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  1. Alright bbs i appreciate the response. Thanks.
  2. Title says it all bbs. Brandon and i are trying to update to play on the servers but nothing is happening. Just wondering if it is happening to anyone else??
  3. Sweet stuff
  4. is hot. is very hot.
  5. Nice. nice. I see though that this site still has some noobs here.
  6. Good ? guys. Saw some pretty nice stuff.
  7. He looked a lot hell of fun to hang around with. It just sucks that he passed at a young age.. Still shocking to me honestly especially seeing the pics he posts of his motorcycle on Instagram.
  8. I don't really mind a change to a new truck.. I see people on Instagram little kids complaining and whining to bring the Rat back. Dawg pound looks alright though.
  9. Shes back! Thanks to Dylan he brought back this old girl back to life. It is better than before.
  10. Waking up to this was hard to believe... Dalton Millican driver of the Blue Thunder has passed away in a single motorcycle accident. Rest easy Dalton. Gone too soon. Dalton Millican, the 22-year-old son of NHRA Top Fuel racer Clay Millican, was killed in a single-person motorcycle accident on Wednesday night. The family released the following statement Thursday morning: Family, Friends & Fans – It is with extremely heavy hearts that we let you know that late last night we lost our beloved son, Dalton Millican, age 22, in a single-person motorcycle accident close to our hometown of Drummonds, Tenn. We are heartbroken by the tragic loss to our family. We appreciate all of your love and support as we navigate through the very difficult road ahead. Funeral arrangements are pending and we will announce those once they have been finalized. We ask for your continued love and prayers and privacy at this time. – Clay, Donna and Cale Millican Clay Millican, 49, currently sits 11th in the NHRA Mello Yello Top Fuel standings. Dalton was one of his and wife Donna’s two sons. Coming from a racing family, Dalton had joined the racing world himself, competing in ATVs and also owning and driving Blue Thunder in the Monster Jam series:
  11. Worked on this Digger today. Was surprised it was not in the pack... Yeah yeah yeah The Hood aint exactly the same but its the only thing i could do. 2015 Rod Ryan Monster Truck Ladies.
  13. I come back to RoR SM and i see San Antonio 15 here. God damn! Great Stuff Mackey!
  14. yup^^^ No hate towards Mikey or anything but run was wack during regulation time besides the 2 backflips...