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    Honestly. I have been on the site for years. But just recently took a break off the site. I have also wondered how I would get around to getting into a league. I only use the keys.

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  1. Wildflower is looking fantastic!
  2. Anaheim 2016?
  3. Name: Albuquerque 2012 Venue: Tingley Coliseum Racing Style: Chicago? Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: 2-18-12 Images/Graphics: (couldn't find any pictures) Other details:
  4. Haha. Cole Custer?
  5. Thanks mate!
  6. Every time I try it doesn't show up right. (can send pics if needed, wont let me upload it)
  7. John Wes Townley retiring as well as Carl.
  8. Sorry if it is QUITE a bit late, but this link has a ton of tracks. Houston 08 included.
  9. True.
  10. Not trying to be rude or anything, please don't take it as such, but creators do have the choice to make it for .4 or not. That's why a lot of people convert them on their own.
  11. No problem man.
  12. I think the date was March 6th 2016 and at the UTEP Office of Special Events
  13. R.I.P man. I remember you from the NR2K3 forums. 

  14. That right there is DimmaDamn fine. Awesome design.
  15. Thanks a lot man. Love what you did with the truck