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  1. Sounds like an awesome idea and I'd love to be a part of this
  2. No, are you high?
  3. The Blue chassis looks absolutely atrocious
  4. I'm gonna go ahead and revive this thread for playoffs, I myself am a ranger fan and I'm hoping we get the needed W tonight against ottawa. I'd also like to ask for opinions on this hit yesterday on Crosby https://youtu.be/YjDF1Saryg4
  5. This track is what I'd like to see from monster jam, a nice mix of dirt ramps and tons of cars. Amazing track Chris, can't wait till the event.
  6. Ill be missing you on the site man best of luck to u, always Remember to always stay bold and brash
  7. I completely agree with you Aaron and the fact that they just stole trucks from ror such as the steer clear and passed them as their own is completely ridiculous
  8. Beamng physics arent quite there yet when it comes to monster trucks, it seems very slow when in the air and the handling is no where close to ror
  9. Idk if this is just an issue I'm having but the truck shows up without a body in .39, other than that is a great truck.
  10. Pls use more updated stuff in the future, these trucks are ancient looking
  11. If u wanna host fun run I highly recommend using discord
  12. As cool as this all sounds, unfortunately I don't see any of this happening in the future just because FELD is aiming they're current games at the younger audiences. But I may as well pitch an idea. Engine/ part upgrades: there will be a garage you can bring the trucks in and can edit engine settings and buy new engines and parts
  13. Looks like Jim will be able to be a real competitor next season in his fs1 tour if he drives like he did last week
  14. Looks real good so far Blaise, I think the bus is in the right spot not too deep
  15. Omg yes Blaise