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  1. Jason Yonkers- Short Iron Jim Werczynski- Country Boy (That truck that did the super high jump at that one mudbog a few months back) Bill/Jessica Braukmann - Shockwave, Be Aware
  2. Could you tell me what's wrong with the Fluffy body? I started modeling it a few days ago and it is not done yet. Just wanna know what I can improve upon.
  3. More junk: New ICE CREAM MAN body! (Yeah paint's done too, good ol' @Chazzymp did it but idk if he wants it shown yet) Hey it's FLUFFY! Oh yeah here's the full reveals of this shiz: Also... All the tracks I post from here on out will be apart of a huge pack at the end of summer. The pack will include 6-8 Monster Jam 2017 tracks. I am also currently in a partnership with @GDFAN14 , @StarksDoesMonsterJam and @Josh Gajewski for a replica livestream series for summer, so you might see these tracks early on the RORSeries youtube channel. There will be no other early releases to anyone else unless I decide. However, the Fluffy and Ice Cream Man trucks will be released at a different time. Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-at's all folks!
  4. Hmm... Disharoons- Saigon Shaker, War Machine Kevin Lubsen- Bucking Bronco Doug Noelke- Tailgator, Big Dawg/Smashosaurus Nichter- Stomper Mark Pedersen- Reptoid Andy Hoffman- Nitemare Shelley Kujat- Shell Camino Dave Rappach- Rap Attack Toxic Illuminator Allen Pezo- Predator, Prowler, Predator (Ran MT Nationals) K im bored all for now EDIT: Joe Cypher- Airborne Ranger Kalia Savage- Heart Breaker Jeff Bursey- Jethro Tow Matt Austin- Green Mountain Monster Someone- Nothin but Trouble Ron Nelson- Bustin Loose (that new orange one) Jared Vogel- Crude Behavior, Island Outlaw David Smith- Nitro Hornet (he doesn't run El Matador anymore like you had on the list) Fanatic Let's keep this going!
  5. Read Edy's "Transparency" tutorial for future reference
  6. Why isn't the catch fence transparent? It makes me sad
  7. Nice trucks everyone! But where's them tracks? Oh wait... Stay tuned for full reveals and even more tracks, cuz they're coming.
  8. So there's 18 independent trucks in Bemidji Minnesota tonight and tomorrow night. The tracks huge as well...
  9. Seriously? The truck just came out yesterday. Looks very much so like you rushed the paint and it doesn't look so good. Please just take your time.
  10. I don't even know bro
  11. Yes, but it's in Minnesota. Here's the link The promoters already booked two trucks in their place though.
  12. Jeezus everyone wants a Glendale model lol Maybe I should make one... hmmm
  13. Straight Jacket goin' for it against River Rat
  14. Where my paint credit? Love the truck tho EDIT K we good
  15. Dragon Slayer is back and lookin' good! (Yep Kreg Christensen still owns it/built it)