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  1. So Jim pulled the greatest heist in WF history not only did he unveil his world finals body, but the new chassis as well. The snot nosed instagram tards have had their world shocked and appaled by this recent trickery. I love the body personally, and Eric's new body is lookin mighty slick as well. (sorry if it sounds like I'm repeating everything people have said, just like rubbing in the facts to the instagram kids who are on the site)
  2. I'm excited to see what Randy can do, he's a good driver, and knows his truck well, might be a dark horse.
  3. Honestly it would suprise me if he doesn't. I know Jamie Garner has always done his world finals paints, so it wouldnt seem unlikely that since he was out with his truck that he didnt get the chance to make one. But still if he doesn't have a special design, I'll eat my hat.
  4. Even though it is another Digger clone, it's not half bad, only thing is that reading the roof text, you could loose the word "for" because it reads "Bad to the Bone for 35th anniversary" but other than that? solid paint work
  5. God I love the instagram kids, so gullible they think he would actually show off his world finals body (if he has one, which he probably does) after the spoiling of last years design by the same mouth breathing chodes who are no doubt there again this year (because mommy and daddy cant say no to giving their babies everything they want). The plite of the instagram kid, reason and planning! 10/10 Jim.
  6. Oh if only you knew what was in the works
  7. Its the way the body is made, doesn't fit the chassis terribly well
  8. Could use green Drive Shaft Cages
  9. So Julian asked for a special world finals paint for GMG, I couldnt resist, my original plan was to just white out everything, but seeing as that would just be way too painful and not look good, I took it upon my self to do a new spin on the GMG machine. Enjoy the teaser image EDIT: OK guys need help, would you rather have the Red Tail lights? Or Blacked out? Pick ONE! Option 1: Or Option 2:
  10. As much as I hate sketch up, that looks pretty good so far, backflip ramp is a tad bit too steep imo, but a good start, keep it up buddy!
  11. Well I can see where they come from, in my position at work, we have to do that kind of stuff a lot, because it keeps people coming back, appeal to what they want to hear and they will be back every single weekend. It's how you continually make profits and expand the business. Kissing butt is the easiest way to do that. XD
  12. He's not the only one, I saw one of my very first paints out there remade in some garbage form.
  13. Anotha One
  14. I agree with that, the color on the rims is definitely off, and I know it's super knitpicky but the rims are just barely off the tire and that bothers me XD other than that congrats on such an awesome peice guys
  15. Im on a creation kick, issa video