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  1. he needs some milk
  2. this place sucks. why the f*ck did yall let the noobs in?
  3. Somewhere on here is a pic of a fully modeled chassis for big dummy. But the user that made it has long since disappeared.
  4. Dubstep ruined my life. http://
  5. Not to necro-post, but.... Do I win? http://
  6. nice to see this finally released. always enjoyed the Swedish tracks.
  7. Please fix the seat.
  8. If you want a more chassis get with me on aim. I can send you my original Bailout chassis. It's the closest thing to the TORP chassis on this site.
  9. Mines better
  10. Streaming live on Death Wobble Radio's Facebook page.
  11. They build another one... One Eye Williy's
  12. TL:DR
  13. Two gay guys are in an apartment and it catches on fire. Who gets out first? The one one in front because his sh*t's already packed.