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  1. See what you have planned. If you are going to do something hard, do last weeks in Stafford, that was hard.
  2. Not going to be able to make it. Have a orthodontist appointment today.
  3. Ray Rosales Ray Rosales (safetynugget@gmail.com) TMNT
  4. at the top of the win rar thingy, their is an extract button. Click into smv4 winrar file and click the extract button and hit next on the little menu that pops up. Then you can copy files and such from the smv4 folder and edit what ever you want.
  5. This is somewhat accurate to a tweet I sent to them. It makes no since to me. Maybe they will take out practice now because someone fractured and dislocated their hip. KXGames. Kinda Xtreme Games.
  6. I am most interested in anything Rally car. I am rooting for Liam Doran and Tanner Foust. Tanner is a drifting legend, making me like him.
  7. The chassis looks weird in the back, it could just be the angle...
  8. Ray Rosales safetynugget@gmail.com TMNT Bronze
  9. I think there is something wrong with the tires. I just cant wrap my head around it.
  10. Aww man. I went out with friends thinking that since qualy was over and the event would start soon that there wouldnt be any no shows. I will have to look out more for stuff like this, I wouldnt have slumped around all day lol.
  11. That one messup I had changed it all. Maybe next time if I can screw my head on straight.
  12. The reason I am so mad at myself is because I have been practicing and for me to get one of the worst runs so far because I wouldnt let of the gas, I am disappointed.
  13. Dont worry man, you arent the only one, I spun out in the last turn in the lane I have been doing so well in. The lane I do bad in was really good in my opinion. I ended up with a 23.33 and I dont think I will make it. If I do, I will probably be eliminated round 1 but in freestyle, I look to go big!
  14. This is just sick. Its going to be on a Monster Truck chassis right?