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  1. Northern nightmare at anaheim 2014
  2. How do you do it man? Awesome track!
  3. Looks awesome
  4. I like that snake bite alot
  5. I love your tracks man, this ones awesome
  6. Is it... world finals 14? all jokes aside I'm gonna say anaheim 2015 or 16
  7. The full version of 2112 is 20 mins so I didn't think anybody would wanna listen to the whole thing.
  8. Why......just why
  9. Oh wow just saw the trailer, it's literally a monster in a truck...wtf lol
  10. I'll be making this one
  11. I like it so far, any name for the truck yet?
  12. I really like the concept of this truck but paint needs to be much more detailed and needs a new body.
  13. Mayonnaise is not an instrument
  14. Man, your tracks are amazing keep up the awesome work man, track looks great