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  1. i have the same graphics card. how do you like it?
  2. should have been sosa all the way. that dude drove the pants off a hurt truck.... rolled the truck during racing and the rear end was shot.
  3. meents run in 04 was complete sh*t.... all he did was stuff the truck into obsticles. No air, no anything.
  4. 9/10 times the old stadium gets demolished.... and why not take advantage of the new stadium.... people would go just to see it.
  5. a million dollar hit to your lifetime savings. 0/10 would not have another.
  6. watch them in order. oldest to newest....
  7. lies. dont believe the lies.
  8. Anybody play Player Unknown's Battlegrounds or H1Z1 King of the Kill?
  9. and weed
  10. see... if you had only done that to begin with, we could have avoided this whole conversation...
  11. It's already been established that I know this. Holy sh*t.... did you even read the convo? And he didn't sell the truck... David Smith basically stole it from him by forcing him out of his one team by getting majority share of the company Stephens owned that owned King Krunch; Texas Offroad Performance.
  12. I love the custom aspect of it as a whole. Very Tasteful. I would just make the chassis one color though imo.
  13. Great thing about Working In the Music industry as a Producer/Dj and Sound Guy for a Music Venue..... EVERYBODY smokes pot and no drug testing lol. Not to mention I'm probably the only one here that uses the stuff medicinally now.
  14. Those filters also reduce air/exhaust flow intern restricting performance.