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  1. Clay Millican, Dalton's father, finally got his first NHRA Top Fuel event win this past weekend.
  2. I like how you and Aaron have both left empty seats on your Foxboro tracks.
  3. Hooked now has a pickup body.
  4. Guess who's back, back again. Tom is back. I have no friends.
  5. According to Adam on Instagram he was driving #32 with #30's shocks.
  6. Meh. #deflategate
  7. Annual Foxboro review/rant post. Gates for the pit party opened at 2:30. Every single driver was on break until 3:00. Lines started getting shut down at 4:30 and the pit party ended at 5:30. Half of the time was lost. Almost made it on the big screen and got a Digger Disc but I wasn't in my seat when the announcer came up to my dad. Racing was cool, no real highlights I guess. The Two Wheel Skill competition has potential to be the highlight of the show if they don't change it for a while. Camden had a helluva move where he balanced the truck on the ramp like Tyler Menninga does. Adam had one of the biggest wow factors of the show. Freestyle was incredible. Nobody went easy. 110% from everyone. Buddy had a great run but honestly he shouldn't have held the lead as long as he did. Chuck and Adam both had better runs. Adam spent like half the night upside-down. They just left trucks everywhere and Ryan didn't have a clear backflip ramp but he almost went for it anyway. He most likely would have ended up on top of Mutant. Despite my complaints, it was still a 10/10 show and it keeps getting better every year.
  8. Adam has won both competitions heading into freestyle. Personally, I've been playing "spot the Instagram kids" since they all come to Foxboro. Made eye contact with one. 'Twas awkward.
  9. Truck race last night at Texas was full of shenanigans at the finish. Timothy Peters had a crazy crash and many people still don't agree that Christopher Bell won.
  10. If I had to guess I'd say Todd is running it. If not, I hope they put Gronk in the truck and turn him loose. EDIT: It's on Buddy's chassis.
  11. DLC can be nice and all but I like it better when the game actually ships with a reasonable amount of content.
  12. kill me
  13. I don't use Facebook so screenshots of Monster Jam's Facebook page are usually the source. However, nothing on the official page says anything about this, so it appears I've been bamboozled by a kid on Instagram.
  14. Aussie Rhianna Buchanan will be driving on the Australian tour.