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  1. doesn't really fit the theme of max d, but whatever
  2. you're using 0.4.7. get
  3. are you using 0.4.7? if so, get 0.4.6 or, 'cuz 0.4.7 is broken
  4. anyway as to a response of this thread, i use i used to use 0.38.67 but no one uses that anymore so rip
  5. after you
  6. maximum destruction is returning to hamilton in april for the first time since 2009 and the first time since the monster jam canada tour thing started back in 2012
  7. a dank meme
  8. so does that mean i can't take pictures, nor record videos with my phone? sorry. i'm really dumb
  9. don't bump old threads.
  10. ay it's ryder!
  11. good. i never liked crusader.
  12. i hope so, tbh. either put linsey back in blue thunder or completely retire the truck.
  13. ikr
  14. not sure if this is the right subforum to post this certain topic on or not, but i decided to go for it anyway. ello canadian monster jam fans. i just recently found out that cogeco, a quebec and ontario cable company, does include fox sports one on their channel package thing. so, that means that you can watch monster jam again! channel should be 423.