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    NAMT 2018 Individual Sign-Ups (OPEN NOW)

    Driver: Blaise Zantinge Truck: CopyCat Discord: R/C Guy#4099 Hometown: Niagara Region, Ontario Download Link: TBA Truck Song: AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill (from Plug Me In)
  2. rockgod88

    Grave Digger 16 pack v2



    Wrapped up this pack, seems like an appropriate time Credits @deadgod88 Blender, Paint edits, NB, textures, other stuff..... @TheBostonRag Old paint, help with new flames @Outlawed Original Chassis, hitches SM Community Other helpful items V2 includes -Breakable -WF6 Encore -Tinfoil shocks, for red rim vareint Should be standalone.
  3. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

  4. rockgod88

    how to make tracks on blender

  5. rockgod88

    WIP Halloween Grave Digger

    Or, I dunno post here? Hmmmmmm
  6. rockgod88

    PEI Chassis Truck Pack

    Version v2.0


    Big pack of trucks that have ran on the PEI chassis over the years...... Features: Monster Mutt 2004 Monster Mutt 2010 Monster Mutt Dalmatian El Toro Loco 200s El Toro Loco 2012 El Toro Loco Yellow El Toro Loco Burgundy 2009 Bulldozer 2000s Blue Thunder 2001 W/Flags Blue Thunder 2001 Wo/Flags Blue Thunder 2004 Blue Thunder 2008 Credits @deadgod88 Blender, chassis edits, paint, NB, lotta stuff..... @TheBostonRag Help with paints @Outlawed Original Chassis SM Community Other helpful stuffs This is likely not a final version, so if there are any other PEI trucks you would like to see, leave a comment and I'll consider it. They are not all 100% accurate, Should be standalone.
  7. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Found a hitch, new headers, other things done, new configs and last issues I can see are the seam in the hood, and Transfercase output shaft(s), oh @steiale The hood has been tilted, and the 'older version' now has a paler chassis (before 2006 repaint IRL)
  8. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    noted @Mark Iron, should be easy fix anyways, for my progress update on 28, @TheBostonRag and I have made up a new paint for the 'Older' version, and finished lining up props, any last suggestions? (besides headers, fixing atm)
  9. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    So ya like jazz? I mean actualprogressbeingshown, was going to keep secret but I'm taking a shot at Pablo's OG number 5 with @TheBostonRag Will be able to select what color chassis you want, (like GD3 and Sud 1) Ignore the other two they are NB export trucks As you can see the 'Tail' on the black one is very long because it was IRL, and shorted when painted, the NB matches each chassis aswell. Still need to edit the chassis more. Still need to make shocks and fix the Chassis, any thoughts, oh btw its 16 not 28.....
  10. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Older project getting revived for my boy Pabs
  11. rockgod88

    Axe 2017 & Axe World Finals 19 Display

    Good truck overall, but a few relatively minor things, -Swaybars do not line up very well -Chassis has a few inverted faces, doubles and could use an edge slip -Body has a weird material, would recommend sticking with shine, also could be me, but scaling seems way off?
  12. rockgod88

    Grave Digger 3 Revamp v1



    Once again the Handcuk mobile is back. Blz-Chassis, nb, axle edits, shock edits, lotta edits Micah- very nic paint, testing t dot ray- testing marcelo- testing mr dough- tires before edit SM community- other shiz i cannot remember at 1 am Should be standalone, lemme know shiz to fix
  13. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Looks ok, but I would redo the 3 year old material file, maybe ad the shine or change the spec or something, Same with shocks, would add shine if I were you.
  14. rockgod88

    R/C pack v0.00001



    First test thingy of these crappy rcs. yay. they dont like giant jumps or anything. they weight 13 tons. Creds me- nb ,props, paint edits, everything .truck wise SM- og props
  15. rockgod88

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    This is a great idea.
  16. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Welp, this is just about done, found a few minor issues to sort out Thanks to @TheBostonRag and @Trenton Ray for Testing.
  17. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    You need to fix the rims, there all black inside, Flat black, the beadlock is chrome not like grey.The paint in Flat black not shiny, you can very clearly see the shine still, the truck ran Collectors, so if your going "100% replica here " Then those need changing, 4 links need to be Silver/Grey, and hard to see, but your spikes need to be way more chrome and the grey on the body needs to be darker. So that's my constructive criticism, If you need to know how to do flat paint, check out my Metal Mulisha .material file Anyways if I'm posting might as well post my RC updates, lol Version 1 will include GD, SUD, Smallfoot 18, SmallFoot Retro, MaxD, and Maybe Avenger and Blue Thunder The trucks are loosely based of Race Clods/SMT10, some parts are slightly bigger then 1/10 (mainly tires) If these are 'decent' A v2 pack with Real RC Chassis, (SMT10, Terminator, generic race Clod, Barbarian, Wheely King) may be in store. The v2 may have antennas, although most modern 2.4 GHz Receivers do not have them. Due to RoR not being built for RC scaled trucks each one weighs a little over 13 Tons.... There also not the most stable yet, sometimes they will reset under a hard hit.
  18. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    More RC wHoS nExT??
  19. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    For those that did not get the hint wit RoRBot's legs, this is a 1/10 scale RC Monster truck. Also body off pic
  20. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    not the most pretty but never seen this done before.....
  21. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    A Legend returns... blah blah grivedibber ew omg gross too many bleh omg blaise yerder der not final, known issues
  22. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    @ChaoticMayhem I messed around with smoke awhile back, this is how far i got, probably could be better, but hmu on cord if you wanna colab edit, messed around more
  23. rockgod88

    WF19 SM Meet- up?

    no i want world finals 20 track wey better
  24. rockgod88

    Truck Used to carry Max-D for encore.

    been made
  25. rockgod88

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    From @Chris B "Two people were hit by fireworks after the encore, there's no video but they were pointed directly toward the crowd. One getting hit was a kid and the other a man (I think this one I couldn't remember). Just an FYI. It was in the yellow land turn near me" Hope everyone is good