peoria, IL) Oct. 28-29 – U.S. Cellular Center (Cedar Rapids, IA) Nov. 3-4 – BMO Harris Bank Center (Rockford, IL) Nov. 10-11 – The Resch Center (Green Bay, WI) Nov. 17-19 - Mississippi Coliseum (Jackson, MS) Mutant (Coty Saucier – Pickup body) Oct. 7 – University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, AZ) Oct. 14-15 - Laredo Energy Arena (Laredo, TX) Dec. 1-2 – Macon Centreplex (Macon, GA) Also Todd will be driving Monster Energy in Beijing, China in late July
  6. Mate you are so far behind that ship
  7. Guessing Coty is doing all international shows with Monster Energy. He's supposed to be in Mutant come October for the two stadium shows (Indy and Houston)
  8. Shock models are as old as I am and the paint looks straight ripped from Andrew's S10 rep years ago
  9. A: Not FELD owned, is the teammate to Stone Crusher so independently owned B: Yes it's still around, now driven by Bryan Wright and competed in the FS1 East Tour this year
  10. I'd have guessed they shipped Steven's chassis off last year (like what they did with Chad's Alien Invasion and Scott's Dragon chassis IIRC) after WF17 and have kept it overseas for the winter but I could be way off
  11. But this is what doesn't make any sense to me: Steven (at least as of last checking the lineups) is driving Pirate's Curse for the European shows as well as driving the Ford Mutant, so why would they switch one driver out of their truck (at least logically Coty should have gone to the Ford Mutant as Todd went to the Cadillac Mutant) for another when both will be flying out to Europe? I can't imagine they'd put Mutant on Steven's chassis
  12. They better have not cut Coty, the boy was one of the best rising stars. Already had Cole Venard gone, sure as hell don't want Coty to follow soon after
  14. Uhm no XDP totally can compete in arenas, competed in Roanoke two weekends ago
  15. Saying this now before this thread would inevitably steer into "THE NEW TRACKS SUCK BRING BACK THE CARS AND BUSES" Please keep in mind how expensive it is to buy junk cars now and how less scrapyards keep them around like before, and also keep in mind debris flying into the crowd are legitimate reasons. That in mind one thing I do miss, and something that could and should be changed is the great paint schemes. Every track had character (think about it, from 2004-2008 every track was bus and dirt ramp but no one complained because the paint was fantastic) and I feel the unique paint design of the track is missed from the last few years.