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  1. I watched every single run, you may not agree with me and that's perfectly fine but I strongly believe Lee deserved the win. Lee and Neil both had a bit of a slow point in their runs to ensure they fulfilled the clock but I would suggest if you want to compare the two runs along with Avenger you ignore the front flip, the reverse backflip, and the massive air and compare them as standard runs. They all had something to send them over the top but outside of that I feel as though Lee had the best overall run and was more on the outer edge of a controlled run where as Neil's was the complete opposite of that up until the very end.
  2. There are a lot of good ones for these but they are largely rated R and shouldn't be posted publicly.
  3. He's hinting at what you should prepare for later.
  4. *meanwhile at AIM office headquarters* "...people still use this?"
  5. The title of the thread is Monster Jam silly season 2k17, not Dennis Anderson Injury which means other discussions not pertaining to Dennis' are indeed allowed. No need for this and honestly this sort of behavior is what should be given a 24hr ban for the first offense and following increments for further offenses. This kind of stuff is the reason I don't come here anymore. BACK TO THE CURRENT TOPIC(S) After seeing the image that Kozak posted my first thought was head injury as you can see a rather catastrophic roll cage failure which likely was pushed down far enough that it was against his helmet. Which unfortunately seems to be plausible given the updates of his injury.
  6. Only a few things I wanted and I still can't entirely believe I got one of them as I've only been trying to save what I could for the last 8 years to get it myself. Gaming laptop Phone case Foodstuffs & drinks Some clothes Some other things I needed
  7. All very true, never settle for basic colors as you can always get the perfect shade of any color you want if you take the time to find it. It doesn't look like he is using a bake and layering over it which is likely due to being new or not knowing how yet (don't worry, it's quite simple). Everyone should turn up their graphics when taking screenshots, there really isn't a reason not to do so. That's good advice for anyone on here actually as I'm sure most have a mild form of interest in graphic design or game asset creation but a good monitor can also be a massive help as well. If you're never sure on what colors will work together well then a few minutes spent searching should provide you with sufficient information and examples regarded color theory. I don't think you came off as rude, a tad blunt yes but it's all excellent advice. It's a bit of both if we're being honest but there isn't anything wrong with that. It's often better to keep things more towards the simple side of the spectrum for design and color and will make understanding basic color theory more simplified. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complementary_colors http://www.colormatters.com/color-and-design/basic-color-theory
  8. I honestly have no idea how some of you guys can tolerate having such large desktop icons or so many of them, I just keep mine around the edges of the screen otherwise it drives me crazy.
  9. I bought it even though I can barely play it, quite like it so far.
  10. I think you'd be rather surprised, the difference is most people in their 30s+ have better things to do than come here and listen to children argue. From what I remember there were quite a few in that age group, they just don't post very often if at all. Glad you were able to fix the problem, make sure to vote the solution up so it's easy to find as well. He wasn't being mean, he was bluntly stating that you did not help in any way with the issue he was having and searching through folders is something that was likely done long before he even thought of creating this thread. (They also gave you some mild constructive criticism on how to improve helping future problem threads too) The solutions to the problems that arise are not always the easy ones or as simple as they appear but there is no shame in asking for help. Problem solving can be a fun and useful tool, as until I saw this thread, I did not even know this error existed. Respect is earned, not given but I do however look forward to your future content.
  11. Pretty sure my old one lasted at least a year but now that it's snowed, time to change it.
  12. I am rather disappointed we're not complaining about Grave Digger yet.
  13. Maybe take your own advice and start the post with some actual content instead of demanding others do it for you would have been a much more friendly way to start this off. Before you become confused with why I said demanding, perhaps some basic English grammar refreshment would help? Correct, it does not belong here. However, it would be fine here: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/forum/66-gaming/ Promoting other games is fine, promoting other communities to drive users away from this site is not fine. Not sure about the worst thing, I mean I'm still here. The site is dying because no one here knows how to get along with anyone but themselves sadly. Which is why if you're keeping track would be fitting to include in this thread as it would imply we are the cancerous object to our host. Which is fine? We have plenty of other threads for things that are not even related to monster trucks. Correct! Second, why not this website? Is this not allowed to be a gaming community including but not limited to monster trucks or various other forms of driving/racing or did I miss the town meeting again?
  14. I see this one's been on life support for a bit. Peterbilt 389 finally got released for anyone interested.
  15. Guess I'll be the weirdo to bring some things in other languages no one understands. Maybe you like, maybe not.