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  1. What's the longest bridge in the world? The Bay Bridge Cause it connects Fairyland to Africa
  2. Currently missing one image file 85ExcalFrameS.png
  3. Mike Hawkins in Equalizer gets some major air as he takes the racing win over Steve Thompson in Hurricane Force
  4. Son-Uva Digger ending his run in amazing fashion.
  5. Shadilay!!! Praise Kek!!!
  6. I have the weirdest boner right now.
  7. I was just looking for those files in SUD and i don't see either sudshine.png or sudspecmap.png and as for the VP Mad Scientist, can't find it either.
  8. I am currently missing some files for this truck. 1. sudshine.png 2. sudspecmap.png 3. A material file that has this line "material 2014optima20/SOLID/TEX/VPMadScientistChass.png/VertCol/TWOSIDE"
  9. *You know, I was a mud racer years ago. Looks like I still know how to do it*
  10. Brutus getting the crowd excited with some awesome sky wheelies during the wheelie contest.
  11. Currently, I'm missing one image file. TitanHelmet.png
  12. Wasn't Preston Perez driving Nasty Boy?