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  1. Lucas Oil Crusader with some sick air in houston
  2. Hey man can you do something for me, some1 else was but never replied to me on whether he's doing it of not.. I need another truck of mine re-painted/re-done, so that I can have not just one but 2 trucks? Is that too much to ask for?


    PS. The person who made the truck doesn't make anymore so IDK what to do and there's no way I can do it because it's to hard for me to do. 

  3. Any new Avenger pics yet
  4. Jim said there was going to be a new Avenger body this year Any news on this ?
  5. Man they suck . What happend to Scott?
  6. I think he wants the sting body in a blend file right?
  7. Rename the PNG first before you even start in blender Then it should be right in the material file If its cloned right you should not have to change anything in the material file
  8. If its inside out you might try clicking on the body in blender Hit Edit ,Then W and Flip normals that will reverse it
  9. Somebody on facebook ask me to build this and now i can't remember who it was for lol If your out there holla if you still want it
  10. USA-1 Racer Drew up this twin engine beast called Devil's Pete and i brought it to life . I like it so much i had to put my own scheme on it Maximum Overdrive Have to fix some stuff i know Its a whip
  11. Those headers need to be on the heads not the block .
  12. Doing some more old school leafers
  13. Thank you !
  14. There was a donation link on the old version of the sight but i could not find it on here You have to do it through paypal copy and past this in the section that says name or email liquidfire.nbnbattlefield@gmail.com
  15. In Houston the first two shows the front row seats are like $100 but the same seat for show # 3 will be like $140 The have done this like 4 years in a row and most the time its the weaker line up