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  1. its probably sad to say it. but the monster jam world finals 18 will probably be the last greatest world finals for a while. im just glad i got to be there for it in person.
  2. i mean i get it they want to muffle the sound a little bit. but this is a 10,000 pound 1500 horsepower truck, not drums. zoomies have never been a problem at all. Ever. they have been on countless trucks. im not sure why they decide to do something about it just now.
  3. yet avenger ear rapped the crap out of the whole samboyd stadium. they sell earphones for a reason. im sorry but its 1500 horsepower its gonna make a little noise
  4. did he say why they went to mufflers beside "Emission levels"
  5. 1. is when Dennis won in 2004. i loved 19 and im so glad it got a championship under its belt before he went to 20 2. has to be. it was one hell of a jump and if he would of landed it he had a shot at leduc. (thats just my opinion) it helped that i seen it live
  6. Firestarter gets a little wild as our Jam cam gets the shot of the truck mid save!
  7. i heard through the grape vine my truck sits "Too low" or its "slammed" well guys no its not. its just the way the truck was sitting on the jump.
  8. so i know i recently made firestarter on the rage chassis, but i needed to see what this looks like. theres some few things i have to fix but this is a great start what do yall think?
  9. now i have a shock set up i can actually base it off of. thank you for the info!
  10. Dennis Anderson is on a roll with the new Gravedigger 30 taking out Neil in the finals!
  11. 30 doesnt have the sway bar bump stops like 32 does. also the discoloration of the front of the chassis tells me its 32. adam switched from coils to nitrogen. just not sure why
  12. its my truck. that can be aranged
  13. so after seeing a pic a while back, and then watching foxboro. i noticed 32 was on nitrogen now. yes i know another digger but i was bored and it turned out better than i thought. i even made the front part of the chassis the different green like his. still some things to do. but is this something you guys would want released?
  14. i love you. and i bow to you.