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  1. Im not going to say that I know how to do the whole conversion but why don't you just download .4 trucks that are breakable?
  2. Its a nice truck, breaks so easily too... Which makes it harder for me to go. Challenge accepted.
  3. Dont have that "foo"
  4. When i hit to download this file i got spammed with a pop up saying "You got a virus from this download" that literally took me 6 or 7 retries to finally close... Still got the download tho heheh...
  5. which version?
  6. does that mean i have to reget .4.5?
  7. Well then how do i fix this?
  8. (sorry didnt mean to quote twice) Every time i do that i get the "Outdated game used!"
  9. So i was hoping someone could help me get multiplayer to work. As shown in the beginning it wasn't clickable. Also it doesn't always happen anymore but in the end it really shows, the camera will turn on its own. Anyway to fix that if not its alright.
  11. So many different opinions or options lol
  12. Forgot to mention im going more off of visual rather than sounds.
  13. Which should i record with Screencast-O-Matic or Bandicam ^ ScreenCast ^ Bandicam So which do you guys think?
  14. That doesn't happen to until about the 3rd or 4th jump on .39
  15. What is your favorite save in all of the irl monster jam and why. My personal favorite is world finals 3, the save dennis anderson had b4 he flipped it into the box. And its probably my favorite considering it was the first world finals i had ever been to.