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  1. OP, you actually almost had me for a second. No joke.
  2. mank deme
  3. Yea, I forgot about making tracks. That would be a blast. I'll probably start my own thread based on my ideas for a Monster Jam game as well. Thanks for the inspiration.
  4. I like your multiplayer idea as well. To me, there should be more game modes. Similar to NHL 17, you have these modes called Season Mode, (you get to play a whole season) Franchise Mode, (you control a team, I'm not sure how this would work with Monster Jam. Maybe you're the owner of a Monster Truck Team and you just make moves such as cutting drivers, building new trucks, what not) Be a Pro Mode, (you create a driver, then you play with it. That would be a blast - to create my own driver and to actually go with it in an actual game mode? Fun!). Maybe include a Creation Zone where you can create drivers and trucks, and use them anywhere. I have a bunch of thoughts, so I'll probably just jam them all in one thread. I'm unsure on who I would want to develop it... maybe EA Canada, since they're finally doing things right, but they probably wouldn't care. Maybe 2K Sports, as well.
  5. OP, honestly, I think you're asking for too much. As @Pink Guy said on Page 1, Monster Jam just isn't as popular as other major sports leagues. That being said, why make a game that may only appeal to SOME fans? I like the thread tho, nice job.
  6. While I could see this turning out well, I can also see this being a lost cause. As @Skyliner849 said, the activity on the site is probably going to be lower, since I'm assuming people will be using the Discord server for everything related to Sim Monsters. Honestly, if the server is only going to be used to talk to people, then it shouldn't happen IMO - you can set up a server with a bunch of other people on Sim Monsters. Would the Sim Monsters Discord server also have a bunch of text documents based on threads that occur here? (SYP, SOTW, FP, etc...) If so, then I personally think the site is meaningless and would only be used to post the downloads of trucks and tracks (unless you wanted to make a text document for that...) I don't know, this is just my opinion. Good thread overall, though.
  7. oh. my. god. welp, there goes kanel..
  8. welp, rip adam
  9. Welcome to the site!
  10. wait, this thing is still happening?
  11. maybe it's just me, but the racing jumps look just a tad bit too high, unless they're supposed to be like that nice track, tho!
  12. via their website, monster jam revealed that neither dennis or tom will be competing at world finals 18. even though this has been mentioned multiple times, this now makes jim koehler the only driver to have appeared in all world finals
  13. that might be the first truck on sim monsters that had something to do with the nhl. nice job!
  14. next time, just click on edit on your post and sum it all there. no need to triple post
  15. i'm hoping tom's gonna make it...