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  1. I love the custom aspect of it as a whole. Very Tasteful. I would just make the chassis one color though imo.
  2. Great thing about Working In the Music industry as a Producer/Dj and Sound Guy for a Music Venue..... EVERYBODY smokes pot and no drug testing lol. Not to mention I'm probably the only one here that uses the stuff medicinally now.
  3. Those filters also reduce air/exhaust flow intern restricting performance.
  4. Show me one diesel truck that makes that much horsepower without producing smoke.
  5. PSP6 lol
  6. what ever happened to robosuraus?
  7. what are prices like where you are?
  8. na... keep it a chevy.
  9. LOLI
  10. No Problem fam, and Thanks. check out Lower Levels, Monsters, Savage Society, and Villainz Dubstep. lots of good poo.
  11. R I D D I M Z ***Track List*** Nemonator- Ganon Energy Drain- Infekt Fourth Nerve- Bloodthinerz(Ganon Remix) R28D- Benzmixer Turn it Out- Subfiltroik Doc Ock- Kozik Filter Output- Subflitronik, Badphaze, Blankface Blockz- Subfiltronik(Styn VIP) Riddim March- TOOG Realm- Aowl Wizard Cometh- The Wizards
  12. But does you dab?
  13. To those that celebrate this magnificent holiday... Happy Marijuanica
  14. I'm aware of the history. Ask anybody on here that knows me from the MTM2 Days. I'm the biggest KK fan on here.