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  1. Does anyone know what chassis were used for these trucks: Superman El Toro Loco Grave Digger Mohawk Warrior Thanks!
  2. I recently figured out how to clone and whatnot and tried updating a few trucks. I'd like to upload some if the original creators are ok with it. Note some are not entirely finished. The first is the Blue Thunder that was used in 2016 for Europe . I've updated the rims, shock clamps, and got rid of the Dalton Millican logos since I believe LeDuc didn't have them on the truck. This one is basically done. The next is Mohawk Warrior 2017. I've added flags, decals, and changed some shock colors to match what Bryce runs, but I still need to place an updated MJ logo on the side and make the rims. The chassis isn't updated and I'm not sure if I will update it.
  3. Why has Monster Mutt never had a dynamic, exciting driver for a long period of time? Trucks like Monster Energy or Monster Mutt Dalmatian have always had just one or two exciting or strong drivers for years (Candice was a bit slow at first but improved pretty quickly). Everytime they get a stronger driver in Monster Mutt, they're out in two years, like Ryan Anderson (given SUD was waiting), Wine, O'Donnell, Creech, Kenny, and Bryan Winston. They've had decent drivers for a while like Tarlton but never just one or two exciting, dynamic drivers for a while. You'd think they'd put their best drivers in one of the most popular trucks. I know this post is a bit unrelated but something I've been wondering for a while.
  4. So Camden Murphy gets Rookie of the Year and not Sipes? Kind of odd.
  5. Nice video! What did you use to record?
  6. Something like 2007-2010 would be ideal in terms of track variety. There were about 3-4 different tracks that were used in each of those years and MJ added little changes to each that made it different enough.
  7. I can actually see something like super cross jumps coming into MJ, like those really big hills and insane buildup and those kind of things.
  8. I feel like Neil should've won. His run felt a lot more complete than Lee's did and the reverse backflip is impressive. But I can see why Lee won, that front flip was pretty cool and it's insane how he was able to land it.
  9. Is the track slick? There's a lot of trucks rolling over just from turning.
  10. That fountain makes for some really cool photoshoots
  11. They get professional judges who get a call wrong, everyone goes mad. They get fan judges, and they do a bad job, everyone goes mad. So they decide to let everyone help decide, and everyone goes mad.
  12. It's just a dance move, calm down.
  13. Jim Koehler dabbed....I love this guy
  14. Jim Jack retired a few years ago. Someone else bought the truck but I doubt it is him with it right now. There's times when it sounds like the announcers don't know what they're talking about.
  15. Does anyone know if they've increased police/security at the World Finals? There's SWAT teams and snipers in Las Vegas after the shooting today. I doubt they'd leave a highly populated event without more security after a shooting on the same day, but if they found the shooter then I guess they can have less. But still, the threat is there if they haven't found him yet. EDIT: Apparently the suspect surrendered earlier.