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  1. They're probably trying to get back fans that lost interest when they changed everything up around 2015. Reintroduce old track designs, bring back cars, etc.
  2. So when self-driving cars become commercially available and people start buying them, what will happen to cars that must be manually driven and motorcycles? Would they be banned as they now become an unnecessary safety risk or start to fade away because the insurance on a self-driving car would be much cheaper? Personally I'd never want to own a self-driving car, I prefer driving. It would also get rid of trucking and other jobs. Construction and farming would become automated in time with self-driving tractors and cranes. What do you think?
  3. This stadium model is spot on
  4. Hooked still isn't as great as Mopar Magic was
  5. as a Pats fan this makes me happy
  6. E3

    Eh barely anything Madden 18 related there besides a trailer for a new mode. Oh and Battlefront 2 looks good but will never beat the original Battlefront 2. Not to mention I don't watch E3 as closely and I only see stuff for the games I already play.
  7. Some pulling action with a few monster trucks at the Blizzard Dome. I tried to make this video have the look and feel of a late 80's ESPN broadcast of a USHRA event. Edit: I reuploaded the video with some different audio settings since some of the music sounded a bit too loud.
  8. I think this will go fine; the guys behind seem to really want to give the people a good show. I know that a few trucks couldn't make it and since the promoters said 18 trucks they'd just keep finding more trucks to make up for the ones lost.
  9. Kind of looks like a Willys from the pic. Foxboro's backflip ramp is also greeen and black with Monster Energy banners on it. I think it's a nice change
  10. LeDuc launching off that ramp in 2014 was pretty cool. Pauken's entire freestyle from 2010 is insane too
  11. Machines is good too. I like how they incorporate weird sounds into their music too, like the harp in Seams or the machine sound in Machines.
  12. If you haven't ever listened to Modestep then you should check them out:
  13. I don't know where it is, but it shouldn't be a problem finding it.
  14. Welcome to Northeast Ohio, where it was literally cold enough to snow a few nights ago. Did I mention that the temperature today reached 70 degrees Fahrenheit?
  15. Me favorite moment was Meents going off in syracuse in 2014