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  1. Name: Monster Mutt Retriever Body: Monster Mutt Chassis: Monster Mutt Paint: I dont have any images of what I would like the truck to look like. I am really just asking for a Monster Mutt looking truck obviously but with a gold/yellowish body color like a Golden Retriever would look.
  2. Not sure how accurate this information is but here is a list of doom's day drivers that was leaked now that the trucks is apparently retired. Colt Stephens: Drove the truck for the 2015 season and during the final event for the truck in St. Louis in 2016 Landon Wells: Drove the truck for the 2016 season Marc McDonald: Drove the truck during an encore in Orlando in 2014 Chuck Werner: One of the drivers of one of the Doom's Day trucks in the WF 15 freestyle encore Pablo Huffaker: Drove the truck at Monster Jam World Finals 16 Charlie Pauken: Drove the truck in East Rutherford and Foxboro in 2014. Alex Blackwell: Drove the truck at Monster Jam World Finals 17 Source:'s_Day
  3. Exactly what I was thinking.
  4. So happy some one finally made this truck!
  5. No problem
  6. I dont know if this the correct place to go to with this problem but I am in desperate need of help. So last week the engine sounds on everyone of my trucks randomly quit working for both Rigs of Rods 0.37 and 0.38. I noticed it all quit working after I downloaded Rigs of Rods 0.4. I dont know if that couldve effected my other two Rigs of Rods versions but I deleted 0.4 anyway. Even after I deleted Rigs of Rods 0.4 I still have zero engine sound in any of my trucks. It's been driving me insane I love the roar of the trucks and I miss it. Can anyone please help me out?
  7. So the Doom's Day truck is one my favorite trucks body wise and usually has a pretty good driver behind the wheel. But I wanted to get some opinions on who you think drives the truck? I have heard rumors that its one of the Anderson boys which would be bad ass if it is. There are other rumors that its Candice Jolly which I doubt is true because I went to the New Orleans show in February and it had both Candice Jolly in Monster Mutt Dalmatian and the Doom's Day truck. Any way I just wanted to see who you guys think is behind the Doom's Day wheel .
  8. So I am using rigs of rods 0.38 and I randomly lost sound in every one of my trucks and I dont know what to do about it. Its not the game because the default vehicles like buses all have sound. I am just missing sound on my trucks that have always had sound until now.
  9. Hey guys my name is Tyler. I joined the website about a year ago but had computer complications and never really came back until now. Sim-Monsters is very different to me, for 8 years I was very involved with Nascar Racing 2003 Season and rfactor. I am currently majoring in graphic design and I am an Adobe Photoshop freak. If any of you truck designers ever need help with any logos you can always message me and I will happily help anyone out. I look forward to being very active with the website it should be a lot of fun.
  10. Could someone make this Crush Cancer truck for me? It is a f-150 body and there appears to be an obvious logo on the hood but I could not find an image of the hood logo anywhere. I dont want the signatures on the truck that appear in the actual images. Whoever makes this truck please take your time and dont rush. I would make it myself but anything outside an Adobe program is way outside my comfort zone. If you need any help with the logos let me know and I could help you out.
  11. Take your time with it. Whenever you need to me do to help you out more just let me know.
  12. Can someone make the Jester monster truck? with the Jester chasis.
  13. I just downloaded ROR last night so I am new to all of this and dont know where to ask for help on this. When I load my Gunslinger truck it is just a plain grey shell and doesn't show the actual Gunslinger paint scheme. If anyone knows how to fix this problem please help me out.
  14. this is where it takes me everytime so i assumed where this was help and support.
  15. I cant trucks or tracks to download into my MTM2 game. I have Windows Vista. I have downloaded everything needed cowpod and fixpod. Cowpod and fixpod seems to be the problem. If its easier you can leave your email or cell phone contact and someone can help. PLEASE HELP ME!