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  1. And on that day, @carkiller458 said "Let there be Hotline." Hotline v2 is far from completion, a completely new bottom end is being built including new shocks, rims, driveshaft cages, tierods, and more! Stay tuned!
  2. Congratulations to @TheDude for winning week 4 of "Screenshot of the week" Week 5: Southaven 2016 Please Remeber to only post 1 picture, if you post more than one, your submission will NOT be counted.
  3. for the love of god and all things pretty, Put on a spec map!!!!! Edit: Chassis spec, not body, I wasnt specific enough my fault
  4. Everyone please take a second and just watch the video, if you ever wondered how I paint my trucks, here's a video of me basically painting the entire body of Hotline Miami v2, its not a tutorial so dont expect detail, but it should give you a brief idea of how I do what I do. Enjoy the video and share it around, give it some exposure for all the people making custom trucks!
  5. So this is *almost* the complete product, there is still some work to be done, and Im always look for more stuff I could add to the truck, but for now this is the final product. Anyone want to actually build a truck for the paint? PM me if interested! Thanks Hagan for making a truck with the body so I can at least see how things look in game!!!!
  6. To be completely honest, the paint on this truck sucks, its literally someones picture slapped on the side of a bake, if you want to make a truck, and call it a "Replica" at least do a half decent job on the paint, rather than a hack job.
  7. I've had the same issue before, but on the topic of people trying to rush content. They are all pretty slow guys around there. The main author of the mod itself is giving more credit, and has removed Steer Clear from the pack, so I'll give him some credit for atleast halfway trying to keep people happy.
  8. I'm slowly but surely making progress on the truck, what do y'all think? Also recording the process for a youtube speed paint type dealio.
  9. Welcome to the world of advertising and product promotion, doesn't matter how long you've used something, it can be gone in an instant. They spend a lot of money to have their name on the side of those trucks, and their gonna design them however they want. Feld wont say no to one of their biggest sponsors.
  10. and here since its SYP. The start of Hotline Miami v2
  11. Please read my note above about posting only one photo please, thanks!
  12. Congrats to @Hyp Hop Hyp Hop Hypocrite for winning this weeks Screenshot of the Week! Also side note: From now on, please limit the post to one photo, its called "Screenshot" not "Screenshots" use the best photo you got! Crank the settings up! Dont be afraid to lag for the photo! Week 4: Tampa 2002
  13. The CRD is definitely an interesting look, but its not terrible. I could see some interesting builds with that chassis.
  14. Hotline Miami v2 coming soon.......
  15. Please keep your comments to yourself. Post pictures or go somewhere else for needless conversation