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  1. No it wasn't. He literally said it was because he couldn't afford it. Zane Rettew is the absolute last person on earth who would lie about FELD forcing him to do something. Here's proof Stop mindlessly blaming Feld for everything you don't like.
  2. Someone asked Zane on FB is Monster Jam made him do it Anyway, he said he's been running his hardest and rolling a lot, and that the tail is expensive. This is cheaper.
  3. Where'd you find this, and do you know what event(s) this is for?
  4. Oh I am so going to this. This is a fantastic lineup
  5. I have to agree with this. I'd love to go back in time and go to World Finals 9 and see that track in person, or attend a stadium show from 2008-2010, but what we have now is just as good, if not better. This year of monster jam was one of the overall best in a long time I would argue, and I think it's smart to make progress and grow the company rather than to regress into the past. Also backflips are such a double edge sword to me, like I don't want them to be much more important than any other move, but If I went to a stadium show and no one did one I'd probably be disappointed a bit...
  6. This thread needs more Posts Euro District 2017: Something Something Album:
  7. It's said that since The site had the massive update to it, and I'm pretty sure the rule was in place before then even. It's nothing new.
  8. Awesome to get a group photo of the team. Except Danny, He couldn't be there, so we improvised with another bald guy.
  9. The Jamboree line-up is out, but I don't see it here yet so I'll go ahead and post it. Lima and Bloomsburg will have: General Tire driven by Dale Gerding (Smashasaurus/Big Dawg) Bigfoot driven by Larry Swim Tailgator driven by Doug Noelke Snake Bite driven by "Vinny Venom" Stinger driven by Zane Rettew Master of Disaster driven by Paul Strong Indianapolis will be a bit different: General Tire driven by Dale Gerding (Smashasaurus/Big Dawg) Bigfoot driven by Larry Swim Tailgator driven by Doug Noelke Snake Bite driven by "Vinny Venom" Dirt Crew driven by Jerry Beck Quad Chaos driven by Aaron Cain They're good as event lineups, but as far as Jamboree's go, six trucks is pretty lackluster.
  10. I'm so glad to promote such an ingenious human being.
  11. I really have to give you more credit after trying to photograph some of the RC stuff in Vegas. That was way harder than I though it would be.
  12. I'm not going to get super involved in this, but I will point out that Cam's first backflip was after bonus time. If you don't believe me, here's the video of the run, and you can see the bonus clock in the background hit zero a good 10 seconds before he hits the back flip ramp. Even if we are running on the "last move after time counts" rule (which when I was a judge it absolutely did not) he could only have it contribute to his bonus score. If he did that in regulation I have no doubt in my mind he'd have won the event. Also at WF XII, he only lost on a tie-breaker after holding the lead for the entirety of freestyle, i know that's not winning, but losing on a tie-breaker score (the second of three tie-breakers I believe even) is as absolutely close to winning as you can get without actually doing it. And overall (not directed at anyone on this site) I really think the discussion surrounding this subject is ridiculous every year including this year. The discussion itself is fine sure, but the way it's being carried out in a lot of places (mainly Facebook) is ridiculous. The man went out there and did his best and broke down into tears in front of the entire stadium and his family when he won. Even if you disagree with his score there's no point in just tearing someone down because of it. There's a good way to discuss all of this but half the discussion is just ragging on Lee, from the same damn people who got pissed and bashed Tom when they re-ran their race however long ago causing Lee to loose his shot at the championship. Why can't people just be happy for someone for once?
  13. Oh my bad, I thought the stadium was a bit busier than that.
  14. I'm not totally convinced UNLV would want to sell a completely paid off stadium that is still good for hosting tons of events in one of the busiest cities in the world... but even if they did, It's not like it would be a bad idea for FELD to buy it. I'm not saying they would or should, but they could easily hire on a few(dozen) more people and run the stadium year round themselves hosting concerts or whatever just as an extra means of income. I'm not so sure it would happen, but there are many worse things they could do with the money.
  15. Vegas Mugs W/Julio, Micks, and Kozak