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  1. I know this may be a bit of a bump, but after fully watching "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans" (seasons one and two), I can firmly state that it is my most favorite take on the Gundam franchise as a whole. It even caused me to get another model kit from the series, which the recent one is just an absolute beast (If anyone was wondering what it looks like, it's here -> All 50 English-subbed episodes are on youtube via GundamInfo's channel, as well as the first season's 25 episodes being English-dubbed (I'm sure they'll get the second season dubbed soon as well).
  2. As @Mr. Self Destruct stated, these trucks are pretty amazing, but it is truly a shame that new content is rushed out due to impatience from wanting to compete or just having it in their hands. If people were to patiently wait for things to be fully finished, they would take the time to appreciate the effort put into each one. Nonetheless, keep up the great work man, your content is really impressive!
  3. "Grave Digger is getting some air!" (Idk if screenshots taken from the past are acceptable, but if they are, then this is my contribution to the week. )
  4. It's always great to see figure-8 styled tracks around here! Keep up the impressive work!
  5. Hope I'm not too late with my contribution...
  6. I may have not been the one to request that bake, but I actually have been looking to get something like this to redo the 20th Anniversary scheme without it being not aligned properly and all. Thanks for that!
  7. Yeah, I've been aware of that technique too, it's just kinda hard to lose the habit the way I do it, but then again, it's been done like that for a good two or so years. XD
  8. Why? Because I really like slightly pitched camera angles, and it gives the overall picture a unique perspective.
  9. Exactly like that! I almost forgot to mention, but I also use the feather tool on the truck itself, and I make sure it's on "1".
  10. I'll tell you how I do that. Basically, I make sure my FSAA is all the way up (4 on my side, since I just have a 2011 ASUS K53E laptop, and sadly the integrated graphics card on this thing sucks badly compared to modern day graphic cards), then I spawn both the truck I want to take a picture of, as well as a vehicle that has a pitched inner camera (in this case, the stripped Gavril Bandit), and after I get the right angle set up, I move the camera to where I want the pic. After that, I floor it and time the snapshot just right, then the pic goes into Paint.NET, where I use the "Lasso Select" tool to copy the truck, set it on another layer, and then erase whatever is surrounding it. Finally, I blur the background and put the two layers together, as well as adding a little glow to make the picture all neat.
  11. @Chris B I told you I'd do it...
  12. Outstanding track as usual Chris! I've tested it not too long ago, and it's a really fun one, so keep it up! Also, keep an eye peeled on the screenshots thread, I have a plan for my next picture.
  13. Eh, music is music, I just felt like posting it.
  14. It has arrived.
  15. Yet another non-monster truck pic, but it's worth posting here.