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  1. nope, not a digger yep totally lol but il go ahead and spill the beans, Overbored
  2. Welcome to everyone's favorite game name that truck!
  3. what do you mean when linsey started driving he drove crusader since it was announced
  4. i can get used to the all green beadlocks on the diggers i mean its really not the worst thing that has happened i dont care if Dennis drove a pink digger i wouldnt be very happy but if ur a digger supporter you support the drivers not the trucks.
  5. all i need to say is dennis anderson is my spirit animal, i freestyle like dennis i have been told by alot of people and i try to freestyle just like him tbh
  6. Am i the only one who likes the green beadlocks on pablos digger?
  7. thats what i wasnt sure of i was just making sure you knew
  8. looks good, very nice start, but im not sure if its just testing shocks but this is the shocks he actually runs
  9. bit of an update since i just got my dual monitor set up and figured out i can screenshot both at once
  10. Dual monitors for my new set up New desk new four wheeler new headphones bluetooth speaker monster truck throwdown dvd and a whole lot of stuff
  11. oh i gotchu, il see what i can do
  12. new custom in the works, not sure what to call it yet but its there
  13. is it even a surprise
  14. okay il go buy the duck tape