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  1. Dustin Brown will drive Gas Monkey Garage in Foxboro. B.J. Johnson is still in the lineup for East Rutherford and Nashville.
  2. 0.4.6
  3. I'm having two issues. First, like with World Finals 17, I can't launch it unless I launch WF16 first. Second, there's a black box on the ground that follows the truck and blacks out the ground textures.
  4. Using an Instagram post because eff Facebook.
  5. It appears that Gary Porter has retired from Monster Jam competition.
  6. Another retirement, this one not at all surprising but still a huge deal.
  7. You can also blame the owners of those channels for uploading copyrighted content.
  8. I don't think they could have made that livery any more boring if they tried. Mutant is alright, the red one is the better of the two. Also it doesn't matter how much they spend on advertising if the product is impossible to find. I've seen it in one store.
  9. I take it motorsports isn't really your thing?
  10. Is it really though when they can't even come close to selling out?
  11. Monster Truck Destruction (pre-Nerd3 debacle) was a great game. It had upgrades, unlockables, and surprisingly good handling and controls for a mobile game. Optimize it for consoles/controllers and you've got a strong platform to build off.
  12. Sipes basically got the same treatment Venard got last week, he just quietly got replaced. Sipes was in Vegas, however.
  13. First forward momentum backflip. First backward momentum frontflip.