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  1. b0ss? I actually kinda dig it, sure bet it's less of a pain in the ass to maintain compared to the Escalade
  2. I'm assuming on the SMRA Houston and WF11 freestyle was never made/finished? Because the racing versions look pretty damn immaculate to me.
  3. ...... Well then I'm embarrassed
  4. Is it just me or is the windshield out of place?
  5. I'm quite fond of the best trick idea honestly. See who has the most guts and control. I know people will complain because "ITS NOT TEH REEL RACIN!" but I can dig that.
  6. Lesse if I can count them all down From back to front Higher Education (driven by our boy Preston) Overkill Evolution Black Stallion Iron Warrior Incinerator Bigfoot Snake Bite Rat Nasty Monster Patrol Bounty Hunter Scarlet Bandit Midnight Rider Nitro Menace Jailbird Samson Temperature Rising Anger Management Rislone Defender I'm always suspicious of these "big indie events" by first timers like this, dunno how many remember the LaPorte Indiana fiasco back in 09. Hope it goes well but for an event this stacked I'm looking with bated breath for the time being, especially since it's in god knows where Minnesota so dunno how many people this will attract Also the new Team Scream truck is fire engine themed, can't read the name though, pulled it from an Instagram video EDIT 3: Also Devin seems to have a tradition of running the previous scheme of Barbarian in Miami since this year he's running the 2014-2016 Ford Superduty body and not the Chevy Silverado one he used this season
  7. PULL THE LEVER GRONK! Oh wait wrong meme Hate the name, body is bland as hell.
  8. Going to my contribution: Ryan's backflip at WF12 or for a non biased one Dennis's racing win at WF5 because he was super emotional and happy, stuck with me
  9. Lupe had the moment of the show. I felt Jimmy was more consistent but oh well he got redemption
  10. Naaah you're actually good, her fiancé confirmed it
  11. Still eons better than Madusa's run. Hands down the worst freestyle championship run of all time.
  12. When a mommy and daddy love each other very much....
  13. She drove Scooby in 2016 but left for this winter to have her first child. Good to see her back, figured Wonder Woman was debuting at the summer stadiums (she's also driving in East Rutherford and Nashville$
  14. So.... it's just an ad? What the hell?