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  1. The first set of cars are 3
  2. One heck of a story bud..
  3. What happen
  4. Actually i read it after i commented
  5. Not now but he did and sold the team to david smith...
  6. Y'all should do a section on here for the classic monster trucks and tracks stuff 80s 90s early 2000s Thats my opinion.
  7. Go to the download section. go to where it says tracks then scroll through untill you see a world finals track. Then download it and extract it to your terrains folder. Then hit regen cahe and it will be in game
  8. Nvm John cannon i got it up and going
  9. I use keys 1 and 2 also
  10. I gave you my truck link since im useing 39 would that still work
  11. Finaly Back on my own project i been trying to work on since last year or year before last. Been through computer crashes and all. But im back in it i know its not much but just the same. so let me have the advice. Or Should i start over
  12. Ok. I finaly got orge back. now im starting back on my own truck.How Do i number my truck files do i do it by the item i downloaded or do i run my own numbers
  13. i wanna make content to atleast help out a bunch i have so much ideas its not even funny...

  14. i love watching how to do blender. but just need more help besides the videos i have one truck and track i would love to do if anyone wanna help me out.

  15. maybe yall should build what yall wanna build and leave this guy trucks alone if he wanted that way let em