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  1. First project in over a year. Painted this for @Michael Rosen. Very pleased with how this is turning out. Keep in mind that this is definitely a work in progress. Stay tuned...
  2. My neighbor has a red IROC in his backyard sitting and rusting. No idea how it got there but it's in pretty bad shape; makes me mad whenever we have a storm and I know that a Camaro is rotting away right next to me and I can't do anything about it haha
  3. Those IROCs look good!
  4. Is that based off the old Hot Wheels? Looks good man.
  5. Self Destruct, I would love to paint that Hot Wheels for you. I have always loved those schemes.
  6. This is the "non monster truck" section of show your projects. This thread keeps going, there is not a new one as of yet.
  7. I just lol'd
  8. A 13 year old that seems knowledgeable and knows what he is talking about AND wants to contribute to the site? It's a Christmas miracle!
  9. I'm only 16, but it sure does annoy me when uneducated people (no one on here, just people in general) talk about how much they hate Donald Trump. Whether you like it or not, he will be the 45th President of the United States. America is a country that is supposed to be unified, and the best way to do that is to try and support him in a way that will help progress this country. There is no need for protests and riots and looting. America will be great again, because you know as well as I do that America has not been "great" with Obama in office. Terrorism, shootings, Obamacare, insane amounts of debt, welfare at a high, unemployment at a high, and many other things. Instead of assuming Donald Trump will be a bad president, hope for the best and expect the worst. That's all I have to say, peace out
  10. My neighbor has an old Camaro IROC-Z in his backyard, has been there for about 2 years without a cover and it's definitely damaged. Should I ask him if I can take a look it and see how damaged it is? My interest in it has grown over the last month or so and I'm really tempted to ask about it.
  11. That's really cool, did you make that yourself?
  12. For the love of God please up your graphics settings when taking screenshots of your creations.
  13. I will re-download Rigs of Rods to drive a proper Grave Digger 12.
  14. Make sure you smooth out that body. It looks quite rough. However, the chassis looks very good! I'm glad you are trying to make your trucks better each time you put together a chassis, it really improves the quality of a truck. Blacksmith used to be one of my favorite trucks back in the day, so it's nice to see one being made. Good stuff my dude.