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  1. Well for the 3rd week in a row @Edy takes the win again. Congratulate him on another fantastic photo, and give @Hyp Hop Hyp Hop Hypocrite a big congratulations for a close second! Week 13: 2015 Houston FS1 (NO EDITING)
  2. So Hotline Miami V2 is slowly coming together, we have had to change our original shock plans due to coils not wanting to work, so our compromise I think you will find, doesn't look half bad, the truck still has a good amount of work to be done before its ready for release but we are almost there! Huge shoutout to @carkiller458 he's the one who made this truck, and I'm more than happy with his work!!!!
  3. Congrats to our first ever winner 2 weeks in a row @Edy another fantastic photo takes the top spot! Week 12: Atlanta 2014
  4. Good luck buddy! Im rooting for ya on this one
  5. Its most definitely on Razin Kane
  6. When you nut and she keeps sucking. But anyways, thats a nasty break for the crew, hopefully this doesn't set them back too bad tough break for some good guys
  7. Ok guys so our winner for Week 11 is the man the myth the legend @Edy. Congrats buddy, good picture with good editing takes the top spot! Honorable mentions to @rockgod88 again because he always seems to be a contender for the win every single week! Week 12: Houston 2014 This week we will be doing something a little different. I would like to see your best edited photo possible! Here's the link in case y'all can't find the track Track Links: Regular: http://www.mediafire...Houston2014.zip FPS: http://www.mediafire...n2014 [FPS].zip
  8. i7-7700k GTX 1070 (8GB) 16GB 3000mhz ddr4 250gb ssd 2tb hard drives
  9. Download Audacity and use it as the audio recording device. If its still quiet you can boost the volume through that software, and just mix the gameplay and commentary track through post production.
  10. I definitely like the new flames, they look really good for a first effort, I might recommend making the flames themselves be a .png file that you can take off and edit, change colors and such without having to worry about messing up the rest of the hood, but thats just a personal thing to me, improves customization and makes it easier to edit long term.
  11. Sorry I'm a day late on this, work has been very hectic due to the summer starting up, and it was a Holiday so I took an extra day to relax and not worry bout this. Anyways, congratulations to @TheBostonRag for winning this week, a simple and very clean photo. Honorable mentions to @rockgod88 for an extremely close second! Week 10: World Finals 17
  12. its going to be dirt y'all, they wont run that without it
  13. They will, they did it here too for the first time as well.
  14. Congrats to @GDFAN14 for winning this weeks "Screenshot of the Week!". His photo was well taken and of a very high quality. Week 9: Atlanta 2000
  15. Please keep questions and comments to the DM's please and thank you!