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  1. ROR'ed the crap out of that!
  2. Linsey doubles down in San Antonio Coty wins racing in Orlando, Mikey wins freestyle. Cory in Rage nailed a perfect backflip too EDIT Way better picture of the new Avenger
  3. Ok, I'm half decent at painting, so I'll give ya some tips. First, I got all my skills from taking photography classes at school, then transferring what I learned from that into ROR painting. Therefore, yes, I use photoshop. I'm sure you can do most of the stuff in and Gimp if you don't wanna buy it (it's pretty expensive lol). There's just a couple easier ways to do stuff in Photoshop. Next, start with a bake, and fine tune the base color over it. Then start from the back and go to the front or vise versa. If there's a pretty complicated character or design on the truck, open up a new image and either trace off a lower quality picture or free hand it from reference photos. Sometimes you can get lucky and find some of the designs through Google and different monster truck websites. Once you are done with the paint, just a little suggestion i do, overlay the original bake to the finished paint so you get realistic shadows. Just takes some time and patience to make something really high quality. Have fun!
  4. Get rid of those ugly tires, I made them like a year ago and compared to my stuff now they look like crap. Just use junky dogs like Rocco said. Also, remember all those color tips we gave you a few weeks ago for your paint? Use those
  5. Made this for @cp2013. Even though it's just a repainted Avenger (cp painted body, I did the rest), turned out good enough to be shown off \
  6. That parking lot tho... That's awesome! Saw this one on Joyride, pretty awesome show.
  7. Yo got my old user name in the creditz. Classy 👌
  8. Dennis landed flat on the roll cage and medics came out. They drove him off in one of their carts.
  9. I know the new Wrecking Crew was getting some hate, but up close it looks pretty darn good
  10. Next weekend is his first show of the year... hopefully he has a new body to go along with the new chassis
  11. Logo's purple as of last summer, hasn't been green for a few years I think.
  12. Cynthia wins overall champ in Salt Lake City, and Sipes in Megalodon runs away with it in Nashville taking overall points
  13. Ryan Disharoon in Saigon Shaker takes event champion in Charlotte Indies FTW!
  14. Jailbird gets the first roll of 2017!
  15. Looking great! However, I've got a few suggestions The logo on the body's too low. On the real truck, it's much higher. Not sure if you did the paint yourself, but try and raise it up. As a matter of fact, that whole paint could use some touch ups. Also, I know you said it's not done, and I'm not sure if you're going to add this, but he runs a sponsor plate. It's a really simple solid black one with like 3 stickers, so it shouldn't be hard. Last, I'm pretty sure the trucks a tiny bit higher. I don't think the 4 links go below horizontal. Just trying to give some constructive criticism, keep up the awesome work!