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  1. Sipes basically got the same treatment Venard got last week, he just quietly got replaced. Sipes was in Vegas, however.
  2. First forward momentum backflip. First backward momentum frontflip.
  3. Yeah, a totally unoriginal run that followed a super repetitive pattern should totally win.
  4. Literally any 3 character combo will work, we'll have to find a stream to see which one is counting.
  5. Don't need one. EDIT: Nevermind, I was still on the page for Providence.
  6. fml
  7. Prepared for these predictions to get killed after the third run like every other year. Pretty sure the judging system will be whole numbers up to 40. Monster Energy (Todd)- 39 Son-Uva Digger- 38 Grave Digger (Adam)- 37 Grave Digger (Tyler)- 37 Max-D (Colton)- 36 Team Hot Wheels Firestorm- 35 Lucas Oil Crusader- 35 Monster Energy (Coty)- 35 Mad Scientist- 33 Monster Mutt- 33 Grave Digger (Morgan)- 32 Max-D (Neil)- 31 Scooby-Doo!- 30 Grave Digger (Randy)- 29 Zombie- 29 El Toro Loco (Becky)- 28 Megalodon- 28 Overkill Evolution- 27 Northern Nightmare- 27 (and the annual explosion) El Toro Loco (Marc) -27 Gas Monkey Garage- 26 Monster Mutt Dalmatian- 25 Metal Mulisha- 25 Soldier Fortune- 24 Bounty Hunter- 24 Fox Sports 1 Cleatus- 22 Wild Flower- 22 Razin Kane'- 21 Avenger- 20 points for 20 years Mohawk Warrior- 15 Dragon- 12 Earth Shaker- 8
  8. BKT's main thing is tractor tires so I doubt it's anything special but a tractor truck would be the greatest thing ever.
  9. It'll probably be 5 fan judges and the fan score like they've been doing most of the season. Hell, if we get the event code, we can all judge too.
  10. Stream plz. Encore time.
  11. Undisclosed.
  12. Right front four-link is bent on ETL. Looks like Colton will advance.
  13. The unique Digger bodies were for display only.