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  1. Who will aggressively hug men when he gets in a wreck now?
  2. Not quite on the same page as everything else here, but Toyota's new designs are proving to break the mold of being boring commuter cars. This is the new CH-R And This is the 2018 Camry that was announced today. Even the Interior looks tasty. Honda is also doing a good job in the design department lately, at least on the Civic.
  3. Really from what I know it was a joke between MJ workers that spread to facebook. I don't think he has ever driven a truck in an event.
  4. If I had set new years resolutions I probably would have already broken them.
  5. You probably want to learn Adobe Animate (formerly flash). I'll warn you it isn't all that easy or free, but your school might have a class where it's taught. Look into it when you go to choose classes next time, or ask a counselor/computer teacher about it. I never had much ambition to Animate so I'm kind of burnt out on it after a semester of College animation classes, but If you apply yourself you might be surprised with what you can do in a short amount of time.
  6. I meant Islander the band, sorry xD
  7. Cool Jacket Wage War's Blueprints and My Chemical Romance's Welcome to the Black Parade on Vinyl My sister got me an Islander windbreaker My grandparents got me a Yeti drink holder thing. A Few food gift cards
  8. I mean you can. People might disagree with it, but the only person I see calling other peoples opinions "jokes" and laughing at them is you so you might be the problem here.
  9. I like when heavy bands can dial it back sometimes.
  10. You'll like mine
  11. You say that so matter-of-factly as though you know specifically how much money they have. So what are you even basing this information on? Is it because they're a huge, worldwide company that a large amount of people know about? Because based on that logic, Ford, Chrysler, GM, and the American government would never have been in any debt and they would be just peachy. Is it because they sell tons of tickets? Because all the assets of all of their shows cast money, they don't just pocket everything. On top of that, they have to pay a huge crew, and the venue. They have to transport all of these people, and their assets to every single show. Plus, from what I'm hearing there's been budget cuts in Monster Jam resulting in multiple changes this year, including the end of the Yellow El Toro Loco. If Feld had endless money to throw around there wouldn't be tons of sponsors that everyone loves to complain about, and they wouldn't be low on Stadium show field sized just so they could leave trucks in Australia permanently.
  12. Last I heard Captains Curse didn't have any brakes going into the turn so that was a sort of last resort decision to swerve at high speed because it's really the first time something like that happened. Also the stadium shows run for the majority of the year mostly don't even come close to the speeds the trucks hit at Vegas, so a roll like that into the turns at a normal stadium is nearly impossible. The world finals has been two days (Double Down package day, and event Day) since WF 6, but the three day format (Double Down Day, Racing Day, and FS Day) has only happened since World Finals 15. If you're talking about the turning cars, they're used in Freestyle as obstacles. I think the original post was talking about when monster jam was putting already crushed down cars into the obstacle for no reason because they didn't even server a purpose there.
  13. Are you looking for serious answers? Because I would sure as hell prefer World Finals 16 to Worlds Finals 2. I'm going to throw this into perspective. If I'm travelling cross country to pay for a 3-day "Greatest Monster Truck Event on the Planet" event with a full day to prepare the track between racing and freestyle, then I'm going to be pretty disappointed if it's some bus/container stacks sitting on the floor in the same way as it was 16 years ago. With time comes changes, and as long as you aren't AC/DC you understand that (sorry/not sorry). Like think about it, if the tracks didn't evolve at all in the past 16 years, don't you think everyone would be complaining about how this sport is so damn stagnant and whatnot? Interest would fly out the window on mass scales. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that the best tracks in all of history are being thrown in front of us (unless we're talking arena-wise, in which case these are very much the best tracks we've seen). But there's not doubt that shows have the highest potential of entertainment in years because the drivers are experienced on the tracks, and know what to expect, and can learn week-to-week on how to get better. There's a difference between being able to afford something and a purchase being reasonable. I'm in a small band that would one day like to tour, and I also have money in a savings account, so why not buy myself a $1500 van so I can tour? Because I can use my money for more reasonable things (college textbooks are hella expensive), and can also keep it in case of an emergency. It's the same thing with FELD. Why put money into cars that aren't necessary when they already own dirt, and can put the money into expanding their shows and their brand into more countries, and build more trucks? They'll make way more money from expanding into new markets than they would from bringing back cars. Also if the junkyard could pull everything off the car that they could profit from then you'd be left with the subframe if even that. Places like Pull-A-Part have a list of basically every component of a vehicle online and you can buy all of it. This is more than the engine/drivetrain, this is every suspension component, brake component interior component, body panel, and literally anything else on the vehicle. I mean just as an example, Here's a Malibu that was a crush car in Cincinnati a few years back. This car has been stripped of quite a bit I'd say, at least the front Fascia, headlights, and rear bumper cover. A lot of parts are dinged likely from the loader putting it into place, but there's still money in this car (well if it hadn't been painted and attacked by the loader.) Just as an example, the rims on this 12 year old economy car could still have brought in about $200, and I'm betting the suspension and axles/suspension arms were still in usable condition at minimum. I bet the interior was fine, or usable before monster jam got ahold of it too. You also mention that the junkyards get the cars back right after, this is true, but after a Monster Jam show, what's the point? Let's be honest, if you saw a car that was clearly used at a monster truck show, even if it doesn't look that bad, you still probably wont pull a part from it because you know that 10,000 lb vehicles have been driving on/over it, and it's painted an obnoxious color. At least I wouldn't. Most of these cars are probably recycled after the show. Whether they sit in a junk yard for a bit beforehand or not, they're only going to pull in about $300 based on their weight, and the steel market has been anything but steady from what I've seen so that's a risky one. It's surely affordable by a company like FELD, but not reasonable. Business choices are more than what you can afford, but rather what would be best for the expansion, and overall view of your company as a whole.
  14. I was able to run the game at decent settings with a GTX 650, 8 GB of RAM, and a 3.0 GHz i5 Quad-Core if that's of any help. It definitely requires more than RoR, but not as much as you would think it would.
  15. So for MADUSA's farewell tour she isn't even driving.