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  1. Yeah, Captain's Curse is awesome, and Alex really is a great driver. I think he was set to drive one of the two Megalodon this year. Let's just hope that the truck comes back during the season or in the next season.
  2. I don't know if anyone mentioned it yet, but it seems like nobody is driving Captain's Curse for 2017 (correct me if I'm wrong). Here we go again, the truck gets retired once again :/
  3. Congrats to you, guys!
  4. That's how awesome we, people from Quebec, really are XD (Cynthia Gauther is from Quebec btw)
  5. Omfg, Bob Robbins is selling his trucks? Well crap, that's very unexpected to say the least
  6. Happy New Years, random people from the internet :3

  7. The truck was removed from Mediafire... reupload?
  8. What do you mean by spawn direction? You added a Truck Spawner, and after spawning a truck the truck is like reversed? If that's the case, just reverse the direction of the spawn itself and it should be fine.
  9. OMG NO WAY!!
  10. OMFG, you have my respect for doing this truck
  11. Skip to 5:05 It was amazing when I saw that. A truly epic moment.
  12. The link is down...
  13. Nah, Rigs Of Rods is meant for PC. Who wants to play such a game on a console?
  14. You, sir, you are a legend
  15. 2016? I thought Spiderman was retired after the 2013 season.