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  1. Since when did Joji himself join Sim-Monsters with two different accounts? He probably should be banned. Totally kidding and I wanna die. On topic, I feel like Hooked's new body is not awful but that old Escalade body will definitely be missed.
  2. These last 3 or so pages of SYP have been the best that I have seen in a while. Keep up the great work, maybe I will get back into this thing too...
  3. Todd LeDuck
  4. Rumors are, it will be a "vintage" or "retro" themed track for freestyle. Not sure how true that is, but it would be awesome.
  5. you gotta love the world of monster truck fans
  6. Hello and welcome to the site! When it comes to age, I'm pretty sure 14 is the age requirement but there are kids younger than that; some are very respectful and great content makers, some are annoying twats who no one likes. If you fall into the first category, you won't have a hard time fitting in. Don't double post or spam, you'll learn your way around. You're not too much younger than me so don't feel bad haha welcome man
  7. Those Power Forward graphics look really clean Chris! Track looks very good as well, 2002 was indeed a good year
  8. Major nostalgia right there. Those old monster truck crash videos will always have a special place in my heart man
  9. You are genuinely a top 5 content creator on this site, whenever the full pack gets released I will re-download ROR just to use it
  10. Wow what a throwback.
  11. That predator scheme is one of my favorites! I would suggest making the purple "fur" a little more blended. Other than that, it looks very well done! Avenger looks nice as well, take your time and you'll have a great paint for your first truck. In other news, I made the blue on Hot Wheels a little lighter, like a baby blue.
  12. First project in over a year. Painted this for @Michael Rosen. Very pleased with how this is turning out. Keep in mind that this is definitely a work in progress. Stay tuned...
  13. My neighbor has a red IROC in his backyard sitting and rusting. No idea how it got there but it's in pretty bad shape; makes me mad whenever we have a storm and I know that a Camaro is rotting away right next to me and I can't do anything about it haha
  14. Those IROCs look good!