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  1. if you have a Nvidia GPU i would use the Geforce Experience softwares capture.
  2. the 2 FS1 tours and i believe the arena tours are going to be televeised 2 shows per episode so they will probably just be like highlights
  3. dont remember if i posted my newer build i built in July. Intel Core i5 6600K Skylake MSI Gaming M3 Mobo MSI 1070 Gaming X GPU LEPA liquid cooled heatsink BallisticX 8GB ram (upping to 16 soon) Apevia ATX-BT700W Beast 700W High Performance ATX Gaming Power Supply 1TB WD Blue 6/bs 7200RPM 64mb HD
  4. Scott has been training all the new announcers i have heard
  5. So got RoR 4.7 or what ever the newest version is recently and love it so far. Only issue i have is though is textures. is that like a common issue on .4? Like almost all my trucks tires are just black, a lot of bodies are really dark or completely black and on some trucks like the chrome ones just released they dont have a chrome look but more of a glazed over colored look. Asking if thats like the issue with 4 or not because thats the only issue i have had with it so far. Thanks
  6. make sure you have a good mesh with the gears
  7. In Glendale Jared used one of the trucks from i believe Monster Jam university
  8. i like to go big and be a little risky at times. Usually i try to wheelie/slap wheelie/sky wheelie anything i possibly can and depending on the truck and track i like to get the truck up on 1 or 2 wheels and save it. Usually works out about 60% of the time. Lately since i got my wheel almost 2 years ago i have had a much more realism touch to my runs then i use to have or at least try to keep the run at least realistic ish
  9. I have actually had one or 2 brand new from the back get installed, run it in the street in front of my house for 20 minutes, put it away then couple days later pull it out and motors are dead. All well all 3 of my pedes dont run currently due to dead motors or ESCs.
  10. I would say RPM A-Arms and Caster Blocks then from there just bash it till something breaks and when something does replace it (With RPM if possible). as far as cleaning with a Traxxas you can pretty much just hose it down really. I usually only clean my Traxxas vehicles if they get really dirty if not i just leave it. Will say on a brushed slash the motor will die out of the blue. i have gone through idk how many stock motors in my 3 over the years i have had mine and now none of them are running waiting till i finally put brushless in all of them.
  11. Some Hotwheel MJ 1/24 and 1/64 trucks 50 in steam cards' a new jacket new Jeans Maro 3D land Mario and Bowser drinking glasses A NES Classic (coming in 2 weeks) and i bought myself a Smith and Wesson SD40VE pistol on christmas Eve.
  12. Insurance company is trying to value the car at only 8K and just for the body damage is 4500 worth of damage without looking under the car or taking anything apart. the car wont start, battery is right there where the car got hit along with a bunch of vital electronics and sensors. Its at a second shop actually getting put on a lift, the frame getting looked at, the drive train and usspension getting looked at, hooked up to computers for all the sensors and electronics and see everything that is even the sliightest bit damaged to get an actual repair price to get the car looking like new and driving like new and not just a quick slap job to look like its fixed when its really isnt just to save money
  13. Well my car got rear ended yesterday. i was at stopped in a turn lane waiting to turn when i got rear ended by a driver not paying attention doing probably 40-50mph and didnt even attempt to use the brakes. Driver didnt even know what happened and didnt have insurance. Waiting to hear if my car is totaled out or not
  14. Its WF1
  15. Gave .4 a chance a week or two ago and it just didnt seem great. Figured i would give the newer 4.7 a try and i love it. Definitely looks better, runs better, i love the new style of the camera mode where it follows the truck? And trucks i was missing parts for on 38 are fine on .7. only issue i have is some texture issues like my tire textures dont seem to be there and some vehicles steering wheels are bright white.