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  1. Sir I think you are color blind, that truck is defently brick red, or matte brownish red.
  2. Yup we noticed. Oh and this has been gaining some dust so I decided to finish it.
  3. Big angry faysh
  4. Looool oops could have sworn i put it in syp face palm my baddd
  5. Some other reasons why im not big fan of monster jam anymore is the fact they cut their show in half, they basically doubled the prices of their tickets, and they run only the top eight in qualifying for racing. Plus those blow ups basically block the veiw of racing. From my point of veiw they are a huge waste of money.
  6. Personly What kills monster jam for me is the repetitive use of the same track design and the lack of competition in my opinion. Honestly I could care less for the lack of cars, I just wish they could be a weee bit more creative with their designs and not run the same design every weekend. The other thing that kills it is the fact feld owns their own fleet of trucks to compete with each other. I'ts not like the old days when everyone owned their own equiptment and raced for money. In my eyes feld just focuses on entertainment, not so much pure competition, if you look at many other motorsports which ones do you see being owned by a large company that ownes the entire feild of drivers and vehicles. This is why I see monster jam as source of entertainment and not so much a source of competition. Personaly I absolutly loved the old days when everyone owned their own equiptment it just gave me the feeling of true head to head competition like who had the best design, who has the most money, ext. This is another reason why I prefer indie shows rather than feld shows. By no means am I saying I dont like monster jam, because I still love seeing the wicked saves and crazy things they can pull off, I just dont see it the same way I use to.
  7. Did this derpy cow not to long ago.
  8. I'm going to miss that old chassis.
  9. !!!WARNING THIS IS EXTREMELY HARD TO WATCH!!! Is this a joke, they are asking 30$ for this. The app looks better than this. Be sure to watch the freestyles, they are hilarious.
  10. Might as well add me soon, this site is so dead right now. I don't see it lasting another 2 years.
  11. Only diggers I want to see made are #1 - #7, especially #2. All these recent diggers are literally the same thing over, and over again. Geesh just think if I released an updated digger body, people would literally remake every digger that runs today's fiberglass body.
  12. VA Beach, and the back to school bash.
  13. First time trying to paint, I think it turned out ok.