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    You know blown thunder was a Chevy right. But overall awesome work very high detailed. Keep up the good work.
  1. Thats Awesome bro i know he is tickled to death.
  2. Yo Fern Do you still have my truck Bro.
  3. Dang you know that much
  4. Thats y'alls opinion. but my Opinion is remain the same.
  5. i dont care what anyone say about the leafer packs they still top notch
  6. They are the same truck but with diffrent paint jobs
  7. dont complain just be great he putting out his work. good truck bruh bruh
  8. ugh Exactly
  9. Name:Ushra Truckfest 1997 Venue: Charlotte motor speedway infield Racing Style: straight line for the small teams and a u turn course for the huge teams Date Ran:1997 not sure about the date.
  10. Not just diggerfan but aaron willman is the guy that made the two leafer packs
  11. and wheres the start line lol. oh will this work on 39 as well
  12. I'm useing verison 39.3 and i love it. Still dont know how to use blender but no worrys im messing around with it. But i do agree with the upgrade cause most people want diffrent things and most dont.
  13. Use a modern truck