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  1. Well, as for what I use, it's basically two things. One being a heavily modified version of 0.39.3, which is used for almost everything, and then the newest version, which is, and that's used for trying out content that is specifically made for it.
  2. I've been playing the everlasting crap out of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy + on my new 3DS XL, and this song is stuck in my head.. a lot. XD
  3. I told you all that I had something planned with the late and great Dale Earnhardt.. Now it's part of the pack.
  4. I seriously have no idea how many times people have told you to make a proper request on the right thread, but apparently (A.) you have an issue with not listening to advice from others, or (B.) you're just doing this just to tick people off. Read this: And then post it in that format in the request section of the forum, not in the monster trucks section.
  5. The IROC-Z game grown stronger... Decided to create a 1987 variant of Dale Earnhardt's Z28 he drove in the IROC series. Fixed the backlight section on all cars too, and as you can all see, the revamped slick tire textures are in place. Next up though is a 1990 rendition of Dale Earnhardt's Winston Cup car.
  6. Thanks! I plan on making a few more schemes and getting snapshots of them. I also changed the entire texture of the tires as well, so now they have racing slicks.
  7. So, I decided to do a bit of texture modding for a vehicle that I've had for at least two years, and since it's a Camaro from the late 80's-early 90's, I thought a special theme would fit it. After about an hour or so, this happened: Needless to say, I think I have a pretty slick looking racing car now. As for credits, Stoat Muldoon (from the original RoR forums) created the car, LT. Smell My (also from the original forums) made the overall mod to the car, which was a junked up racer, and I did the scheme, as well as the tire logos via a custom font in Paint.NET. EDIT: Here's two more, just for the heck of it. This one is also another scheme that wasn't shown, but also originated from the Tide Trans-Am Tour. And finally, here's a back section of the two cars, showing the backlight stickers.
  8. This was freshly released an hour ago.
  9. The only true thing I got was before Christmas was a $10.00 model kit that I ordered (I taken pics of the completed model after a grueling 8-9 hours of building and all, which is here.) What really got to me though was the fact that I wasn't even invited up there on Christmas Eve to be with the family and at least enjoy the occasion, instead, everyone, even her side of the family, went up there on Friday, where there was literally no sense of cheer or joy from anyone, and we all left after getting just a small thing of cash (I just got a small envelope with a $20 that I can't even use for getting anything, except for using it to pay off an internet bill for two months). Why my aunt didn't just wait until Christmas Eve is beyond me, but due to her actions, I feel really left out on the events that taken place on that day. Christmas truly brought me a sense of betrayal from the only side of the family I have, and I'll never feel the same towards my aunt's side of the family as a result.
  10. It's been a while since I last posted here... Expect this to be in the upcoming update for Rockgod88's Digger #14 pack. (The scheme originally came from DiggerFan's 2012 rendition of the 20th Anniversary GD, but with his permission, I was able to apply it to the truck via a trial and error method. This is the closest I could get to making it as accurate as possible.)
  11. Holy crap, this one was unexpected.
  12. Well, allow me to "say" something regarding that... DiggerFan, when will you resume on the classic Digger project? I'm dying to get some HQ pics of it! (Seriously though, I know you have other projects at hand, as well as being busy with your life, so just take your time on whatever you tackle next. I know those who patiently wait will be happy with the finished product, whether it being a track or truck. Just keep up the great work! )
  13. Consider that done. I'll post that as soon as I can.
  14. Told you I was gonna do it Edy.
  15. Ah, the MTM2 memories are strong with this one. Edy, expect a picture regarding this track and Torture Pit hopefully soon. I have great photo ideas for these classic tracks.