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  1. It sucks that there will be fan judges.... but if they FINALLY make an actual decent freestyle track, then I won't complain as much. Ah, FELD and their so-called budget cuts. Anyways, congrats to Ryan! He truly deserved this win. He worked so hard to become just as good as Dennis, if not better. And hard work pays well as we saw..
  2. I was really cheering for Cynthia, but I'm very impressed to see Tristan winning. I wasn't expecting him to win at all! Also, why is Alex Blackwell driving Megalodon instead of Justin Sipes?! I really wanted to see Justin drive! D: Anyone knows why Justin won't compete? Seriously though, 2 of the 3 Triple Threat champions wont compete. How is that fair?
  4. So I've got 11 out of 16 good predictions. Pretty good!
  5. While I think it's pretty cool to have Rosalee and Buddy as competitors because that means more Indies in the field, I dont think they're quite 100% ready for the World Finals. They should have took Gary Porter. I mean, this guy has always been a great driver. Why he was never invited to the World Finals is a complete mystery. Besides, FELD owns the name Carolina Crusher, so why not bring the truck? Anyways... My predictions for the Double Down Shootout: 1-Raminator (Driven by Mark Hall) 2-Hooked (Driven by Bryan Wright) 3-Zombie (Driven by Ami Houde) 4-Obsessed (Driven by Eric Swanson) 5-Saigon Shaker (Driven by Ryan Disharoon) 6-Maximum Destruction (Driven by Jared Eichelberger) 7-Grave Digger (Driven by Krysten Anderson) 8-Monster Mutt Dalmatian (Driven by Cynthia Gauthier) 9-El Toro Loco (Driven by Chuck Werner) 10-Rage (Driven by Cory Rummell) 11-Jester (Driven by Matt Pagliarulo) 12-Earth Shaker (Driven by Tristan England) 13-Pirate's Curse (Driven by Camden Murphy) 14-El Toro Loco (Driven by Mark List) 15-Hurricane Force (Driven by Steven Thompson) 16-Over Bored (Driven by Jamey Garner)
  6. They better invite Gary Porter and Carolina Crusher. Great driver, he totally deserves the invite and he has been quite good since the past years.
  7. I had so many issues when I tried making a custom Monster Vette And here's another pic of my Custom T-Maxx
  8. If I were to drive in real life, I would try to acquire Mountaineer since it's now retired, and tour in Monster Spectacular, Monster Truck Destruction Tour (Monster X Tour) and ocasionally Monster Jam. I'd have Firestone tires. I'd keep the original body. It's awesome the way it is.
  9. Great track, mate
  10. Just a simple custom T-Maxx. If I knew how, I'd make that body chrome...
  11. Just some custom Mountaineers I made. I lowered the chassis on the first one, and I put it on the Goldberg chassis and put yellow rims on the second one. Nothing too special, but still, I guess we all have to start somewhere in Truck Making. Anyways, should I upload them on here?
  12. Yeah, Captain's Curse is awesome, and Alex really is a great driver. I think he was set to drive one of the two Megalodon this year. Let's just hope that the truck comes back during the season or in the next season.
  13. I don't know if anyone mentioned it yet, but it seems like nobody is driving Captain's Curse for 2017 (correct me if I'm wrong). Here we go again, the truck gets retired once again :/
  14. Congrats to you, guys!
  15. That's how awesome we, people from Quebec, really are XD (Cynthia Gauther is from Quebec btw)