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  1. Is this v3.
  2. Still better than the last two.
  3. Stay tuned…(r)evolution is coming! #MonsterJam #UndisputedPerformance Monster Jam They posted that on their facebook yesterday.
  4. cough cough bus.
  5. Ryan said they got rid of judges and made the whole stadium judges.
  6. Lol.
  7. The stadium is supposed to be the judges tomorrow and not those stupid fans judges.
  8. My boi im soo happy.
  9. The engine was running on 7 cylinders.
  10. Avenger is going to the semis.
  11. Eric Swanson makes it to the finals.
  12. I find it funny how almost all of them re-post the same stuff.
  13. I still wish that rammstein was there............
  14. jesters crazy save.
  15. Barbarian wins racing in St.Louis. Edit colt had a great run in maxd