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  1. I mean it's exploded on social media, but I imagine this is a double edged sword because now that's gonna be his thing much like how the McTwist is Cam's move and people will want to see it recreated
  2. It's always been the expendable truck
  3. Two new schemes/trucks that haven't been mentioned:
  4. Should mention Lee's frontflip has gone pretty viral, nice to see when something cool done from here goes viral online
  5. I still think WF11 was the best. That being the one I went to aside
  6. After watching both runs Lee had more momentum in his, Neil's was good but I think his run wasn't as high energy until the end
  7. So from reading this thread being a pessemistic arse over freestyle leads to it being good and a proper champ being crowned? HOORAY FOR REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY
  8. Dude junkyards don't have cars like they used to nor are they selling them off as well or fair as they used to
  9. I do have a suggestion for members on here: don't follow any live feeds or get in any knee jerk reactions. Look to see who won, watch the full freestyle show, DO NOT READ ANY COMMENTS and make your own judgement for yourselves. The knee jerk reaction and mob mentality that's followed the last few years really stokes the flames.
  10. Hell yes! Good to see them getting more recognition, some of the hardest working people out there
  11. I know. It's such a shame what should be the highlight of the weekend has now become synonynous with being a constant bickering poo show. Like really in the last four years only one had a clear cut winner (2014 with Todd).
  12. Oh sweet motorsports gods above please, for the first time in a long time, give us a freestyle champion that is clear cut and deserving of the win
  13. Oh hells yeah Ryan! Aight boys celebrate now cause I'm banking on tomorrow night to be a shout fest and poo show over judging
  14. Oooo this is gonna be one helluva final! I'm pulling for Ryan because he NEEDS a championship but dammit if Menninga doesnt have talent out the arse
  15. If Jim Koehler beats Ryan straight up (as in Ryan doesnt mess up) I will lose my mind