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  1. Welcome to the site!
  2. wait, this thing is still happening?
  3. maybe it's just me, but the racing jumps look just a tad bit too high, unless they're supposed to be like that nice track, tho!
  4. via their website, monster jam revealed that neither dennis or tom will be competing at world finals 18. even though this has been mentioned multiple times, this now makes jim koehler the only driver to have appeared in all world finals
  5. that might be the first truck on sim monsters that had something to do with the nhl. nice job!
  6. next time, just click on edit on your post and sum it all there. no need to triple post
  7. i'm hoping tom's gonna make it...
  8. wait, what? was it really?
  9. i believe lyle hanrooster also drove for digger. correct me if i'm wrong, though
  10. woah, she won it at PPG Paints Arena? that's a great venue to win your first event! the arena where sports champions were made twice!
  11. people actually still care about this thread? i thought it woulda been long dead by now
  12. as others have said, the colour's don't fit that much. recolour some of the "unfit" schemes
  13. people still talk about that?
  14. is the monster jam logo there supposed to be that big? good truck, tho
  15. i didn't see hagan's post at first - i only saw what you wrote after. sorry