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  1. Samson is gonna look goooooood with BKTs on it
  2. Dave is running an alcohol motor for FELD shows.
  3. Aaron Gillis Gillis - Discord
  4. Where have I seen this before...
  5. So, my SSD has my windows files in it, and it is running out of space due to Rigs of rods, how can I change my rigs of rods directory to my 1tb hardrive?
  6. As I live in Michigan, I would love to see this happen too. Although I don't see it happening soon! I could see it happening in 2+ years after they get everything situated. Litter Caesars Arena is projected to seat at least 20,000 people while Van Andel Arena (Current MI arena that Monster Jam goes too) only seats 10,000. So I definently see Monster Jam switching over to the new arena!
  7. Don't know if I can still sign up but Name : Aaron Gillis Discord :Gillis Truck :
  8. Well, my name is Aaron Gillis, I am 15, I live in Michigannnnnnn (basically Canada) and I have been to 86 (and counting) monster truck associated events since I was 3. I know pretty much everything about modern mega's, monsters and anything in-between. If I had the choice, I would rather be building the trucks than be driving em'!
  9. Monster Truck Throwdown adds Rap Attack to the line up for Berlin Raceway bringing the total trucks up to 9.
  10. But, the truck does not use a modern suspension set-up. It has leaf springs... How would I do this?
  11. I never knew they had 2 chassis'.. hm
  12. I don't know if Overbored was originally a new chassis or not