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  1. Version v1


    Made this awhile back so now its all finished. Purple and Season version included Credits: Me- Blender work, NB, Truck making, paint stuff, Textures Harlow-Body Nick- chassis Klayton-Tire and rims SM-Props
  2. wear did u get my nb....
  3. Version 69


    Too many complainers, better finish this.... Credits= Me harloww kozek
  4. You better not release that.
  5. Version 1.0


    Well made this for SMRA! 3 versions .37-Custom NB .37-v4 .4-v4 Credits Blaise-chassis, body, paint, NB, everything SM-props
  6. Version v1


    Gary Porter's GD 25, plus the one Dennis drove for the WF 13 encore. For some reason likes to be laggy-er than usual... Credits: Makin it, NB editing, sum painting, other junk i dont rememer....-Blaise Stevey-budy Koozek-Chassis Blake-setup editing Standalone, IDK...
  7. y u steel my discovery's....
  8. boi.
  9. Lee O' Dolan
  10. Version 1.0


    Mark list's Orange ETL requested by Edy. Credits! Chassis-Nick Blenderwork, truck making, everything-Blaze Paint on body-John Dough Body-Harlow Props-SM community so yea enjoy! ALSO ITS A STANDALONE
  11. Woooo I did something with my life! Ed Eckert testing out Fullboar 2.0 edges out Dave Rappach's Rap Attack!
  12. There is one.............................
  13. Becky doing her thing!
  14. idk lets find out
  15. what am i dooin.... ....with my lief
  16. Richard petty
  17. Tom Dents Charlie Pack On
  18. Tom Mints
  19. memez
  20. Version v2.2


    YES, The Chrome Digger is back and better than ever! With new props and a new NB/setup! Features: -Glowy headlights -Fully Detailed interior -Great handling -Better looks 3 versions: -4 Time Champion -Qualifying -Black Custom Credits: Blaise: Making everything, Truck making, Prop editing, Testing, other stuff Mark: New NB, and setup Fernando: Help with paint Nick K: Original chassis SM: Various parts
  21. Wrong chassis Old Af body Rims need fixing Shocks dont hook up Shock shaft bumps are yellow Sponserplate says Goodyear....
  22. Um, my unrealest pack that only a select few have? Ya, no.
  23. Version v2


    Here she is! Tom Meents's 2016 ride! Plus his Stunt truck perfect for double front flips and other nonscence! Credits Blaise-Construction, Cloning, paint Edits, NB edits Other junk Klayton-Body Koozak-Chassis Johan-Models, Paint SM-stuff i cant think of. Is a stanalonnne *heads up, the stunt version is not 100% stable due to Short WB*