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  1. Haz toad gone too far?
  2. POWWWAAAAAR!! Also @DroppedSilver0 Here ye go sun
  3. what im i ever doing.
  4. When RoR .37 looks better then the others and yes no edits whatsoever edy plz "I'd rather they be just screenshots with no editing"
  5. Make a New Years resolution before July.
  6. Been working on the ol' Independent suspension NB @John Dough don't be mad plz Also thingggy
  7. Version v1


    Fixed this track, Aaron gave me perms to re-upload. gg
  8. Dennis showing us what 30 can do!!
  9. View File Syracuse 2016 FIXED .37 Fixed this track, Aaron gave me perms to re-upload. gg Submitter rockgod88 Submitted 06/04/2017 Category Tracks  
  10. Version 0.000001


    Rap Attack 2016/17 Creditssssss Me-Chassis, blender, nb, everything Chris Bee-Amazing paint that i forgot to say before Andrew-body Should be standalone but i dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ V0.0002 IS UP RE DOWNLOAD FOR DIFF FIX
  11. Version v2


    Here she is! Tom Meents's 2016 ride! Plus his Stunt truck perfect for double front flips and other nonscence! Credits Blaise-Construction, Cloning, paint Edits, NB edits Other junk Klayton-Body Koozak-Chassis Johan-Models, Paint SM-stuff i cant think of. Is a stanalonnne *heads up, the stunt version is not 100% stable due to Short WB*
  12. Version 69


    Too many complainers, better finish this.... Credits= Me harloww kozek
  13. Version v2


    Made this pack, turned out great! Credits: Me- Blender work, NB, Truck making, paint stuff, Textures, 4 links, shock edits, tire and rim edits Harlow-Body Nick- chassis Shawn-Goldberg Paint, Driver and helmet textures AvengerFan11-Team Meents paint (edited a bit my me) SM-Props ENJOY, side note i will update it soon.
  14. Digger showing everyone how its done! only 75 FPS rip
  15. mutt cutts plz
  16. Steven Sims sending it!
  17. theres nothing wrong with the suspension either... If it really matters just used the locked one..
  18. thats the point.......... The fix was the powerband.
  19. HOTFIX 4 OPEN DIFFS! RapAttack2016Open.truck
  20. Thx, It is .39.3 maxed out i think, lol
  21. If you were paying attention to my WF 18 video you may have seen this.
  22. Dig gravers
  23. Version v1


    GD 12, OG and 1999 Champion. Credits: Blaise-Making it, Chassis edits, Nodebeam, paint edits, shocks, rim edits, everything i don't remember.... Koooozek-Original chassis Harlow- Original body Rocco-Paint xrose-paint conversion 1999 People of SM- Stuff I also don't remember. Standalone.
  24. Gettin on the sidewalls!