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  1. they block you from saying f*ck so censoring it isn't as expressive imo so I tried to think of something but ran out of ideas
  2. Oooooooooo exciting as fart
  3. Loving the work man!
  4. Man, Goin to miss that Escalade body. It sucks but hey at least that looks gnarly
  5. Wow. One of the best SYP threads in forever. Awesome stuff guys!!
  6. I'm not sure if its just me, but the Jammer/Slap Wheelie ramp seems a little off (position-wise) and the angle of the launch side of the step up ramp seems a little too high. But other than that, it looks sick!
  7. just finished watching both Foxboro and Metlife shows on youtube. I just wanna quick leave this here: The Two Wheel Skills Competition is genius! I love it so much. Its so exciting. It gives arena stars the spotlight and it gives stadium veterans something to work on (Candice Jolly, Buetow, and O'Donnell are a few good examples). Its just so creative. Like, I thought it was cool how Tom did something no one else would think of and he bent the rules and did a donut...but on two wheels! I hope this competition is brought to stadium events from the regular season because I love this!
  8. As insane as that was, I hope he's ok. That's not a safe landing at all
  9. That kinda reminds me of a Foxboro type of track if you ask me.
  10. not even kidding, so excited that I'm shaking
  11. Always wanted an IS truck ever since SealedGecko made the IFS Shock Therapy
  12. Honestly, as much as I miss tracks like WF9, Jacksonville 2010, etc., i don't mind there being dirt tracks. My only issue is that they're so similar and it doesn't make it exciting. At this point I always know what to expect in each track and normally im right with what I expect. What makes it suck tho is that it's harder to learn/do new things when the track is always of the same structure
  13. That's what I did considering I'm broke and I can't just "buy a new drum set" but I just wanted help based on people's experiences so I know what to expect
  14. Hey guys! I normally don't ask about anything on this part of the forum but I recently had my ROCKBAND 4 drums break by accident and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with their warranty on getting replacement drums, guitar, etc.
  15. Holy crap I want to drive on that freestyle track so bad