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  1. Try one of these, most likely the second
  2. That's a sound file from beau4x4's alternate sound pack found here: Everyone calm down, we're supposed to be a community !!
  3. Beautiful! Love these trucks!
  4. I just took the Body and Chassis and put it in the SUD(2.0) file lol, for some reason Crazy's stuff wasn't showing even though I have them downloaded. Actually pretty nice, and updated gas tank would've been cool.
  5. Thanks for the answers guys !
  6. Yo fellow monsters, let me start off by stating I'm severely impressed with the direction all the new trucks have gone with the level of detail. Like I noticed the new Razin Kane truck has puke tubes running from the headers, I dig that a lot. Kudos to you designers. The driver models that sit in the seats are cool for visuals, however, I don't really care for them because a lot of times I like to ride from the inside to make it more immersive but the shield on the helmet of the model blocks the inside camera so I have to choose a different truck, or camera. Which sucks because I love to check out the newest trucks that are released, inside and out, and a lot of times I end up using them quite often. So instead of picking a different truck or camera, I was wondering if there was a way to remove the driver model, or is the model tied in with the seat model as well? It's not a great big deal or anything, I was just wondering if it was possible. Thanks!
  7. I absolutely love the truck, it looks great and drives great, but something about this truck and only this truck makes me drop about 40fps. I tested it without the knuckles, and the driveshaft and it still dumped my fps. Idk if it's just my computer or what but no other truck does it, and I see no one else has complained so Idk what's going on. Either way, great truck ! Just wish I could use it