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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    This thread has me hyped af
  2. Car You Want to Crush The Most

    Any car Rosie O'Donnell owns
  3. Welcome to WatchMojo dot com and today we're taking up our list for the top 10 most influential people in the monster truck industry.
  4. NR2003 Projects - Chapter 1

    Pretty beautiful! I only wish I was able to run it on my Windows 10!
  5. E3

    Nintendo won it, period.
  6. Share Your Specs

    Pretty good graphics card for low budget, although I will change it this summer. Also, I'm now a Windows 10 user, not Windows 7 anymore.
  7. Reno Monster Truck Madness 2017!

    The ground flashes constantly, like a lot of flicker. Fix it, please. The dirt ramps are fine though.
  8. I was wondering what are the best settings to use in order to get the most realistic physics possible. For example, how should I configure Force Feedback? Or are there any other things I can do to get the most realistic settings in ROR? Thanks.
  9. I'm trying to play Nascar Racing 2003 on my Win10, but I have issues making it work.... I keep getting a pure virtual function call error when running it. How can you make Nascar Racing 2003 work on Windows 10? Thanks.
  10. Trucks that you wish to bring back...

    Right, but the truck hasn't run since 2014... In fact, the truck was sold again in 2014.
  11. Trucks that you wish to bring back...

    Bruh, Bustin Loose has actually been brought back. Look at the Monster Truck wiki. Anyways, I'd like to bring back Little Tiger, Bulldozer, Mountaineer, Ragin' Steel and Safe Auto.
  12. Monster Jam International

    Yup, I do remember seeing that listing back in the day. It's a shame it didn't happen. I'm really wondering what kind of agreement they can't reach... but I do have a theory. In Quebec, the government is very focused into keeping the province as ''French'' as possible. So I guess that they will prefer having something that was created in Quebec, such as Monster Spectacular. If I'm right, Chris Arel Motorsports was founded in Quebec. So I suppose they don't want something coming from the US coming here because they dont want people to be influenced by American culture I guess. Or something like that. Monster Trucks aren't the only thing that are affected with that. I sometime see some contests on face run by some companies, and they say you can participate if you are from anywhere in the US or Canada....EXCEPT Quebec. This is some major stupid decisions indeed. No wonder why so many events happening in Quebec are made by Quebecer companies or organized in Quebec. It sucks, why can't we get much more events created in the US or from english-speaking Canada? No wonder that's the case when our government sucks big time. But I dont wanna make this become a political discussion. I'm just trying to make a point on a possible reason why Monster Jam isn't coming back to Montreal.
  13. Monster Jam International

    Can Monster Jam come back to Montreal as well. To be frankly honest with you, I wish Monster Spectacular and Monster Jam could both come here in Montreal. I love Monster Spectacular because it's indies, and Monster Jam because of the thrills. I mean, what's the difference if we have Monster Spectacular in April and Monster Jam in summer? Doesn't mean Monster Spectacular can't come back. Additionally, I think most people will agree that Montreal's Olympic Stadium's massive space is perfect for big Monster Truck shows, so it's more than perfect for Monster Jam.
  14. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    I do agree with you in some parts. This season was amazing indeed. So much amazing moments, and that frontflip by Lee O'Donnell is truly the cherry on top of the cake. I would still like it if they still had buses, more crush cars, etc. I feel like the dirt layouts are very good. The only thing it's missing are crush cars. And with the way the tracks are made, I think there is definitely enough space to put crush cars in a more creative way. Like, how about they put cars next to some dirt ramps or on some dirt ramps, or something like that. To make tracks even more interesting, they should make every track unique in itself and get creative. In that way, I definitely think Monster Jam will become just as great as back in the day.
  15. Bounty hunter 2005 ukraine pack

    Tbh I love V3 and older trucks just as much as the newest stuff that comes out. If you dont like v3, don't download it. It's THAT simple. Or just put the bodies on a v4 chassis by making a copy of a more recent truck and change the body of it for his Bounty Hunter body. (for personal use).