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  1. I agree, the run wasn't that great. It was good, not great.
  2. Sorry, haven't kept up to date with bigfoot this year
  3. If these are the decals 19 uses, i can get you the rest
  4. Eyy, someone remembers.
  5. She's not the prettiest girl at the moment, but i'll be cleaning her up real soon. 2001 Dodge 1500 5.9l SLT Laramie - 5 inch lift + 2 on the body.
  6. Anyone remember when the Batman truck's theme was Mom's Spaghetti ? We'll see.
  7. I work for him, haha
  8. Old Skool is already a truck in real life?
  9. Please don't turn into another Garret Hanson.
  10. Because it's a damn good model.
  11. Hotsy has flames behind the cab now btw
  12. Looks pretty much exactly like the other Identity Theft on the site.. No really worth uploading. Try something that hasn't been done in awhile, such as Wild Flower. Orrrrr even something that hasn't been uploaded at all to the site, such as Quad Chaos, Fullboar or even some of the Ramminator team trucks.
  13. 4 links, tires, rims, and it looks like even the body positioning. Edit: Headers are also off
  14. Jesus, could you actually put some time into your work? Everything is wrong with that truck.
  15. No it's still a 14 truck line-up, Thunder 4x4 couldn't make it out to Detroit, so Quad Chaos stepped in.