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  1. For BeamNG, I wouldn't recommend it, it's very CPU intensive, and will cause lag. I wouldn't get it until you have a good gaming PC
  2. Neil nailing the reverse backflip a year early
  3. Can I just say, that was the worst example of a tire popping you could've used. Any tire would pop if they were slammed with a force that sent them in a different direction
  4. It's also a money/safety thing. Drivers are flying higher, and pushing their trucks to the limit of their capabilities each and every show. Debris from the cars, vans, etc can easily be flung places that they were not intended to go, and possibly causing safety issues. It also is becoming increasingly expensive to buy cars, vans, etc. to put onto the course. The dirt is cheaper and holds up better than the cars throughout a show. Unfortunately, it is to some, like me, not as entertaining in certain situations, but as @Swegliner849 said, it's Evolution of the sport, and MJ will continue to evolve.
  5. Update on my mindset as a freestyler: I go big at the beginning, as people have seen in WRA, I'll either one hit wonder or have a freestyle to remember
  6. Your post, it's under the gaming section
  7. That's because the Raptor body is the only available body atm. Also this is really an RoR SYP, I made a Beam screenie thread an while back, that would prolly be more appropriate for there looks good though
  8. Lemme join in on the GuldBurg bandwagon Getting some Classic Meents Air:
  9. In an interview with Jeff Gordon, Almirola said that the doctors said 8-12 weeks?(I think) But he made it sound like he'll take longer just in case.
  10. Looks great!
  11. bump
    https://gyazo.com/4400c995f3ad63d419d548f860a53220 Would 5/5 again
  12. Gresham, Oregon: 80-85 last couple days, 77 today. Rest of the week: 60 degrees and rain. Not extreme, but interesting.
  13. Fuel Injection nailing the boat jump
  14. Not the place to ask questions about trucks, yes it is a breakable Blaise made that is in the Downloads Section Also: Fuel Injection Getting some massive air while tuning for SMRA