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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Then it probably won't be approved, if that's all you did.
  2. NR2003 Projects - Chapter 1

    That's amazing
  3. Gary Porter Retires

    ^ That's what I said, why would anyone be like "I'm done doing this because I'm old, but only for a week"? Not sure how that would make sense. Like @steiale Said, we've known about it for a week.
  4. Gary Porter Retires

    Pretty sure he announced it at WF18 (Might be wrong), and we've known that he's retiring for a week. Unless you're trolling. Then props to you f0mE
  5. Gary Porter Retires

    Welcome to the week, where everyone else knew.
  6. Weird ROR Texture Issues

    If you don't know, don't post, just a waste of a post.
  7. Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    @Hyp Hop Hyp Hop Hypocrite did a thing, so I did a thing with his things.
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Don't double post, just use the edit tool. Also, Paint.Net, not MS Paint
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Something I did for Beam, but wanted to see how it looked in RoR. used GD25 Porter as a base
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Not the place for that, either put this in the help section or the requests section
  11. Santa Clara 2017

  12. Finding and Playing the best version of ROR

    I'd be careful with sourceforge, there are the .37, .38(I Think) and .4(Pretty sure) downloads in the software section. Those will be in the form of .zip and all you need to do is run the RoR Configuration program, get your settings right, and hit Save and Play or Save and Exit, then everything should run smooth.
  13. Cloning and submitting a truck AGAIN

    All files must be approved by an Admin before it is posted to the site, the approval process helps keep fake files or Plagiarized trucks or tracks off the site, just wait for an admin to approve it, if they don't, it means either you did not give proper credit for a work, or a bunch of other things
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    How about read the previous comments about it? He answered it there
  15. Changin name for truck

    *Lots of Pics incoming* Once you change the name to something you want it to be, click save. It will bring you to this window. Then, you see a Drop down bar and the name of the file towards the bottom. if you want to overwrite the original file, don't change the name of the file, just add .truck to the end of it. if you want it the be a separate vehicle, change the name of the file to what you want, just remember to add .truck to the end. (I know the pics look a little backwards, I went out of the order on steps but that doesn't matter) then, click the drop down bar and click "All Files". Once it looks like this Go ahead and save to the desktop, then, drag the new .truck into the .zip of the truck you were changing the name of, that should do it. Hope it helps