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  1. Not to really give anything away, but after I had some pictures taken at the top of the stadium, a certain white bus was being pushed into thunder alley by a loader...
  2. How could the track be responsible for certain drivers having bad passes, while simultaneously allowing other drivers (Jim) to do better than normal? That's not how that works. Buddy and Rosalee are both very new to the track and not very experienced, so it makes since that they would screw up a turn or something along those lines. Jim just finishes a brand new truck that he is debuting this weekend and it's not full of technology older than time itself, so it would make sense that he would improve. Is it too hard to accept than an underdog beat the favorite?
  3. Did some stills for a change. Album and stuff:
  4. Took me forever to figure out why There was just a giant blank space in your post for me. Then I realized it was that the Instagram account you posted blocked me for pointing out he was stealing my pictures ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He's a tool.
  5. Given how the team has reacted to pictures from their Sam's Town display being posted in the past, I feel like they wouldn't give Throwdown permission to do this if it were real.
  6. 15 going on 16? Your birthday is on your profile.
  7. YGS Shootout lineup is out
  8. Monster Jam will never run Madusa again, she still owns the name and I highly doubt they'll come to an agreement to let it run. It seems like stakes are a bit high between Monster Jam and Madusa.
  9. More competitors announced including my boy. Basically past champions.
  10. This is worth it for the music video alone. Seriously love this.
  11. You've been dong this for a while so you probably already know, but there's an easier way to tilt the camera than to have to spawn a Gavril in. You can just use any interior cam but the the vehicle on an angle before you go into free cam. In other words you can just put one side of the truck on a low obstacle and go into free cam to achieve the same effect without having to spawn multiple vehicles. Unless something has changed since I played RoR xD
  12. Fun fact: Morgan actually appears to be giving me the finger here.
  13. I know I'm two days late on this, but this track actually makes me want to play the game again. Absolutely love it.
  14. Scott's still posting on his Facebook fan page saying he's gearing up to drive overseas this summer. And welcome back!
  15. Ok so Indy was awesome. ALBUM: