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  1. Lemme join in on the GuldBurg bandwagon Getting some Classic Meents Air:
  2. In an interview with Jeff Gordon, Almirola said that the doctors said 8-12 weeks?(I think) But he made it sound like he'll take longer just in case.
  3. Looks great!
  4. bump https://gyazo.com/a2d7898d41be7fe21b538b0d7e9f4950
    https://gyazo.com/4400c995f3ad63d419d548f860a53220 Would 5/5 again
  5. Gresham, Oregon: 80-85 last couple days, 77 today. Rest of the week: 60 degrees and rain. Not extreme, but interesting.
  6. Fuel Injection nailing the boat jump
  7. Not the place to ask questions about trucks, yes it is a breakable Blaise made that is in the Downloads Section Also: Fuel Injection Getting some massive air while tuning for SMRA
  8. Amazing work! Did you decide to make the camper look new but you drive through it? Love the track design
  9. Here ya go https://gyazo.com/904c6fd9f000ef952841e9e5dbd2790f
  10. Not necessarily a meme, but it's a meme https://gyazo.com/79e0b504e14aef6a2e07a3d6fbf534da
  11. Shoulda been a dodge, but I like it! Glad to see Monster Patrol getting some love
  12. One recommendation I have is maybe try out OBS(Open Broadcaster Software) it's free and doesn't add a watermark to it. I used bandicam for a while and OBS record at such a higher quality. Love this video though!
  13. Eh, you also have to think from his perspective. I said this in the BeamNG discord, but people deal with things with varying degrees of success. What may seem simple to you could be a daunting task for someone under stress. i can't speak directly for F2YS, but stress and a pooe situation can make things very difficult. I sympathize with both sides. Both communities can thrive together with some easy fixes and some give and take here and there. This constant clashing and "it should have been a simple task" stuff really sets everyone back, even though on SM things go as usual.
  14. I love it, just by what you have done I'm excited to see what your skills give you.