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  1. Yes I made the original truck, propped it up in blender and Hagan made it work in RoR
  2. Man, I feel like I let the world down in this season big time, work caught me up and I could never make an event. Congrats to all y'all who killed it this season, congrats especially to the rookie of the year Mason, I was in your position last year man, your on the right track, keep it up dude! As for the rest of you scrub lords I'll be back one day I hope. Luv u Kozak big big time for makin it a fun season as always, and for all of my team members for putting up with my absolutely lack luster year.
  3. that flex tho XD all those instagram truck accounts would kill to have that happen to them. But honestly I like seeing Jack Koberna driving still, he's OG asf.
  4. All about that smog protection in jolly ol' California, the Cat's on a regular have to be different too, fun fun
  5. could be a noise ordinance thing, I know in certain shows in california they have to add the extra peice of muffler because of noise issues. That's all it is, even Monster Energy has on on it, they look ugly, but if they work, why not do it
  6. Saturation is a tad bit overdone in the photo, but definately not a bad start
  7. Might I recommend using the SIR's I used on Strait Jacket? Their darker and give a better look
  8. *Cough* @Buddy Van Blake
  9. I know nothing, I'll let someone else handle that, and Titan, who knows what Donald's doing honestly XD
  10. They are different chassis
  11. How dare thee speak the name of the unspeakable one!!!!! No the version he made isnt very good at all, if you take a look at this one you can detail on the body that the rotty body did not have, and besides that he just takes photos and slaps them on top of the bake. Anywho, I like the new MM body, but unless Andrew is gonna make the body, we wont see it anytime soon, although I'm willing to attempt a paint for it if it is created.
  12. Over Bored was High Maintenance, however, they had two chassis, one was the old one (Reckless Driven) and the "new one" was her concussion that Garner bought, a simple google search provides that answer.
  13. Fetty Wap, ZooGang 1738 represent the new music, guwap, #freegucci #freekodak I know their both out but ya know
  14. your doing something wrong if the truck is "fragile". Through my testing of the truck, I found no problems with it breaking.
  15. Chassis isnt a concussion, its more than likely a PEI due to the time period, Concussions werent run in those days