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  1. just a heads up could you delete the pictures when you quote something with pictures to not clutter the thread
  2. this have been over for a while now, read dates
  3. i happen to have made the version with the bowtie not finished but its getting there.
  4. really? what did everyone say when dennis did what he did at world finals 15 hmm? they said "oh if he landed that he would have had a sweet run" so if its digger its okay i guess? scott had massive air and you cannot tell me he would not had kept it up if his wheel didnt break hyp hop hyp hop hypocrite
  5. im sorry but i have to say no, scott hardsock is still a great driver and i still love his truck, no doubt if his wheel didnt break he probably would have had a great run here i mean look at the air! he isnt out of touch at all
  6. sorry another one
  7. doesnt really look like it...... looks the same
  8. Long post incoming, i have been uploading alot lately
  9. i mean marc runs the orange body now so, seems to work to me
  10. now now children they both had fantastic runs, but jester driver matt said so himself he is happy with finishing second to sud on his insta, but i am super proud of matt and where he has come, he will certainly become one of the top drivers in due time.
  11. Holy Cow that was sick!!!!
  12. carls not driving jon is.
  13. i have specs on it, probably why its gray a little, and i chose the bow tie, it does look a bit better with it, and he did run the green shock bar like 19 thats basically what i based it off. https://gyazo.com/21e4cf0d0d21bef764feefc3ac097066 but il look into the axles
  14. just a fun little project i wanted to work on, the paint isnt 100% perfect but i really like how this fun project turned out. Tylers Gravedigger 23
  15. for the love of god, lower the dang engine its not hard, the headers dont come out of the oil pan in real life do they? like dude its not hard, there are motor mounts right there showing you where to put the engine!