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  1. Sike
  2. Last time it was really wet, Bounty hunter won. It's starting to rain now, coincidence? i don't think so. Jk i want either Neil or Jim Koehler to win <3
  3. Some fun I had, did kind of a repli-custom Hot Wheels that I might use in leagues.
  4. Scott's racing odds are interesting, but I do like Neil as a favorite. If he can put it together that'd be a story worth telling
  5. Not RoR but we don't have a BeamNG Screenshot thread so...... I spy with my little eye Deja vu.... Yep, had to Didn't work too well 1st time Take two was much better And one more Goldberg for good measure
  6. I know..... but one more run? That would be great
  7. it would be cool to see Dawn back at the WF. Want to see her compete again.
  8. I really feel like Chuck deserves to go to the World finals. He's worked his butt off the last few years and really improved. I want to see him at the WF
  9. I like it. Seems like the Chassis is pretty old, but that could be the lighting and your video settings. If it is older, might be beneficial to find someone with an updated chassis. Overall pretty good
  10. Yes! I love this. this is needed
  11. It was a joke, he's been here a long time. Also, don't double post, to keep down on useless posts (Much like this one)
  12. How dare you add BKT's to a piece of Art! -Votes Nice job! love it <3 but for real.... why BKT's on Team Meents?
  13. Came with the track, and once you have the track, you can add those crush cars to any track as you please on .4
  14. As @Mr. Self Destruct said, you're thick-headed. This is the non-monster truck section. Looks interesting, center the decals and that'll look pretty cool. #UselessPost #ReviveThiswithStuffISuck #LuvURocco <3
  15. So, I decided to have a little retro fun on St. Louis 1999 with the crush able cars(I added a few rows of cars). Unfortunately, I was pressing f12 instead of Prt Scrn so I have no photos of the before, but enjoy! Aftermath (Yes, I know Bob and Tom is the newest truck by a few years in the photos, but oh well. Plus I had a crash that ended it right where it is, so I figured why not add it) Was a lot of fun to do this, even though I was getting like 10-20 fps.