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  1. i remember very well.
  2. No, but I have two 'corrections.' One, Ryan should not technically be on that list, but that's honestly up to you and your preference. Two, it's "Venard," not "Vernard."
  3. Only deal-breaker for me is that the roman numerals are "XXVII" which depicts Pauken's truck, yet the chassis is a Cohen and not a CRD. But I guess this makes sense given that five of nine Diggers are in fact Cohen and they may not have realized that the numerals were different for each truck.
  4. Not sure if you're aware but Becky's chassis last year was in fact a Cohen, while her current chassis is a CRD.
  5. Yes, you are lacking in some information. Also, Blackwell was the driver during the time of the crash.
  6. Well, this is quite a bit different from the Whirlwind that I came to know, but I like the improvements (I assume you can figure out who I am based on my username).
  7. No...the 2015 chassis was a modified CRD and was quite a bit shorter in stature to accommodate the "Chopped Top" Mercury style. Due to this effect, drivers had a difficult time seeing out of the truck because of its narrow windshield. Also, FELD needs interchangeability (more truck bodies for less chassis variations, essential for international events) with as many of their popular trucks as possible, thus it was changed to fit perfectly upon the two main chassis' of today: the CRD and Cohen. The Dalmatians currently use normal Cohen chassis' and Mutt uses a normal CRD chassis.
  8. Do you have any reference links? I've never actually seen the original but I've always wanted to.
  9. This one doesn't have the additional files from the first update, which is why we're having the same problem as the original upload.
  10. Also as shown, he runs the black zoomie headers, not the silver.
  11. When both versions of the truck spawns, there are only a few props (Tires, Axles, Shocks, Swaybars, Steering Wheel, Drive Shaft, and 4-Links), but no chassis or body. Any help? I inserted the file as a stand-alone.
  12. Yes, thank you for the clarification. I didn't know the proper name for them and I had always assumed that they were shocks themselves.
  13. In addition to that, as shown in the picture above, it also runs four shocks per corner.