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  1. I know I'm two days late on this, but this track actually makes me want to play the game again. Absolutely love it.
  2. Scott's still posting on his Facebook fan page saying he's gearing up to drive overseas this summer. And welcome back!
  3. Ok so Indy was awesome. ALBUM:
  4. WOW those Mitsubishi's take me back. I was 11 years old when they came out and now I'm in my second semester of college. I'm old
  5. You mean sans serif'd as oppsed to serif'd? I have to agree. If you haven't rasterized all of the type layers, I'd change the typeface to an Arial or a Verdana or something similar. It would look better than the typeface that is there and flow better with the truck.
  6. Looks like Larry Quick got pushed over the edge at a recent show.
  7. Incredible commentary for an incredible save.
  8. Here's a youtube mirror to Kelvin's save with some excellent commentary.
  9. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's a piece of fiberglass from the body.
  10. Awesome, those guys have worked hard, and really deserve it.
  11. Yeah I never had an issue with him. I don't doubt other people could have, I've even seen the nicest person I've ever met be called a dick online before. Damon was quiet and not too talkative, but never an asshole to me. I tend to get pictures I take signed and he always at least acted like he liked them. He even gave me his e-mail to send him a picture I took in Indianapolis for him to use. He never responded to the e-mail nor did he use the photo but y'know.
  12. I guess I'll have to Buyten tickets.
  13. Eradicator in Atlanta that one year was the most nail-biting one. Even though it was mostly luck.
  14. Who will aggressively hug men when he gets in a wreck now?
  15. Not quite on the same page as everything else here, but Toyota's new designs are proving to break the mold of being boring commuter cars. This is the new CH-R And This is the 2018 Camry that was announced today. Even the Interior looks tasty. Honda is also doing a good job in the design department lately, at least on the Civic.