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  1. Me and edy made a completely new captain america a while back, but i dunno where it is. It needs to be uploaded.
  2. For the love of god someone please tell Leduc and Koehler they arnt airplanes
  3. I'll tell you this now bud, if you're going to be on this site you can expect your stuff to be spread around its just something you have to get use to. Trust me I've had almost 3/4 of all my bodys spread around and even scammed from me.
  4. Got this message when I logged onto aim today. AOL System Msg 5:03 pm Hello. This version of AIM will no longer be available as of 3/28 To continue using AIM, please upgrade to the newest version. Click here to learn more. Guess we will not be using the old version of aim any longer.
  5. You could probably hit me up on facebook or aim, my aim is sheetan22.
  6. Mk was just checking something.
  7. Could I get a picture of the front grill on that?
  8. Avenger looks really good but there are a couple things I have noticed that are not 100% accurate. Could just be me but I think your green is tad too bright and also Koehler runs a different grill paint job. Not sure if your truck has them or not but avenger also has roof flames, there are some good shots on the team scream facebook page if you need any.
  9. A truck
  10. Because its a profetionaly animated model. Think of the hours they must have had to put into that.
  11. Can we bring back down voting?
  12. Sir I think you are color blind, that truck is defently brick red, or matte brownish red.
  13. Yup we noticed. Oh and this has been gaining some dust so I decided to finish it.
  14. Big angry faysh
  15. Looool oops could have sworn i put it in syp face palm my baddd