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  1. Believe the fix is altering the texture file in just dont recall exactly.
  2. Go newer version of RoR. Early 38 version or what ever the newest 4.XX version is. It will fix the lag issue
  3. And this is in a Dekstop? looked at the specs for each and they both say notebook. Either way Specs are not that great. Dual Core 1.5ghz. Try a newer version of RoR. try like an early version of 38 so you dont run into truck issues or jump to 4.XX. I had that issue on a PC i had access to when out of state for the summer a few years ago and a newer version of RoR got rid of the lag.
  4. what processor? Graphics Card, RoR version?
  5. If you could figure something out to get something working it would give a whole new experience to the track. Would have to probably be single player only but definitely would be a lot of fun.
  6. Track looks great. Tracks like these would also be a lot of fun if one day we were able to get the smashable vans and busses again since theres working smashable cars again.
  7. if you have a Nvidia GPU i would use the Geforce Experience softwares capture.
  8. the 2 FS1 tours and i believe the arena tours are going to be televeised 2 shows per episode so they will probably just be like highlights
  9. dont remember if i posted my newer build i built in July. Intel Core i5 6600K Skylake MSI Gaming M3 Mobo MSI 1070 Gaming X GPU LEPA liquid cooled heatsink BallisticX 8GB ram (upping to 16 soon) Apevia ATX-BT700W Beast 700W High Performance ATX Gaming Power Supply 1TB WD Blue 6/bs 7200RPM 64mb HD
  10. Scott has been training all the new announcers i have heard
  11. So got RoR 4.7 or what ever the newest version is recently and love it so far. Only issue i have is though is textures. is that like a common issue on .4? Like almost all my trucks tires are just black, a lot of bodies are really dark or completely black and on some trucks like the chrome ones just released they dont have a chrome look but more of a glazed over colored look. Asking if thats like the issue with 4 or not because thats the only issue i have had with it so far. Thanks
  12. make sure you have a good mesh with the gears
  13. In Glendale Jared used one of the trucks from i believe Monster Jam university
  14. i like to go big and be a little risky at times. Usually i try to wheelie/slap wheelie/sky wheelie anything i possibly can and depending on the truck and track i like to get the truck up on 1 or 2 wheels and save it. Usually works out about 60% of the time. Lately since i got my wheel almost 2 years ago i have had a much more realism touch to my runs then i use to have or at least try to keep the run at least realistic ish
  15. I have actually had one or 2 brand new from the back get installed, run it in the street in front of my house for 20 minutes, put it away then couple days later pull it out and motors are dead. All well all 3 of my pedes dont run currently due to dead motors or ESCs.