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  1. Hey, my buddy has a mac computer and wants RoR again cause he got a new one. Any download links for RoR 0.38 or .4 that would work for him? If theres any other versions found, just make sure it works with the .38 and .4 multiplayer servers.
  2. Monster Jam 2017 Yearbook is not already posted:
  3. So I'm looking for a wheel thats not a G920. I wanted some recommendations on other wheels I could use like the Thrustmaster or something. If you tell me about this wheel, please have experience using it. I also don't want to use automatic on ror. Thanks!
  4. Well, I officially got this truck finished and it got declined to be uploaded so yay! But heres the finished product.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    The real name of the truck is called Krazy 8 but its KR8ZY for short. This truck is based off of a Mafia with a slick black design on a Chevy SS Super Sport. This truck was originally made off of Voth's Twisted, credits to him. You don't need permission to use this in leagues. Hope you enjoy the truck and Merry Christmas! Credits Body: Google Logo: Alex Wheeler Paint: Me Truck Edits (rims, shocks, texturing): Garret Hanson Tires: Klayton Halog Rims: Johan Seminario Prop Placement/Texturing/Exporting etc: Voth
  6. Just a silly custom that a pal of mine and I made.. It was made off of Voth's old Twisted custom. Not really sure how to fix the rims with the tires & some of the textures I couldn't find.
  7. Didn't know who to ask for this so I just put it here. Anyways, could I get the discord link to the sim-monsters channel for the invite? lol sorry..
  8. FELD has all the money in the world
  9. The guy who made the paints has a low quality version and a high quality version. You just happened to get the low quality versions and put them on the trucks.. Be sure to ask for his permission to use them and upload. I would tell him to redo these paints because: - He painted it in 30 minutes while looking at a the 3D render. - He used no real life pictures to paint off of. - The Damon paint is wrong in general.
  10. Current W.I.P.
  11. Basically can't find where to enable the dmz server on my router.
  12. I can port-forward if thats what you mean. I see no where under LAN or WAN where it says enable for DMZ.
  13. Took my firewall down and I can join my server, but still, nobody can join. I got my firewall unblocked and turned off.
  14. Took my firewall down and I can join my server, but still, nobody can join. I got my firewall unblocked and turned off.