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  1. Is hacksteering still illegal?
  2. Cant promise anything but ill try, Max-D
  3. Alright guys, this is goodbye. I have had some fun times here on this site. The reason i'm calling it, is because i'm 18 now and i need to start doing things in my life besides race. I would like to think everyone who has helped me on this site, from trucks to leagues, I thank all of you for the hell of a good time. I will be on the site here and there but i won't race as much. I have met some good friends through this site. After Fall Madness i'm done. I'm glad i was able to be apart of the community guys. Thanks everyone. And i wish you all luck on the site.
  4. This is pointless to give out you did nothing but change the tires, But you do you. you can but its pointless
  5. i guess ill try but i forgot what truck i am. this is on .4 right?
  6. v4replica

    Um edys verison has the blue one just saying
  7. I like it, It needs a new body bad
  8. This gets in the way of FSR, So
  9. they all came from roblox
  10. No you need to get your stuff straight before sign ups, This league is unorganized
  11. Hey guys THIS is a sign up thread, take it somewhere else
  12. I wouldn't suggest West Lebanon because its straight line racing in which this game, is more on internet speed
  13. Seth Holloway sethholloway1 setholloway1 Max-D
  14. I run FSR and we use .4 If i can help any i would get .4 its faster and its better. most of the leagues are moving to .4, WRA is on .4 SMRA is on .4 and FSR is on .4
  15. Real Name: Seth Holloway Discord Username: sethholloway1 Hometown: Columbia, TN Truck Name: Toxic Doom Make/Model: Dodge Ram Truck Download Link: